Overpowered Archmage Doesn’t Hide His Talent chapter 70

70 - Trixie von Fritz.

70 – Trixie von Fritz.

“If it were you…. It never worked.”

Those words pierced Trixie’s heart.

The body, hardened like a stone statue, shows no signs of moving. Beads of sweat flowed nonstop from the tip of her chin.

“If you still think you have the qualifications to be a representative, tell me. I’ll put your name on the list.”


This is your chance to add your name to the roster. But the lips do not part.

Very slightly, she shook her head from side to side.

I couldn’t put my name up like this. With this level of flame, you won’t be able to achieve any results in the subjugation.

It will lead to the result of discrediting the name of the family, and instead of solving the mystery of the mother, you may end up doing bad things.

The next moment, she shook her head from side to side a little louder.

The motion did not stop.

My stamina has run out, and my heart is now shattered.

After acknowledging defeat, I just wanted to escape. To a place where there is nothing, even a second faster.

Then Plan opened his mouth.

“Do you still play genius?”

That word hit Trixie in the ear like lightning.

In the air, each other’s eyes meet. The self contained in Plan’s red eyes was trembling pitifully.

“You are not afraid of defeat.”

No. That’s wrong. Trixie is afraid of losing. This situation, in front of everyone’s eyes, was unfamiliar and scary.

“I am afraid of appearing inelegant in the eyes of others.”

But Trixie’s thoughts were blown away by a single word from the flan that followed.

It was true, and my heart sank. Just one word.

“You will never be able to see me pouring out all my energy and challenging myself to the limit while grinding my teeth.”

I am out of breath. It was difficult to face myself.

“Because I think it’s not elegant.”

From this point on, the entire landscape began to look pure white. In the middle of a space where nothing but silence existed, she stood blankly.

By the way.

It was then that Plann lowered her head to meet her at eye level.

“I will ask you a few things.”

Even in the sight that was completely erased in white, his voice was too clear.

“If it were you, I wouldn’t have really succeeded.”

Random question.

“Even if you put in your spirits, vomit your spirits, and grind your teeth while trying…. Is it not possible that is.”

A question mark is thrown into Trixie’s mind.

“If you tried, wouldn’t that look really elegant?”

The question mark began to multiply.

“A wizard who tries and proves something, a wizard who tries even if he fails to prove something, something that he can’t even try because he is trapped in the frame of a genius….”

Two, three. The number grows like crazy.

“… Which one of them is elegant, and which one is ugly.”

Finally, at some point.

“Also, who among them is a genius?”


Something started to rise from somewhere deep inside Trixie’s chest.

“I never wanted you to be ugly.”

A small amount of heat began to spread throughout the body.

“I wish I could be more elegant.”

It wasn’t visible, but Trixie knew it. This, too, is a blue flame named passion.

“At this point, let me ask you one last question.”

Plan raised his head upright again.

“Do you remember Trixie?”

The tip of his chin points to the flaming core that has fallen to the floor.

“The number of flame cores I melted last.”

By the time I heard that, my whole body was already hot.

It is not painful or difficult. Just, in a short period of time, he began to reflect on the meaning of wizards and Fritz.

A wizard is someone who walks straight toward the truth.

An elegant person who walks with magic as an ally, roams the world leisurely, and proves near-miracle things.

If you don’t forget that you are walking down that path, if you don’t give up in the face of difficulties, if you stand up and try again and again…. Isn’t that elegant in and of itself?

‘If you want to burn something, start with yourself.’

Trixie chewed on Fritz’s family motto.

The answer was right from the start. It seemed that he now knew what this radical family motto meant: to be willing to set fire to one’s own body as well.

Even if your whole body is drenched in sweat, your teeth are grinding, you are bleeding, you will be graceful enough even if you burn.

At that moment, you will truly be reborn as a blue flame.

“… Of course I remember.”

Thirty nine.

The number of fire cores flan last melted.

“One hundred.”

Trixie muttered a low number. The heart of fire that fills my vision like a group of black clouds is not as scary as it is now.

It’s okay if you can’t melt everything.

