Overpowered Archmage Doesn’t Hide His Talent chapter 68

68 - [ ▷ I'll see you in person tomorrow. ]

68 – [ ▷ I’ll see you in person tomorrow. ]

It was late when everyone was asleep.

Becky and Louis met at the training ground. Short greetings are exchanged between each other.

“I expected it, but Becky, you were called too.”


Becky nodded at Louis’ words. At the same time, he hastily added a few questions.

“Hey, Louis. Did you run into seniors on the way?”

“No. Because time is time.”

“I, I, I, on the way, I overheard the seniors talking? I heard….”

Becky continued, shaking his leg. It was as if he was reliving a nightmare he never wanted to recall.

“Sophomore seniors…. Uh, I was so mad. The representative of the subjugation system was selected only by the first year…. I ran all the way here with my face covered.”

Louis gave a small smile at the girl’s words.

“That much? Well, the composition was very unexpected.”

“Unexpected? It’s so unexpected that it’s already gone!”

Haaagh, Becky grabbed her head with both hands while making that noise.

“What the hell…. Why on earth am I representative? Me, over there Louis. Do you know Why was I selected?”

“Okay. I still don’t know why I was selected.”

I had just confirmed that both of them had become representatives of the Faculty of Magic, and I had no idea why they were selected.

It would be normal to have four sophomores. No, it must be the standard. I have no idea how this result came about.

“I don’t know…. I really don’t know….”

Becky shook his head. The girl is clearly nervous.

Becky has already had a lot of experience with flan. I already knew that he casually did things far beyond his imagination.

But this is a different story.

No matter how bizarre and extraordinary it may be, this is the first time it has directly hit Becky.

“Did everyone arrive?”

Then flan appeared.

Undisturbed clothes, the same appearance as usual. He appeared with eyes as cool as the morning air.

“Ph, flan! Did you decide the representative of the subjugation system? I was only selected as a freshman… !”

Becky immediately clung to Plan. He started pouring out all the questions in his head.

“Why didn’t you select the 2nd year? Why is one not eligible? No, no. Put everything else aside first…. Why was I selected? Huh?”

However, Plan’s gaze never reached Becky. He called Louis instead.



“Right now, compete with Becky with magic.”

“… ?”

Becky and Louise’s heads tilt to one side at the same time.

The question of the representative selection has not yet been resolved. However, it was quite embarrassing to compete with magic.

“I already know what you guys think.”

Plan continued with a calm attitude.

“Are they really participating in the subjugation, why were they chosen as representatives…. I’ll give you all the answers at once. To compete.”

He looked back and forth between Becky and Louise.


Louise’s eyes turned to Becky. The person who received the gaze quietly turned his head.

“Mi, Mi, aren’t you crazy?”

Muttered Becky, his chin rattling. Of course, he wasn’t just shaking his chin.

“Me and Louis are on different levels…. Compete with magic? M-M-Does that make sense? You want me to die now?”

“They are in the same class. Keep in mind that both of you are representatives.”

There is not an inch of flinch in Plan’s red eyes. Becky is still restless, Louis asks calmly.

“If you have a magic showdown…. You mean you can find out why we were chosen as representatives of the subjugation system?”

“Yes. I promise you.”


Lewis nodded his head and he slowly began to warm up. Seeing this, Becky’s face turned pale.

“Louis, hey, Louis? You…. Isn’t it? Huh?”

“Let’s try it. Plan always had a reason. He proved it right.”


The girl’s face turned white because she was pale. Becky started walking briskly towards the entrance to the training ground.

“I…. I am. I understand. I’m convinced~ I don’t think I need to do a magic showdown! Huh!”

Wedge liquid─

At that moment, the spear blade of light passed Becky’s ear.

“Heh, hehehe!”

Becky was terrified and at a loss. On the other hand, Louis calmly proceeds with the next spell.

“No selfishness, Becky. Just, let’s trust the flan.”

“This is how disinterested you are? Hey… !”

Although he was about to faint from foaming, what was in Louis’ eyes was sincere.

I couldn’t help it.

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‘What did I do so wrong!’

Forcibly straining her legs, the girl hurriedly manifested the ice element. Because survival comes first.


A condensed beam of high power.

Lewis fired it three or four times in quick succession.


Then, the sound of breaking ice fills the training ground. It was a power that Becky’s ice barrier couldn’t block.

‘How can I beat Louis… !’

However, as if the straight line of light was just a taste, the light began to break in a mess.


Despite being in the same freshman year, Lewis skillfully unfolded the light element.

The beams of light beautifully embroidering the training ground are gorgeous even for Becky, who needs to focus on defense. You can’t win against something like that.

No, even defense is impossible.

The moment I thought so.


All of a sudden, many thoughts flew out like sparks.

I don’t know why these things came to mind. However, she was realizing them without her knowledge.

‘Wait a minute. Once, once….’

Becky weaves a circuit. A certain amount of mana began to flow along the carefully crafted path.


The ice barrier collided with the beam again, and a fierce explosion occurred.

But this time is different.

The ice barrier withstood the attack. Even if he couldn’t stand it, it was as accurate as the location where it was created.

“Oh… “

Lewis tilted his head once.

The defense has been strengthened.

Suddenly, it feels like fighting someone else. It was an attack with great care in its own way, but Becky casually avoided and defended Louis’ attack.

“What is it, Becky? Were you hiding your skills? I’m sorry.”

“I don’t know! Really… !”

Enough to fit a knuckle of a finger.

