A Heroine Who Can Never Be Abandoned
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A Heroine Who Can Never Be Abandoned

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis A Heroine Who Can Never Be Abandoned

“If you make it, take responsibility for it.”

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  1. Shouldn’t have started reading this. The ending is too dark for me. I was hoping for some healing for the fmc but things just kept getting worse and worse. Didn’t like the Mc as well.

  2. Reader_X says:

    I kinda regret reading this…
    I was expecting some wholesome because it’s pure love but I didn’t expect the poison is so strong and my anxiety why reading this skyrocket so high i need to heal my soul/self for a while 🙁

  3. milky violet says:

    Ughhh why can’t it be more wholesome dating things bruh, I’m getting anxiety again goshhhh!!!!

  4. says:


    Finished it. It’s poison (for me at least) it was fine before the update as it was slowly looking like it was getting to a more wholesome ending it did not. Instead it contained inc*st on multiple occasions not even a scene with the actual fmc and it ended pretty tragically for the mc as he is drugged and kidnapped by the fmcs. Just wanted the poor dude to live peaceful but he couldn’t even have that.

  5. Han Sousa Han Sousa says:

    I have nothing to do, so I’m going to start reading this. 💀💀

  6. Lucarik says:

    Read up to ch.42, too much for me so I’m stopping here. Harin threatened to write out the deaths of his only friends in his web novel or she’d kill them, not to mention breaking their relations.
    She also threatens the same with his sister, where she makes him choose between writing out the scene of him brutally murdering his sister or doing it herself in reality. He also takes the bullet here and shouts hurtful things to his sister afterwords to distance himself from her and take not bring her into the sights of what he currently views as a crazy psychopathic killer, he also had a vague thought of killing Harin himself that chapter.
    Not long later he’s led by his Harin into believing she killed his editor and very nearly drives a knife into her if it weren’t for the editor appearing at the last moment. I’m pretty sure he is mostly only hateful and scared of Harin as of the current point I’ve read to.

    I’ve tried to reach the wholesome portion but I’m not sure if it exists at this point and my soul is crying out to read something more lighthearted. If it becomes wholesome please let me know the chapter so that I can skip to there.

  7. Blue Shadow says:

    So from @milky violet comment

    At start is about mc who suffered when hes a child and thank god he grow from that and then write a story about his feeling and all also have different ending with heroine.
    And for the first 20 chapter its kinda like introduction. And then next chappter its became pure yandere, obsession, heroine blackmail our mc, and mc tryng to survive. then became pure love and wholesome

  8. Aww it gets quite wholesome the later you read. Like dang I want to see Harin progress from a porcelain doll to an actual human.

  9. Huh alright perhaps i should just shut up and continue reading, from the way it looks it’s becoming pure and wholesome now

  10. sam says:

    pure yandere love

  11. Forgotten one says:

    Pure love+Yandere & Psychological+thriller??

    Let’s see what the story…

  12. dawg how is this pure love, I am getting anxiety with every interaction with the heroine and light gaslighting and blackmail isn’t helping. She’s insane 😭

  13. huh alright I retract my rating, the obsession gets real a few chapters later.

  14. Synopsis kinda: Hmm okay. So the MC suffers trauma due to being abused as a child, thankfully he gets back up from it and starts to improve himself. However while he was still a teen, he wrote a novel about the heroine of this novel which was basically a self insert to express his anger and trauma and he essentially wrote a story about a psychopath, but he also wrote a alternate story of the same novel where he wrote himself and the heroine falling in love with him because he wanted her to have a good ending. Then he dies at the end because he reveals that she’s not real and she goes berserk (totally a good ending right). Then jump back to today where he’s fixed his life and is ready to begin anew, the heroine of the novel he wrote becomes real and she’s obsessed with him so he has to maneuver around to not get killed by her.

    Review: it’s kinda okay. Personally I can feel the dread whenever the heroine comes into a scene, I can just feel the MCs anxiety and panic because he’s afraid of messing up and dying. However it is pretty long, the first like 20 chapters are just the heroine trying to figure out why there is a novel on the web detailing every single one of her crimes and basically it’s the introduction. Personally, I’d give it a 7/10 because god damn it I want to see the obsession not detective psychopath.

  15. Lku says:

    My bad seems like the friction and reality became one here

  16. Lku says:

    could this be a start of reverse isekied genre?

  17. Wow such explosive tags!
    Any testers? Also plz if u decide to review, then do it atleast after 12-20 chapters so that we can get general storyline ideas.

  18. any swimmers? we need someone to test the waters

  19. Dice of The Sun says:

    Tags: Pure Love and Yandere “here we go again”
    Sees Thriller tag “monkaS”

  20. Lku says:

    let’s goooo???

  21. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

    We’re about to find out

  22. Pure love and obsessive love on the same novel 💀💀💀
    Well go ahead and find out why

  23. Andrei says:

    Thrillers and yenderes 😰

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