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Academy Ankle Reaper

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아카데미 발목 수확자
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Academy Ankle Reaper

I tried all sorts of efforts to grow taller, but everything else went well except for that.

I am still being overlooked for being short.

Everyone will understand once they become my height.

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  1. Since many readers find this harem story is make non-sense for many girls to like our shota MC. And also kind immoral. MC is 24 years old, but physically likes 12 year olds, has a height of 149.6 cm, and has anger issues. I will interview the heroines why do they him?
    River: I like strong men who can protect me and MC has the title of shadow master, one of the strongest humans on the continent right now. Apart from that, he is also my mentor who helps me train to get stronger.
    Me: The reasons make sense, but the plot is still weird to make the MC too strong
    Amy: I likes MC due he always help me when I’m having a hard time and he’s my first friend in academics. He likes to treat me too, you know I’m from a poor family. Besides, maybe I’ll have kids with MC hehehe.
    Me: Makes sense, being nice and rich, but you cheated behind your best friend, River, even though you knew about their relationship
    Amy: Ah, but-but, at that time their relationship was not official, more like sex friends.
    Me: Yes, our Shota MC is an asshole who makes a girl 4 years younger than him, as well as his discipline, as a sex friend
    Lucia: You know I’m almost 190 cm tall, not many guys like tall girls. But I like cute and small things, hehehehe. MC is cute when angry with his short body.
    Me: Directly shotacon, then
    Shaara: What choice do I have, MC kidnapped me, tied me up and beat me then tortured me. He said if I didn’t totally submit to him, the torment wouldn’t stop. Finally I decided to give up and gave my body and mind to the MC, now I can’t live without the MC. I’m okay not being his wife or concubine as long as he doesn’t throw me away
    Me: o_o
    Linda: Etoo, I’m over 30 years old, my parents still haven’t given up and want me to get married. But you know, I’m the master and captain of the Imperial Knights. Not many men want a female partner to be stronger than them and I don’t like weak men either, at least a master like me. I also like a guy who is funny and easy to talk to. Because of that, I like MC. I remember when he was young, he would follow me and listen to my advice during training.
    Me: Slightly immoral, you were the captain as well as his teacher before, kind like gromming
    Linda: What (shouting in anger)
    Nico: He helps fund my research as a sponsor, but I’m afraid that if body growth medicine research fails, he will stop giving me money, so decided to seduce him and make me one of his lovers. It doesn’t matter he is short
    Me: That’s reasonable
    Here: The first time I met MC, I thought he was my father’s illegitimate child, so I considered him a younger brother. I like our interaction as brother and sister, but after knowing he’s just a cousin, I want more relationship thab brother and sister hehehe
    Me: shotacon with incest seasoning
    Casey: MC is my savior and hero. He saved me when I was little and gave me shelter, love, then help strong by trained me. I love MCs so much but MCs always leave on missions and sometimes don’t come back. Other women getting in the way of our relationship annoys me. I want to lock MC in the basement and make him see me forever
    Me: o_O Young 17 year old girl with obsessive and yandere tendencies
    Carmel: emm, personally I don’t like adults and think they are corrupt. But it’s different with children, they are still innocent and not dirty. Even though the MC is an adult but with a child’s body, when he gets angry, he throws tantrums like a little kid. MC and I have also gone through a lot with me as a saintess in the past group party.
    Me: It’s still immoral for a saintess to want to have sex with a child
    Carmel: As saintess, I can’t give my virginity, even though I’m married, so it’s okay
    Me: o_O
    Metios: Why are you interviewing me too? My older brother always sees me as a younger sister who must be protected, never sees me as a woman (sad crying noises)
    Me: Sorry

    1. Gamerotaku444 says:

      Where the hell you got this

  2. Mc is a chad read Ch 65-67 R18

  3. Ayako says:

    Dropped at 60. It was fine but I rather read something else than this tbh. Him being small and having a short fuse is a running gag in the story obviously. He doesn’t back down, and that’s a good thing. I just don’t like how they shaped out the antagonists. It’s more cliche than a shoujo anatagonist.
    That’s all I can give but given that I only read a few chapters, take my suggestions for only it covers as I don’t know what will happen afterwards.

  4. QiQi says:

    Your profile pic tells me the exact opposite

  5. Phantom says:

    This is what they call me on the basketball court 😈

  6. Mc is a Chad. One of the female protagonist is a villain in the original plotline. A spoiled br*t who think her money and power makes her untouchable. So basically the MC kidnapped her and beat her up (literally, he did not even spare her face), unlike other beta protagonist who try to talk to them and somehow save them to reform them. Very Chad.

  7. Ryo says:


  8. Ayako says:

    Fine. I’ll read this just because I’m taking a break reading EX-Rank Supporting Role’s Replay.