It’s okay if the process looks ridiculous to someone.

Even if you are not a genius…. Good night.

Fritz’s next head of household who always stuck like a shadow. If you can fulfill that role, that’s enough.

For this moment, I just want to become a wizard.

Suddenly, the scenes I saw in Sapore popped up.

Confidence standing proudly in the field of the Knights Faculty. He hugged the flan and sobbed himself. My future self who asked me to remember one stroke.

“Let it be as it is.”

A word I barely chewed out after squeezing out my lungs.

He stretched out his arm. It still shakes, but there won’t be any problems. My concentration right now is better than ever.

“… Because I am Fritz.”

I grabbed my outstretched arm with my other hand. I will bring out all the blue flames burning inside.

At the same time, I felt a sharp pain beyond my imagination, and I gnashed my teeth. It was natural. Because recovery doesn’t happen only with the mind.

By the way.

It is quite possible to light a fire.

Even if your whole body is drenched in sweat, even if your vision is blurry from so much pain, even if this shivering body feels ugly to someone.

… I can do it.


A blue flame stuck to one of the flame cores.



The flames soon spread widely, forming a blue barrier.


Thirty four.


The onslaught of blue flame melts the heart of the flame mercilessly. I turned and looked at Trixie.

A mixture of nosebleeds and sweat dripped down the girl’s face, and her whole body was trembling like the branches of a tree.

Literally, she was giving her all.

A wrinkled expression, a sweaty uniform, completely untidy hair…. It’s probably just the elements that Trixie doesn’t like.

Surprisingly, it is only now that I begin to feel the attributes of ‘elegance’ in Trixie.



My eyes weren’t wrong. She is unmistakably a gemstone.

Now that Trixie has broken through the frame and entered the world, Trixie as a wizard has finally been born. All she had to do was move on.

If she overcomes the newly given difficulties one by one, there will be a day when she becomes the ‘genius’ she so clamored for.

Of course, there is no such thing as a fixed destiny.

In the first place, since magic is a miracle against fate, it is safe to say that there is no future that can be considered certain.

However, the moment her destiny is headed for ruin, she is willing to help reverse it.


Thirty nine.

This time I looked at the audience.

Everyone is watching the blue flames of Trixie without even blinking.

I can guarantee that in this crowd of people, no one considers Trixie ugly.

This is the aesthetics of magic. If a magician is going right, people around him will naturally feel it, and they will just admire it.

Even now as I look around, the heart of the flame continues to melt.


“Ugh, ugh…. Cool—!”

Eventually, Trixie’s pupils turned upside down. Without any sign of stumbling, her body collapsed to the ground in an instant.

I quietly accepted it into my body.

Between the smell of sweat and burnt, the faint scent of jasmine stung her nose.

… The fact that he is smiling, he probably doesn’t even know.

The corners of her mouth remain raised. She seemed to be in a sound sleep, as if she was praising her own choice.

I quietly took out the trivia and unfolded it.

[ *Teaching Auction ]

[ ▷ Trixie von Fritz. ]

[ ▷ Congratulations on becoming my disciple. ]

Type type was also typed by telekinesis, then I tapped Trixie’s forehead with the covered trivia and laid her down on the floor.

Trixie von Fritz is now, like it or not, my pupil.

“Ah…. I….”

The student in charge of judging took turns examining me and Trixie. I’m worried about Trixie, but I think the outcome of the match will have to be covered. It was a face with complex expressions.

I melted thirty-nine, Trixie forty.

I quietly tidied up the sleeves and collar.

He nodded his head a couple of times and spat out two words.



The student in charge of judging blinked twice. It seemed that he still did not understand what I was saying at all.

“… ?”

He was looking at me alone, tilting his head.

“… !”

Soon, I opened my eyes wide and jumped in place.

“Gee, ki, abstain? You?”

There is no turning back. I nodded and moved my feet.

Abstaining does not mean that I have lost. The number of flame cores is not a limit to me.


Trixie mustered up the courage to break the frame,

Trixie finally came out of the world,

Trixie knew true elegance,

Her smile at last.

I wanted to teach them that everything is victory.

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