Overpowered Archmage Doesn’t Hide His Talent chapter 69

69 - If It Was You.... It means that I never succeeded.

69 – If It Was You…. It means that I never succeeded.

I greeted the morning in the office of the World of Huazhong.

I stayed up all night, but I didn’t feel any fatigue.


Rather, I am busy feeling satisfied.

A neat interior like a clean room, a desk and nameplate modeled after things from the old world, and a few simple and stylish ornaments…. Finally, I have a space for myself in this world.


I returned the documents to Maiev. It was about the Fritz family and Trixie.

“As you told me, there were rumors that you were competing.”


The blood demons’ information network was more useful than expected. It took less than a day for Maiev to return with information.

Thanks to you, Trixie’s rough family history, carrying the weight of the blue flame…. Several other things could be confirmed.

Maiev did not leave and asked.

“Master. Are you interested in this woman?”

“Why do you ask that?”

“I was wondering if you would be sad if I assassinated you.”

After saying that you can test me again and again, Maiev has been telling me this without hesitation.

It seems that he decided that hiding hostility was impossible anyway. I’d rather be comfortable with this

I looked up at her and stared at her.

“I guess I did. I would have given you the answer yourself.”


Maiev gulped down her saliva, then she slipped away from my gaze.

“I didn’t bother. Because she was like a poor fellow anyway.”

“You seem to have room to sympathize with others.”

“Mother’s accident, the weight of the family name…. Well, this is why I hate humans. Rather than being pitiful.”

I roughly understood what she was saying.

She is a mother who never smiles, and she is the only survivor in her family who can handle blue flames…. Trixie lived with many obligations.

No, I couldn’t carry it. She was crushed, crushed.

That’s why you shouldn’t go to the subjugation festival as it is now.

“The owner has a corner that is not human.”

“Always be specific with your words.”

“It’s heartless and cruel. Most people prefer people with stories.”

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It’s like a wizard. It should be expressed that way.

However, Maiev is mistaken. I highly value Trixie’s talent and story.

In other words, she didn’t worry about abandoning her, but she was just worried about doing her work.

I briefly exchanged a few words with Trivia through Trivia.

[ * Teaching Auction ]

[ ▶ There is a showdown today. ]

[ ▶ I’ll do my best! Heh heh ]

[ ▷ I’ll see you in person tomorrow. ]

[ ▶ … Do you want to meet in person?! ]

[ ▷ Yes. ]

[ ▶ My, tomorrow! Really?! ]

After thinking for a while, she sent the following words.

[ ▷ Trixie ]

[ ▷ If you have to learn magic all over again ]

[ ▷ Are you still willing to learn? ]

[ ▶ If it’s what Mr. Teaching teaches you! ]

The reply came right away. That’s it.

I got up and straightened her collar.

If an ore stone entangled in mud is skillfully crafted, that too would be meaningful.

Each and every action of the jewels I polished will prove myself at the same time.

‘… Trixie.’

I repeated the name in my mind and escaped the world of fire.

No, I was trying to escape.

“Hey, master.”

Maiev called me.

“Don’t get the illusion that I didn’t assassinate you because I was afraid of you.”

“I want you to be sincere. I don’t like cowardly slaves either.”

“I am serious. I’m not afraid of my master or anything….”

Around that time, Maiev and I met eyes. Her eyes immediately return to the oblique line.

“… It’s not scary.”

I nodded her head lightly and tried to get out of the Chinese world, but Maiev added a few words hastily.

“What does it mean specifically that I am not scared? What I just looked at….”


It was so loud that I didn’t even listen to it all.

An arena borrowed for a showdown.

There were more people than expected. I intended to gather only first-year students, but…. There were also a few unexpected faces.

Eliza. A reporter from the Knights Faculty was an example of this, and there were also a few blood demons, including Maiev. Everyone was perfectly disguised as students.

In the middle of the arena, Trixie and I stood facing each other.

“The theme is the fire element. The game is ‘output’. Right.”

I answered nonchalantly.

“It is fine even if it is not output.”

“What does that mean?”

“You can use it for any purpose, so try to win at least one.”


Trixie blatantly crumpled her expression. She pursed her plump lips.

“Before you start, just make two things clear.”

I met her eyes without speaking. It meant that if you had something to say, do it.

“If I win, put me as a disciple of Mr. Gakyo.”


“And…. Please put my name on the subjugation system.”

“Not like that. There is ample time for correction.”

I didn’t ask why. It’s not all the case anyway.

Trixie tilted her head for a moment, wondering if my neat agreement was questionable, then snapped her fingers.

An iron core embedded in the floor rises into the air.

“Fire heart. The degree of melting varies depending on the output.”


At the same time, blue flames engulfed the flame core. Soon, no form of anything remained.

“To melt this thin core of flame…. How strong of an output do you think you will need?”

Some students exclaimed.

It deserves it. I saw it up close…. It was a talent I coveted.

There was a need to make this teaching more detailed.

“Your turn.”

After nodding, I pondered over the number of flame cores. Trixie urged once more.

“Determine the number.”

I made a decision soon. This teaching needed to be detailed.


As I muttered, two fiery cores rose from the floor. Chuck Bonnie is a flame-resistant material.

One, two, three. As the number increases, it seems that the flame durability increases with the square.

So, if someone asks if you can melt it…. That’s not even worth answering.


I snapped my fingers. Red flames bit the flame core, and soon there was nothing left in the air.

“… Yes, you are confident too.”

The crowd’s exclamation grew a little louder, and Trixie nodded as if she had expected this much.