  9. My review (to chapter ten)
    All heroines are shotacon, mc height is 150cm (13yo body) his age is 23 yo , i don’t know the age of the heroines but it’s either 17 or 20
    The story isn’t that bad , the mc is mad dog who get angry when called short but the reason i’m dropping this is bc i saw the mc illustration and he look like a little boy , i know it was stated that he was 150cm but i imagined him differently , no whenever i read i imagine the girls blushing at a 12 yo old boy
    Sorry not into shota or loli
    Ps: The og mc didn’t ts , she was born a woman and raised as a woman

  10. ImanDBZ says:

    A short mc alone would make me read this. But with possessed novel character, academy and gender bent og mc. Yeah. Not reading this.

  11. Bocchan says:

    Bro wtf someone summarize the entire novel 💀💀💀

  12. [Poisoned] TiredWanderer says:

    Somehow i want to read this because of the tittle unique and also obsessive tag but i still have other poison to digest…

  13. RealEason says:

    nico nico knee~

  14. jonP says:

    You know i’ve been requesting “Became academy counseling teacher” at discord lol

  15. I hate these fkin novels which change og protagonist gender for no fkin reason

  16. Redom Redom says:

    FELLAS !!
    Did anyone sunk on the ship of small ankles ?
    Bcz noone ain’t giving any reviews ;-;
    Nioooo Have we really lost them, our beloved small fellas!? 😱😢

    I will be praying here 🙏
    Lolita, lolita please give them an inch of ankle so they don’t fall on the abyss of height, lolita, lolita!

    (So is it poison?)

  17. says:

    Also, when I say ‘mid’ I mean the novel not milky summarized story before someone bash at me.

  18. Feng says:

    Tf i actually want to read milky’s story 💀💀💀

  19. KKKHHHU Ê 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳 says:

    I give up. Why is the original MC of the game gender bent for no reason?

  20. says:

    Has wrote too since I got a lot of free time but meh too lazy so maybe wwww.*

  21. says:

    Also gonna try writing what mily violet has wrote maybe wwwww.

  22. says:

    Wtf milky wrote an entire novel story summarised wwwwwww. But anyway the novel to say in the most respectful manner I could muster… ‘Mid’ because I abhor academy after reading dozens of it🗿.

  23. Like the ones where the dommy mommy looking characters become lolis to recover their power?

  24. I became the Academy listener

    he has super good ears and is blind, he’s also a transmigrated person and a fallen noble too so he has a system that gives him better ultimate hearing in return for completing rewards, the ultimate reward is the most ultimate maximum hearing which is just returning to his world not blind, oh yeah he also has a yandere harem that abuse his blindness by just changing their voice each time he rejects them, of course that doesn’t work because hearing or something. So each time they come back as like Clara d’Swforza , Catherine Ivanaberg, Chloe von Spelheim, Charlotte v Engliana, Cecilia ard Studmenson, or some other female name, he actually knows it’s them but he likes pulling a little pranks on them which do nothing for the plot other than make the yanderes more pissed and thirsty and needlessly hard on the readers.

    Oh yeah his main goal is to beat the game, I forgot to tell you the world is a game, and live. The protagonist of the game is now a female too so MC is like “dang I don’t recognize that voice are you an extra?” and then she becomes the hero and the MC goes “wtf bro that’s not the original plot” oh yeah did I also tell you that she becomes a yandere too and she’s actually the most unpredictable of the bunch because of her unusual terrifying ability of being a protagonist???

    Then the end, they beat the DK and then MC finds out the system is connected to the goddess and the goddess chose the hero to be her champion so she also gets a wish- and then blah blah blah MC gets imprisoned by the hero after a brief fight and bad ending. Just kidding his yandere harem saves him and then they also imprison him. Terrible ending. MC now lives a life of imprisonment- nah who am I kidding MC isn’t such a weakling to get imprisoned over and over again, I mean he did beat the demon king so he just goes back home after a few years. IS IT THE END? NOPE!!! Just kidding it is the end, they learn to move on and realize that despite being so madly in love with the MC, it is only a fragment of their lives and they must learn to move on as the MC has his own life to return to and you can not control peoples destiny. By move on I mean destroy the world in an attempt to find him again which they do and you can imagine the torture and punishment they enact on him. I would make a few more revisualizations but I’m pressed on time so this is the best you’re gonna get

    1. Lmao, he kidded so many times. 🤣

    2. Enter says:

      The first paragraph, I almost tore my guts from laughing.

  25. Ryuu says:

    Making tall girl into loli?

  26. Rone says:

    Nah that’s too mediocre, anyone else?

  27. Rone says:

    Academy bass voice lmao

  28. Kirill Popov says:

    Now they have reached the height. Then there will probably be a voice.

  29. says:

    Aight before reading this novel hope the mc is not 5’1 or 5’2 and If it is close then I’ll cry inside and drop the novel immediately fr fr.

  30. says:

    Damn finally after so long this is the novel I can relate to… Height😭😭😭.

  31. sandwitch says:

    not the ankle 💀

  32. lmao wtf, now give me the opposite. Academy ankle giver, just some giant of a man who’s only magic is “height increase”

  33. Ice_Wallow_Come says:

    Poison tester i summon thee!!

  34. tian says:

    a protagonist with a complex that will probably be mentioned constantly? I’ll wait to see what the poison testers say….

  35. 13A0 says:

    Lol, here we go again guys

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