Possessed in a Game That Is Full of Mods chapter 278

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278 -Jongmak -5

A booming roar erupted from between the World Eater’s teeth and shook the earth. The red liquid compressed to its limit vibrated.

The speed at which the dragon fell gradually increased. The bastard flapped his wings and somehow tried to fly again, but he did nothing but futility.

It was quite a spectacle to see a dragon the size of a small mountain come down to the ground.

Quaaang! A sound rang out. It was the sound the Eater of Worlds made as it fell to the bloody floor. It stood on its four legs, grunting low with his mouth.

The vibration that spread from the impact of the fall subsided. He moved closer to the bastard. His outstretched wings were no longer moving. He seemed to know the futility of trying to fly.

“Finally, we are at eye level. Yes?”

It’s a bit too far apart to say they’re similar, but at least it’s better than when you had to look up at them flying in the sky.

His pride seemed to squirm as his left front leg rolled nervously on the ground. The red liquid, compressed to its limit, spread all over the place.

It started moving slowly.

The dragon word just now was only meant to block his flight. Just like it was in the game. So, you can do as many things as possible by walking on all fours on the ground.

‘Now I’m going to fight properly.’

But from now on, I can fight properly. Just do what you did in the game.

Based on Eclipse’s experience of fighting the World Eater, there were a lot of patterns added to the della mode, and since you can’t fly, most of your actions won’t deviate from those patterns.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the patterns I used in Dyalar mode are almost all that will appear in that situation, whether they came out unconsciously or intentionally.

‘Because of the verb applied now, it will be more so.’

An enemy that appeared in Brunet 4. Just watch out for the attack that suddenly creates something behind your back like last time, everything else is in my head. There was no need or reason to be afraid.

That guy is nothing more than the final boss of a game that I caught with my bare hands even with the della mod on.

I made up my mind and confronted the world eater. He was coming slowly this way. The vertical pupils dyed red emitted a hideous light.

The movements speed up little by little, and soon there is a thump! Thud! The sound and vibration combined, and a huge dragon like a small mountain rushed towards me.

‘It’s a rush pattern…… The attack starts with the left leg.’

It was the right leg that came right in front and rolled on the ground, so the first attack was with the left leg. As I expected, he lifted his left forepaw halfway and then struck it down.

His claws checked the direction they were approaching and swung the wingless nightmare to deflect it. Not the shrill metallic sound normally heard when deflecting an attack, but a bang as if a shell had landed on it! A sound was heard.


A tingling sensation rushed to my arm. My body suddenly became sluggish. It meant full of battle fatigue.

Since the rune that made it possible to ignore the battle fatigue debuff disappeared, the debuff started to be applied again. It was a feeling I hadn’t felt in a long time, so I almost missed the knife.

It was like this even though most of his memories had been recovered and his stats had gone up quite a bit. I don’t know if it’s a natural fact considering the size difference.

I stuck a knife into the red liquid and supported myself. Despite doing so, his body was pushed back.

The Eater of Worlds stood up on its hind legs and slashed its claws right on top of me, as if to crush me completely.

‘That thing can’t bounce.’

In the game, it was possible to bounce that thing off itself. But if you deflect that slash, you’ll be hit by the chew attack that follows immediately after that.

You can’t counter it with a deflection, so you have to roll and avoid it, but if you deflect the forefoot attack, battle fatigue will fill up.

When battle fatigue is full? Of course, I can’t use rolling.


I counted the number in my mind, and just in time for the claws to roll right in front of my eyes, they rolled into his body. This was the correct answer

As soon as I entered the belly of the creature, a tremendous sound resonated from behind, as if an earthquake had occurred. The ground shook like crazy. A shock wave exploded and the body staggered.

‘If I had been beaten, I would not have been able to break the bones.’

I tried to use the requiem upwards in that state, but I quickly ran away from the creepy sensation I felt on the nape of my neck. In less than a second, something brushed past the place where I was just before.

There was no time to figure out the identity of what passed by. The World Eater stood up again on its hind legs, and let out a jet-black breath at its feet.

It was a much earlier timing than the game.


The breath was blown away with dragon words, but the opportunity to attack also flew away. He stepped back and opened up the distance. In that direction, an immensely thick and huge tail flew.

From noble mtl dot com

I hurriedly swung the wingless nightmare and deflected it. My legs, unable to absorb all the recoil, rose into the air. My legs rose for about 4-5 seconds before I could touch the floor again.