All attacks miss with exactly that much difference. If it looked like it would hit, the barrier would block it without fail.

“Am I lacking?”

Louis multiplied mana into the beam. The beam of light with excessive power wriggled like a monster.


An error-free trajectory. A flash of light that drew a straight line like a print rushed toward Becky. Over five ice barriers are shattered in an instant.

However. At that moment, Louis saw.

A skillfully crafted ice awl that could not be checked due to the barrier blocking the view.


A sharpened ice pick grazed Louis’ ear.

“Enough, that’s it.”

And that moment. Plan ended the situation.


A strange silence fell. Whoever it was, Becky and Louis stared blankly at each other.

Plan asked the two of them.

“Both of you, how do you feel?”


Louis rubbed his chin quietly, then looked towards Becky and asked.

“First of all, I have a question for Becky. What the hell is that?”

“Just…. Just now…. Therefore….”

Becky scratched his head at his words. Later, he even pulled out his hair.

“I don’t know. I do not know either! What happened to me… ?”

The heads of the two naturally turned to flan. Only you will know the answer to this situation.


“Ugh, huh?”

“What have you been up to?”


Becky raised his eyes and began to retrace his steps step by step.

“Sleep, eat, listen to lectures, do assignments….”

“That’s what I ordered.”

“Oh, sorry.”

Becky hurriedly changed his words.

“I summarized the thesis. That’s great too. Oh my gosh.”

Even the expression ‘very’ was not enough. It’s a bit lately, but it’s to the point where I’ve developed dark circles.

The types of papers were also very diverse. The way mana is handled, the interaction between elements, and the efficiency….

But when the thought reached that point, Becky involuntarily let out a sound.

“Uh… ?”

Looking at Flan with eyes that seem to have realized something, he nods quietly.

“Flan, you. With this thought from the beginning… ?”

“I don’t have a hobby that makes me do meaningless things.”

“No, wow, my God, my God, this is nonsense.”

Becky’s mouth opens wide. It was a bonus that Louis, who was watching from his side, muttered with a strange smile.

“I was merely assisting with Plan’s thesis summary…. Is it that your skills have improved?”

He muttered as if he had realized something.

Louis also understood well that Plan’s magic skills were at an unusual level. However, it was a fact that was somewhat hard to believe even though he himself put it in his mouth.

Just by assisting with the thesis summary, this much growth?

If this is true….

“Flan, those papers. Can I see you in the future?”

The eyes of the two men meet in midair. Louis saw the self-motivated look in Flan’s red eyes.

Plan said nothing, but nodded slowly.

The more assistants, the better.

The dawn passes quickly and the morning finally dawns.

Today is the day we promised to play against Plan. Trixie will surely prove the majesty of the ‘Blue Flame’ and become a disciple of Mr. Teaching.

And one more.

The goal is to be on the final list of subjugation. If he wins the confrontation, Plan will not be able to turn a blind eye to himself.

She’s been up all night at the training ground. She was so restless that she was not even an academy and she dared to find the training ground inside the Fritz Mansion.

She had to get ready to leave.

The maids approached one by one from afar, and an unexpected man appeared behind them.


Blue eyes resembling Trixie. Currently, the de facto head of Fritz, a noble family of fire elements, and Trixie’s father.

Isaac von Fritz.

“I heard the news.”


I couldn’t easily react to those words. I still don’t know how far his father got the news.

“The Faculty of Magic is preparing for the subjugation in earnest…. My daughter’s name was not on the representative list.”

You know everything. Trixie nodded quietly.

“It worked better.”

“Good job.”

“The aspirations of the Faculty of Magic are good, but there is no need for you to leave.”

As Isaac said that, he suddenly remembered his wife.

It’s been over twenty years. The time when it was evaluated as the heyday of the Faculty of Magic, the time when Wizard Joe won second place in the subjugation.

It was time for all wizards to shout cheers, but the future of Bella von Fritz, the protagonist, was bleak.

She couldn’t handle magic after the subjugation system.

When I married Isaac, when I gave birth to Trixie, even when I was sick and died….

He kept quiet about what had happened, and never laughed again.

Isaac said quietly.

“Daughter, you must remember the family motto.”

“To burn something…. Start with yourself.”

“Yes. That’s it.”

His father’s face became quite serious.

“I just don’t think the subjugation system should be the stage where I write my daughter. If you do this, won’t there be a bigger opportunity later?”

Suppression should not be the stage.


Trixie said that if you go to the subjugation festival, that will be your final stage. It was only interpreted that way.

Isaac is concerned. She fears that Trixie will become like my mother.

“I have to leave. You know.”

“… hehehe, blood can’t lie. I mean, you look exactly like your mother.”

Even though he let out an awkward laugh, Isaac’s face remained rigid. Trixie started walking past her father.

The maids rush behind the girl. Isaac’s voice fell to the floor.


Trixie stopped. Although she never looked back.

“Now you are the only one with blue flames.”

She slowly turned her head.

His father’s indigo blue eyes resembled him. She reflected herself there, her flickering blue flames.

“You are Fritz, and Fritz is you. I always want to keep that in mind.”

Trixie nodded quietly.


She laid her eyes down for a while, lost in thought, and finally let go of her steps.

One step, two steps. With each step added, strength was added to the steps. A sense of duty may have weighed on her shoulders.


The girl recited her family name lowly.

Because she is Fritz, and Fritz is her.

… As expected, she had to participate in the subjugation festival.

It was at that time that I got a call from the Teaching Auction.

[ ▷ I will meet you in person tomorrow. ]

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