My Alter Ego Is Becoming a Giant chapter 460

My Alter Ego Is Becoming a Giant 460

Visit (3)

A conflict between Heinrich, who visited as a guest, and Walter, a holy warrior from the Quilladia Church.

But fortunately for some, the assault… no, the fight had to end before long.

“Brother Heinrich, calm down first…”

“stop! Until there! “Stop falling!”

“Stop! “Direct armed conflict, other than formal duels, is prohibited within the Pantheon!”

To begin with, it didn’t happen in a deserted place, it happened outright in front of the committee hall.

Arguments arising from disputes were not that uncommon here, but cases where they crossed the line and escalated into fights were a different story.

Heinrich had only a moment to do anything before interference came.

However, even that short time was enough to engrave courtesy on the other person’s body.

As a result, even though there was an incident that caused one person to lose consciousness and be rushed away, no one took issue with it.

The fact that Heinrich, who was famous only for his enormous divine power, was able to overwhelm a master-level holy warrior with pure force only seemed surprising.

As the location was a location, it was widely known that Walter not only started the fight first, but also attacked first.

“Did you hear that? “It seems there was another accident at the Quilladia Church.”

“also? I’m not even tired of it anymore. “What is the difference between those idiots and worshipers of evil spirits?”

“First of all, we are cooperating with the Pantheon’s wishes. “If you throw it out for no reason and then join Pandemonium, it becomes even more bothersome.”

“After all, the internal enemy is more dangerous than the external enemy. Well, there is a saying that says to keep the enemy closer. “It may be less risky to manage it by keeping it within sight.”

“This one crossed a line a bit, though. “We’ll have to wait and see what decision the committee makes.”

There were quite a few churches that were interested in Heinrich’s visit, so the news spread quickly.

Pantheon is an association whose motto is to embrace all evil spirits, unless they are truly evil spirits at a level where coexistence is impossible.

Although the Quilladia denomination advertises itself as moderate externally, its inclination is clearly biased towards evil, so everyone reacted as if they expected this to happen to this news.

“Now, how are we going to get out?”

Still, since it is true that an incident occurred, the promised meeting with the steering committee members had to be postponed.

Heinrich, left alone in the accommodation provided for guests, looked out the window and quietly thought.

‘No matter how much I think about it, it’s unnatural. It seems like someone was manipulating me behind my back.’

Even if you look at it from front to back, it was clear.

Even though it was okay to approach Jason, who I had a bad relationship with from the beginning, and start a fight, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of discomfort when he started a fight with himself, a customer who was sitting next to him.

‘Jason is just an excuse. I guess you could say that was my goal from the beginning.’

Perhaps meeting Walter at that time was not accidental.

He must have made up his mind to wait there and then pretended to meet by chance.

‘why? ‘Why are you targeting me?’

Many thoughts passed through my mind.

It wasn’t that there was no reason, it was that there were too many of them and it was a problem.

A check on Heinrich, who was sure to become a variable in the fierce struggle between factions.

A masterpiece by the remnants of the Buncheonhoe that will still remain inside the Pantheon even after the secretary was cut off.

Even a sense of duty due to certain religious values.

Contrary to its name, Pantheon, this place is a place where not only faith, but also greed, ambition, and beliefs are stirred up, so it would not be strange to know what the cause was.

‘You can’t be dragged around by someone’s intentions without knowing anything. ‘The first thing to do is to identify the enemy and understand the situation here.’

This response was also part of that.

Since the situation has been upset this far, the people behind it will have no choice but to make some kind of move.

In addition, it gave us time to collect internal information, so there was no reason not to do so.

‘Oh, of course. It’s definitely not because of muscle loss.’

No matter how much he was insulted, there was no way Heinrich, who was considered a person of great character, could have committed violence that easily.

···There was a little, very slight sympathy, but it was never done solely out of bad feelings.

The moment Heinrich finished his usual self-justification.


There was a knock on his door.

It seemed like the people we had been waiting for had finally arrived.

He opened the door wide without hesitation…

“Oh oh! This ecstatic aura, this overwhelming divine power! “You truly are a saint!”

“Ah, my lord. I can’t believe I got to see the saint so close… “And on this earth…”

He habitually had a smile on his face as he saw a group of priests pouring out praise as soon as they saw his face.

The familiar divine power emanating from their bodies.