“I also like this side to prove more.”


Coincidentally, my favorite word came out between her lips.

I also want her to prove it.


She increased the number of flame cores to five at once.


Blue flames coalesce and form the shape of a beast’s teeth. Four blazing fangs crushed the iron core at once.

The fact that even the shape of the flame was molded and utilized. I appreciate it.

To the onlookers, it must have seemed much more remarkable, as they looked at us with one after another admiration.

Five, ten, eleven, sixteen, seventeen….

I raised the number one at a time, and Trixie raised the number five at a time.


From this point on, Trixie’s arms could be seen shaking.

Gradually increasing firepower requires more physical strength than you can imagine. No matter how great Trixie is, she is no exception.

Also, exactly seventeen was already her limit.

At this moment, she is surpassing her past self every second. Of course that’s great.


Blue fangs crush the heart of flame.

However, unmelted and brittle things began to appear.


Trixie wiped the sweat from her forehead. As time passed, somehow all the melting melted.


It doesn’t matter that much that she has now surpassed her past self.

In the first place, the direction was wrong.

And it will be my role to teach it.


This time, I posted five from my side.

There is no limit to the number of people.

Trixie melts the flame heart purely with the ‘power’ of the flame, but I skillfully find and dig into the circuit that melts the flame heart.

In the first place, the difficulty is zero, so the result does not change no matter how many times you square it. It is not too much bound by the constraints of mana.

This is the reason why Trixie’s hard work is close to ‘stretching’. Because working hard and working hard are different.

“No, thirty two.”

After launching five more, sparks were manifested.

It’s not fancy, but it’s faithful to the basics. Thirty-two flame cores melted as if dissolving.


Trixie looked at me with her shocked face.

“Do it.”

Only then did Trixie’s shoulders tremble. She shook her head and then, without saying anything, she raised her hand.

“Thirty…. Three.”

The position has changed. Now if I post five, she posts one.

“Are you uploading one?”

Even if it was just a simple question, Trixie didn’t feel that way.

She bit her lower lip.

“… Thirty four.”

As she forcibly increased the number of her flame cores by one more, she quietly parted her lips.

“In the meantime, you must be admiring yourself.”

At that word, Trixie’s trembling stopped.

I speak calmly.

There was also a reason why Trixie was considerate so that she could collect even a little more mana.

I have to squeeze in a little more, because the teaching that touches me will be great.

“Because she is pushing her limits in real time…. That will, that effort, will probably be considered proof that you are a genius.”

“… Noisy.”

Trixie gritted her teeth.


At the same time, blue flames exploded.

The fire that seemed alive soon took the form of a beast, so it was a blazing wolf.

Blazing—! Hwareuk-!

The roaring fire feels like a wolf’s cry. It was such a powerful force.

“Oh my God… !”

“As expected, it’s Fritz!”

The exclamation that erupted from the audience is amazing. It was natural. Actually, it was on the great side.


The wolf ferociously chewed the thirty-four fiery cores. It was a narrow success.


I melted thirty-nine fiery cores without a gap.


It didn’t stop there either. Trixie’s blue wolf was covered in red flames.

“… !”

Trixie’s face turned pale. Like your own flame.

After getting rid of the wolf, I opened my mouth.

“You are not a genius, and if you continue like this, the family name will be ruined.”

“… It’s not over yet. Forty-four.”

Trixie, covered in sweat, lifted his arm. Her thin, white arms trembled like crazy.

The hearts of fire floating in the air are as numerous and thick as piano keys.

Trixie has already consumed all of her mana.

That’s why you can never succeed.

“Your flame has nothing special other than being blue.”

“… Stop.”


Trixie failed to manifest the flame. The blue flame fades without burning anything.

“What on earth does it change if you hint that your flame is special? Are you trying to charm the elements?”

“… Mouth, mouth! Shut that mouth!”


The flames of her anger exploded.

But it failed spectacularly.

The only thing that exploded was the flames, and the heart of the flames was perfectly fine.

“Haa…. Under….”

Trixie’s hand dropped to the floor. I wouldn’t even have the strength to lift her arm anymore.

“Ah…. Ahhh….”

She was defeated.

Her It was natural for me, but not for her. It must have felt like her whole life had been denied.

No, it was actually denied.

“I ask, do you have a hobby of being embarrassed in front of others?”


She grabbed her face without saying a word.

“As expected, let’s pretend it didn’t exist. A teaching auction, a subjugation system.”

“Wait. I still….”

I clicked my tongue and muttered a number.

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“One hundred.”

Hundreds of flame cores float from the ground.

Because there were so many of them, it was like watching the shape of a black cloud.

“… !”

Trixie’s eyes widened.

However, there was no melting it. After a while, I dropped them back to the ground.

“What do you think?”


“If I tried, would I have succeeded?”

Our eyes met in midair. Trixie’s indigo blue eyes were constantly rippling with waves.

“Actually, that doesn’t matter at all. Trixie.”


Trixie breathes heavily, but cannot assemble any words.

A dragon is born by breaking an egg.

To that being, an egg is a world, and its extraordinary birth begins by destroying a world.

The birth of an extraordinary wizard is no different. Family, duty, talent…. Their ‘al’ exists under various names.

We have one thing in common. Break down and free yourself.

If she can’t break out of her own world on her own, tapping her outside is all I have to do.

“The important thing.”

The moment we break the world and welcome the light.

She will finally know her true birth.

“If it were you…. It never worked.”

I knock her on her, once again.

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