As I landed on the red liquid, I lowered the front leg that he had lifted as well. The red eyes shone even more menacingly.

‘I only have to attack once, and it’s over.’

As in the boss fight in Brunet 4, it was absolutely not a fight where you can only get hit by a single shot, but you have to get hit hundreds of times to die.

The moment that guy gets properly cut by the requiem, it’s over, and the moment I allow any kind of attack, it’s over. It’s a fight to see who can land the proper effective hit first.

Of course, it was a much more advantageous fight that way. Unlike me, whose mana and faith were completely blocked, the World Eater was only blocked from flying, but all other abilities were intact.

So be careful. It’s true that I brought him down to the ground, but I didn’t seal the dragon. If they can read the hint, they will be blocked from using the requiem.

It was around the time I was thinking about how to hit the requiem on the world eater.

ㅡWith such trivial tricks…… Me…… Did you think you could stop it…… !

It flapped its wings and soared upward.

My heart skipped a beat, wondering if the effect of the dragon had ended, but it wasn’t the case when I looked closely. The flight speed was obviously slower than before, and the height was not much.

Just like in the game, it was closer to ignoring some of the world’s laws with one’s own power.

The World Eater roared towards the sky. A meteor shower of fire and lava rained down from the black sky. Meanwhile, the red pupils were pointed straight at me.

As soon as this side showed an opening, they were ready to release their breath. Just as I know that my poorly written requiem will be blocked, he knows that his poorly written breath will be blocked.

‘I can’t fly for long anyway. I have to focus on dodging now.’

Because it was like that in the game. If you turn 7 clockwise from the spot where you took off, you will land on the floor.

The meteor collided with the ground and caused an explosion. I dodged one by rolling to the side, and let the other slip away. I also avoided all the things pouring in succession.

After avoiding dozens of meteors like that, the surrounding area became a sea of fire. It was the result of hundreds of other meteors exploding in all kinds of places besides those that fell around me.

The red liquid reflected the orange flames, creating a dreamy atmosphere.


The World Eater didn’t last long either. His four legs landed on the flames. Even though he was stepping on the black salt properly, he didn’t seem to care at all.

And as soon as it landed, it moved to kill me. He bent down to bite his left foot, his right foot, and his neck, then slammed down with his left foot twice in a row, and finally twisted his entire body to strike in all directions with his tail.

It was the same pattern as the game.

I deflected the last attack and took a moment to catch my breath. As battle fatigue decreased, the heavy limbs returned to their original weight. He brushed his arms lightly and gripped the handle of his sword again.

When none of his attacks went through, he clashed his teeth annoyedly. His body was so large that even that simple action contained a bloody echo.

‘Even if I could only use mana… ….’

I also didn’t like the current situation. Blocking that bastard’s flight was really only the bare minimum. It was just that there was a chance to win, nothing more.

It would have been much easier than now even if I hadn’t been able to do a bare-handed run.

We were about to clash again. The red vertical pupil that was only facing me turned to the side.

Me too. I turned my head to the sensation that I had been feeling ever since I was brought here, not the sensation of something subtly sticking to my skin, but the sensation of a cool breeze.

“…… Uh?”

I saw the rising sun and moon in the middle of the red earth. Under the dark sky, above the crimson sea, gold and silver were shining brilliantly.

“That… ….”

I was dumbfounded. The fact that a halo of that color appeared meant only one thing.

A human figure appeared from within. Floretta was the first to appear in the golden light, and Luna was the next to step out in the silver light.

The last one was decorated by Caicilia. The ornately decorated holy sword in her right hand shone softly.

‘…… Has it already succeeded?’

Arriving here means that the soul has awakened. On top of that, it means that my spirit hasn’t been broken by sharing my memories.

Kai Killia looked around her and frowned at her. Floretta and Luna also looked around and smiled brightly when they found me.

But that was short-lived. I wanted to smile brightly, her face suddenly turned blue. Caicilia had a similar reaction. As soon as she saw me, her expression stiffened and she drew out her holy sword.

All three of them suddenly wanted to do that. It was never a pleasant atmosphere to meet me.

Floretta and Luna had pale faces, and Caicilia was smoking too much.

I looked down at my body wondering if something was wrong. I rolled and dodged the attack, and I didn’t have time to clean up, so I saw my body covered in a red liquid that “Looked like blood.”

“… ….”

Is that why?

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