When I encountered the same energy as what I had, I felt an instinctive sense of satisfaction.

‘Clergy of the main church, from Outerica like me.’

This is a pantheon where religions from all levels come together.

Although Outerica is a relatively new dimension, it would not be surprising if there were priests of the main church here.

“We don’t have time, so let’s get to the point quickly.”

When Heinrich, who had brought them all into the room, opened his mouth, those who had been shaking reverently straightened their posture.

Although no one here had met him in person, they had no doubt whatsoever that Heinrich was a saint of the Main Church.

The immense divine power felt from him was in itself like an identification card.

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‘First of all, it would be better to start with those who are clearly on my side and make them into a proper force.’

And a saint of the main church.

He is an apostle chosen by the Lord.

The angel who represents God and spreads the miracle on earth is—.


He willingly became a channel of connection with the servants on behalf of the Lord.

“Great Blessing: Wings of Radiance” spreads wide with dazzling light.

At that moment, the restrictions that the priests had to endure while crossing the dimension began to disappear as if washed away through a relay called an angel.

“Ah, this can’t be happening. It’s a miracle! Divine power…!”

“Oh, Lord! A connection that was once blurred becomes clear again! “How on earth could this happen…!”

“Could it be that that figure is an angel…?”

Priests whose abilities, including divine power output and recovery, have returned to their prime when they were in another world.

The miracle that occurred right under their noses was enough to rekindle their somewhat dull faith.

Unlike other gods, it is a majesty that can exercise power beyond dimensions.

How can one have doubts about the greatness of God under these circumstances?

“Everyone, please pay attention.”

The stern voice heard in such a situation was no different from a message from God.

“The world is in crisis right now. And we need your help to solve it.”

The priests, who were filled with emotion, fell to the floor all at once.

There was no hesitation left in the eyes of religious people who had already encountered a miracle.

There is only the quietly burning flame of fanaticism.

After receiving some instructions from Heinrich, the fanatics quietly dispersed throughout the Pantheon.


‘It’s difficult.’

A person sitting alone in the dark sighed quietly.

It was only natural that the plan that had been prepared with so much effort ended up being scrapped before it even got started.

‘You idiot. ‘I can’t believe I can’t even do that simple thing properly.’

And then, remembering the main culprit who ruined the job, he gritted his teeth softly.

It didn’t matter whether I insulted him and then got hit first or made him leave the place altogether.

The joint operation to undermine the opponent and reduce trust was already prepared based on various scenarios.

‘But of course…’

I was so confident and warned him, but he attacked first and then got hit by a counterattack and was carried away.

I had never even thought about such a situation, so I was so shocked that I couldn’t even laugh.

Since it was easy to use, I was using it often by throwing food at it, but seeing what it was doing this time, I thought it was time to change it.

‘Tsk, if the secretary had stayed, things could have been handled more clearly.’

In fact, there was an excuse for the current sloppy handling of things.

Secretary Adeline Schneider, head of the North American branch of the Bündchen Society.

She was a commander who oversaw everything that happened on the North American continent and directly commanded operations in Pantheon.

In fact, as she became the branch leader not by force but by her uniqueness as an apostle of the Society and her ability to decorate the underworld, her sudden absence was bound to be something that could not be completely replaced even after some time had passed.

‘I am just a dagger in the darkness. I can’t go out forever. To achieve that, we need to appoint a replacement to the vacant position on the 12th Committee as soon as possible…’

A new North American branch president was inaugurated at a recent executive meeting of the Buncheon Conference, but due to the nature of the Pantheon, it was not easy for an outsider other than a priest to intervene.

In fact, when it comes to the Pantheon, he who was second in command has become the most senior.

‘Heinrich, the saint of this world… This guy is dangerous. If we leave it like this, he might try to take the scribe’s vacant position and exert influence on the Pantheon.’

Things were different from when the scribe first noticed his presence and tried to bring him in.

At that time, not only did she not know that he was her enemy, but more importantly, she herself was alive.

Fortunately, he wasn’t the only one who didn’t like him, so it wasn’t that difficult to set things up.

Isn’t politics all about pretending to be polite on the outside, but doing whatever it takes for one’s own benefit?

‘And if you are at the top of any organization, you will naturally become a politician.’

Priests were no exception to this.

Although it was said to be a religious union, if you look at it closely, it was just an individual organization.

