Possessed in a Game That Is Full of Mods chapter 280

280 - The End?

280 – The End? It could have been summarized as “I use the requiem after taking the opportunity to draw attention.”

Of course, the key is how to do it ‘in moderation’. I put the wingless nightmare into the scabbard and drew out my immortality.

It wasn’t a particularly meaningful action. Immortality is only useful against immortal centipedes, against world eaters it’s no better than a wingless nightmare.

‘But he doesn’t know that?’

The key is that the World Eater doesn’t know that. So just the fact that I switched weapons should be enough to make me question for a moment.

“Are the sealed mana and holy power still the same?”

“It’s the same, but since he can’t fly yet, it’s like we exchanged it once. You just have to be careful not to come into the attack range.”

“I know. Forget about worrying, Delta. Things that get me into trouble will never happen. I swear by Caicilia’s name.”

Kai Kilia, with her signature confident smile, tapped her chest with her fist. Immediately, her holy sword shone.

Two legs wrapped in tight suit pants spurred red liquid and charged at the world eater. The bright red pupils turned to Caicilia for a moment.

As if he didn’t like the fact that 1 more person was added to the yard that bothered him even with 2 people, he rolled his front leg.

Boom! There was a resounding sound, and the floor cracked like a sheet of thin ice and turned over in all directions. Cracked floors collided with each other and pushed upward, jagged.

Kai Killia hopped lightly across the plowed floor to close her distance. As the Popes in the sky and Caicilia on the ground continued to attack, the World Eater expressed annoyed thoughts.

ㅡ Human…… Annoying…….

The wings spread wide. A huge roar erupted from her mouth.

Cecilia and the Popes, who had no resistance to her thoughts, frowned, then flew backwards with a roar and were swept away by the spreading shockwave. Three bodies rolled across the bloody floor.

I felt chills running down my spine, wondering if I had been momentarily attacked by the dragon’s words, but judging from the faint light wrapping around the bodies of the three, my strength didn’t disappear.

ㅡUseless outrage…… Pointless…… Weak…….

As if the shock wave was not deliberately emitted in my direction, I was the only one standing on my own two feet. As his pupil turned towards me, a thought flowed into his head.

It sounds silly, but it was true. If the Popes and Caicilia’s attacks had been launched in the original world, the first thing they would have to do after the battle was to draw a new map.

Even though he threw dozens of attacks of that power, his scales didn’t get a single scratch. The exchange rate was a mess.

“Well, I can’t deny it.”

I calmly opened my mouth and answered my thoughts. Meanwhile, Cayquilia and her papal sister rose to their feet.

Whether the rest stood up or not, the World Eater’s attention was completely focused on me. It seemed that he did not even pay attention to the three who had been attacking him for almost ten minutes.

Just like how I thoroughly ignored Eclipse the first time I fought. It was for the purpose of killing me first and mocking Eclipse with my corpse, though for a slightly different reason.

‘Yes. Keep thinking like that.’

Because it will be too late to find out the truth.

“Would you like to see if I can say that my attacks are useless?”

Aimed at immortality. He seemed to have doubts for a moment at the appearance of the sword, which was completely different from the pitch-black sword he had been holding until just now, with rust and gnashing teeth.

The question only lasted for a moment. Feeling a familiar aura from the old, rusty sword, the World Eater twisted the law with his dragon words. The spirit of repose cut off the fake that appeared next to him and disappeared.

As if Kai Kilia had correctly conveyed my words, a golden and silver carpet was spread in front of her feet. I stepped on the floor and leaped upward. As the rising speed slowly slowed down, a new platform appeared.

I stepped on the floor and flew right in front of the world eater, and used requiem again. To make the World Eater focus only on me.


With a loud roar, the requiem’s trajectory was distorted. I stepped on the floor of divine power drawn in the air and turned to the side to escape. The foreleg, which was swung a step too late, crushed the mass of holy power.

His attention was focused exclusively on me. The Popes who made the floor, or Caicilia, who was looking for an opportunity, did not seem to be interested at all.

First of all, it was a success.

‘It is burdensome to drag for a long time. It has to be finished in the shortest possible time.’

You have to seize the opportunity while he is still focusing on dodging. There was nothing good about dragging it out for long.

“Not yet!”

I turned my body halfway in mid-air and kicked out the halo of light that had formed on my head. The body that was falling down accelerated.

A huge claw brushed past the spot where I was just now. After landing on the floor, he wielded immortality.

It was the same result this time. After cutting the essence created by the World Eater, the requiem vanished in vain. Confirming the fact, I called out to the popes.

“Floretta! Luna!”

Soon, the sun and moon covered the eyes of the World Eater. It was a divine power that would disappear if he lightly shook his head, but that was enough.

I used the requiem while he was breathing his breath. The requiem passed by, cutting the fake very close. If the reaction had been a little slower, the fight could have ended with the one I just had.

Perhaps he noticed that fact, thoughts filled with displeasure flowed into his head.

ㅡAre you doing some tricks…….

“What did the guy who almost died because of that trick say? The next attack will hit, so you can look forward to it.”

I said that on purpose. It was to make the coordinated attack I just made feel like my goal.

Make the mistaken that the other three are just assistants to help me, and that I am the only one who can kill myself.

Then, that illusion will cover both your eyes and your mind before you know it, making it impossible to see the truth. Not knowing that death stands with a scythe in the mist of illusion.

Unlike until now, when I was looking for the best opportunity to take the opportunity, I showered my soul unsparingly. It’s a little tiring if you use it randomly, but if you can finish it off, it’s a good thing.