‘Pantheon can never give up. How long have we put in effort into this place?’

Countless denominations from countless dimensions, and overwhelming and diverse types of sacred power that come from them.

Divine power, the most special power among supernatural abilities, had been stagnating in one place for a long time.

That alone made San Francisco the most special place on Earth.

Yes, to put it simply…

It was said that this was the most suitable land for new abilities to sprout.

‘Fortunately, the association is actively supporting me, so I guess I can do something. First of all, what should we do with that saint…’

A moment when I was so lost in thought.

His head momentarily turned to the side.

I felt someone’s gaze beyond the curtained window.

He carefully stood up and pulled back the curtains.

He wasn’t doing anything particularly suspicious anyway, so there was no need to get stabbed.

And right after I glanced behind the curtain at the source of my gaze.

His expression twitched slightly and then returned to its original state.

‘···That’s for sure.’

This was a person I had already become familiar with through careful investigation.

Normally, there would be no need to pay much attention to it, but in the current situation, it is a being with a history that is especially concerning.

‘A priest from Outerica.’

Is it a coincidence?

After all, when Saint Heinrich visited, a priest of the same sect was walking around like that…

‘It’s ominous.’

He glanced at the back of the priest as he slowly walked away, then looked up at the sky.

As if he had intended to do so from the beginning.

the next day.

Immediately after the disciplinary action against Walter, a saint of the Quilladia Church who violated the Pantheon’s rules, was decided.

The conversation between Heinrich and Pantheon, which had been postponed once, was concluded.


“Damn, my head hurts and I feel like I’m going to rummage around.”

Andrew Weaver, sitting on a soft single-seater sofa, buried himself deeply and sighed.

I stayed up all night using my abilities in response to a sudden order, and my fever was rising due to a pounding headache.

‘If I keep doing this, I’m really going to die from overwork.’

This mission was particularly more difficult than usual.

That’s right…

“America comes out of nowhere?”

The target of this observation was San Francisco, USA, a location close to the other side of the world.

It was natural that the further away you looked from where you were, the more energy you consumed.

Moreover, it was not just an ordinary place, it was a place no different from the sacred place of the Pantheon…

‘I don’t know how they managed to recruit the priests.’

This would probably have been absolutely impossible without collaborators who actively responded internally.

No, if it weren’t for the special ‘medium’ distributed to them in the first place, their gaze wouldn’t have even reached there.

Because he really didn’t know anything about the Pantheon.

“Ugh, is the Immortal King really trying to conquer the Earth?”

Considering the connection between the person who gave the order and the subject of the investigation, one could not help but think that way.

“Whew, it doesn’t have anything to do with me anymore.”

Since you’re bound by a contract anyway, you can’t escape.

If I had to wish for anything, would it be that Korea is as peaceful as it is now?

Thanks to the magic tool, there were no language problems, and since I was earning a lot of money, there was no better place to live than here.

‘Oh, and a long vacation too.’

When I thought about vacation, I somehow felt energized.

Andrew, remembering a small wish that could never come true, tapped on the keyboard to transmit the collected information, then quietly closed his eyes and resumed work.

‘If I perform well this time, I might be able to get a really long vacation.’

Same time.

There were not a few people who moved with the same purpose as Andrew.

All kinds of supernatural abilities, such as fate manipulation, clairvoyance, and astrology, were attempted with one goal, and all the information collected was sent to one place and gradually began to form a certain framework.

And finally.


In the middle of a data center filled with numerous mechanical devices.

Even though the high-output air conditioner was running at full power, a low voice rang out in the sweltering heat.

Thanks to the internal response using a hacking tool, while verifying a lot of information in the electronic data discovered, we were able to confirm suspicious access in one of them.

Hesperon, lying in a special capsule constructed by Howard, approached it for a more detailed examination.


At that moment.

A question escaped his mouth.

“huh? Could this be…?”



An alarm sound suddenly sounded.

“Eh? What is this? “How did they get here?”

In response, a middle-aged man wearing a shabby lab coat glanced at the monitor and then tilted his head.

But even for a moment.

Soon, a look of joy appeared on his face, as if he had met an old friend.

“aha! “I guess this is that friend?”

The man was so excited that he abandoned what he was doing and came to the monitor.

“Wow! We finally met—! Masquerade hacker!”

The Doctor smiled brightly.

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