So the World Eater naturally had no choice but to focus only on preventing the requiem. It was because all attacks flew in a trajectory that would have accurately cut through the essence if they were not blocked using dragon words.

“Go! Caicilia!”

“I know!”

“Now! Please step back!”

Floretta, Luna, and Caicilia also did their part.

As for Cai Cilia, if I wanted to attack in the middle, she would attack right in and scratch the World Eater’s nerves, and Sister Pope moved Cachilia in all directions around her.

Eater of Worlds also tried to attack the three whenever there was a chance, but the Popes used sword-like teleportation to widen the distance at the slightest sign of an attack.

In a situation where the repose of souls flew incessantly, there was no way to catch up with the three who were determined and distanced themselves with their bodies sealed in flight.

‘I should have done this.’

The opportunity came soon. The Eater of Worlds almost rolled its eyes and tried to kill me, and it was slowly getting harder to dodge its attacks.

Seeing Floretta, Luna, and Caicilia not paying attention, I deliberately took another beat, pretending it was a mistake. Then, as if the World Eater had seized the opportunity, it prepared to attack.


I tossed the nightmare that had lost its wings, which I had previously converted into magical properties, over my head. A blue flash of light flew round and round.

This was the signal I had set. If you convey it verbally, he might notice it.

After confirming the signal, Floretta and Luna instantly shortened the distance with Caicilia through teleportation. The holy sword shone viciously, and the holy relics of the sun and moon were filled with light symbolizing their respective gods.

It was slightly lacking compared to the requiem I used, but it still had enough momentum to meet the concept of cutting the essence.

The World Eater stopped moving. However, at that moment, the three had already used the requiem. The slash drawn along the trajectory quickly approached the body of the World Eater.


A roar erupted from the mouth that had been opened to chew me. A new essence appeared on either side of the creature, and Caicilia and the requiems of the popes ate the fake.

“You did a good job. All of you.”

And then, I was still there. With the help of the popes, I teleported to the chest of the bastard in one breath. The end of this fight was right in front of my eyes.

I raised my strength to the limit, and immortalized it towards its essence.

ㅡ Pooh Woowook!

For all the attacks so far, the old, rusty blade pierced the black and indigo scales so easily. It was a sign that immortality had properly reached its essence.

I slid down. The scales, which could not be scratched even by an attack that would change the terrain, cracked in the path of the blade and vomited black blood inside.

The body of the World Eater slowly hardened as if struck by lightning. After clearly recognizing the sense of being dismembered, I pulled out immortality.

Caecilia accurately caught my body about to fall, and Floretta and Luna, who had retrieved the nightmare that had lost their wings before I knew it, teleported the two of us and retreated far away.

As I was handed a wingless nightmare, I looked at the World Eater. The place where immortality was inserted was very clearly split.

It wasn’t long before he stopped moving.

ㅡ Wriggle!

Should have stopped.

“…… What?”

Without even time to rejoice at the fact that he had been killed, the World Eater, who should have died after being cut in half, began to move again.

I was the one who panicked the most when the situation turned out like this. Obviously, the requiem went in properly, and I even felt the sense that the essence was cut with the tip of the knife. Surely it should have ended with that?

“Watch out, Delta!”

“Delta! Avoid!”

“The space is collapsing!”

As he spread his wings wide and let out a roar, the entire floor collapsed and his body began to fall endlessly.

As the collapsed space was quickly restored, the figures of Floretta, Luna, and Caicilia became infinitely smaller. Soon, the red color disappeared completely, leaving only black.

The fall continued for a long time.

How many times had I fallen like that, my foot touched something. Fortunately, the fall seemed to have been avoided.

It looks like it is stepping on something, but it was hard to judge because it was all black. I tried to stomp her foot as hard as I could, but it was only quiet.

‘Where is this again?’

Looked around. The shock that her requiem hadn’t been properly eaten and the shock that she had fallen into a strange space overlapped and her head couldn’t turn properly.

Everywhere was pitch black. I didn’t know if it was because it was covered in darkness or because the color of this space itself was black. First of all, there was no part of my body buried in darkness.


“…… I’ll be thrilled I thought you killed him.”

Looking at the World Eater that landed a short distance from here, it seemed to be the latter. If this was really dark, there was no way he could be seen.

On the chest of the World Eater, the scars of immortality were clearly visible.

The situation in which a dragon with black scales could be seen clearly in an all-black space was absurd, but the question of how it survived was even more questionable.

—-Did you hide that number…… Human… ….

“You…… How are you alive The requiem was properly eaten. He should have died on the spot.”

“How do you think it was possible?”

The guy opened his mouth.

“How do you think it was possible?

I was about to answer annoyedly, but I realized something was wrong and shut up.

‘That bastard…… Did you say it with your own mouth?’

Why is this guy who has been talking only with his thoughts until now?

ㅡQuad Deuk! Kwadeuk!

Before my question could be resolved, the World Eater’s body began to shrink gradually, making the sound of flesh and bones twisting.

The size of a small mountain shrunk to the size of a normal hill, then to the size of an imperial palace, to the size of a mansion, to the size of an ordinary building, and finally to the size of a human.

I was silently stunned when I saw the world eater shrunk to the size of a human.

“You… ….”

“Do you think I dragged you into such a space for no reason?”

Jet-black hair and jet-black eyes.

“The space itself was a trap for you. There’s no way someone like you could notice the traps warped in space.”

A jet-black uniform with golden decorations.

“Thanks to you, my understanding of your knowledge has come to an end. The goddess brought it from another dimension…… It was very interesting.”

Finally, exactly the same eye level as mine.

“Let’s see…… What did you say about this with your knowledge…… Okay. It was.”

That was me.

“Did you say Phase 2?”

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