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Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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아카데미의 무기복제자
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Academy’s Weapon Replicator

A game that no one has attacked, Etius.


When all possible attacks have failed,

“A frontier student?”

The extra in the game has become a Frontier!

•Save and duplicate images of objects. However, it is an illusion.

all he has
Only the ability to duplicate objects as virtual images!

[Main Quest: Destiny Shift]
?You know the end of the human race. Save humanity and change fate.

“You want to change your destiny with this?!”

Replicate everything to shape your destiny!

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  1. Well, that was very interesting reading. Not particularly high quality, but it can be compared to very tasty fast food. What is more important, towards the end of the released chapters, a clear feeling of story stagnation is created. The strength of the main character has already grown enough and there is nowhere for him to grow significantly, although he realizes that he can create magic through weaving and his other abilities, he seems intentionally not to use them because now is “not the time to be so strong.” Events happen, characters develop here and there, but there is no clear sense that the story is moving in a specific direction, as it was originally. Something happens, some facts are revealed, and everything goes on, but there is no clear sense of where it is heading. This is annoying. It’s as if it’s unclear what goal should be set before the main character. Kill a god? Not that gods are particularly positioned as enemies. Become the king of demons? Well, he somehow manages that on his own. So what then? It feels like the fast food I ate has become a little stale.

  2. IME says:

    when is the romance come dude? (im still at ch.110)

  3. Shadow says:

    I definitely recommend, it can be a little slow at the start but the characters aren’t flat and have actual development and the mc also changes a lot. Plus not everything goes according to the game.

  4. milky violet says:

    Mhmmm character concept, if I bought novelpia I could tell the god authors this concept and have them make me possess that character but alas 😞😞

    Super Luck !! Character is super lucky and lawfully aligned or good guy!! But he finds that super boring so instead of sweating with equipment like “Sword of Halgodir’s Beheaded” which is a legendary sword and stuff, he plays like Kite from HxH!! And etc etc

    1. I love reading your comments, it makes me understand if I should read it, without understanding anything you said.

  5. Wikka says:

    If someone ask why the story on Agoris Continent is a bit slow pace, remember this.

    There’s no information and no way to get it except to dive in since the crow Gregory is not with him, no clear ally except those MC brought, everyone’s stereo type noble unlike military style on Palind Continent making it hard to even make a win-win connection, the gods and devil can’t be distinguished unless they step out with possession.

  6. milky violet says:

    I’ve just realized that I never had a guidance figure in my life. My family are all alive and well but to say I could confide in them, be close and seek guidance from them… I don’t think those would be applicable… that being said, I think I would fold the moment said figure appeared in my life.

    I would be a mob villain, following the big bad evil guy because of a loyalty long manipulated from the start ☹️
    i just keep reflecting on myself and then I realize oh boy, I’m definitely a mob villain. I have all the character traits that they possess- NOOOO YOU CAN FORCE ME TO POSSESS A MOB VILLAIN YOU DOGWATER GOD AUTHORS!!! I hate those stories where the bad guy becomes good now because someone possessed them. The clock is ticking dude, the god authors are looking at the calendar and being like “milky is not old enough yet to transmigrate hehehe wait till he is a 21 social worker in a bar drinking~” or whatever the standard age to be possessed is.

    I will not follow the predestined path of mob villain is actually super powerful nice tragic, no if I get possessed then I will become worse than the demon king!!! If I just so happen to possess a mob villain character hehe, but if I possess a nameless orphan, I will become a mob villain ☺️☺️

    1. milky violet says:

      Wait why would I be possessed into a mob villain? Aren’t the good guys supposed to be that? They want a mob villain, so… you damn bastards!!!! I will not be an orphan in the slums of the imperial city who will then be picked up by big bad villain who grooms me into a loyal right hand man!! I know I said that in the last sentence of my comment above but I was joking!!! I’m literally going to realize I was manipulated the whole time and then die to redeem myself but then I get a moment where I’m bleeding out while the protagonist holds me in their arm; and then I’ll say “oh man, if only I could really live” or something profound as that.

      This is suspicious, something fishy is going on

    2. As a 21-year-old person, I had quite mixed feelings about this comment. Should I be doing something else instead of reading novellas right now?… Nah, what a bad idea.

      1. Insufferable says:

        Right. 21 and still muddling about. Maybe I should pick out some novels to write a 500 page rant of in hopes of transmigration.

      2. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

        I’m 25 and as lost as ever, I dropped out of college and somehow I can’t get back the “feel” I had before. I was an overachiever, lots of awards, plenty medal and certificate but somehow always overshadowed by my younger siblings (I’m oldest).not even jealous if their attention just pretty lost. Pandemic hit, I dropped and prioritized them schooling first since their better than me. Now I’m just a bum at home eating and doing chores sometimes getting yelled to atleast find a job and finally help the family other times getting yelled by the youngest to just off myself so that he gets the bed(we share a bed cuz both guys) and he’s been saying more barbed words ever since he got a part time job and I’m just still doing just cooking cleaning etc at the house.

        Idk where I’m going, I don’t have any goal in mind I’d just want to be atleast self sufficient and just have my own home to read and play my games peacefully. But to get that I have to face the world, I’ll get there someday somehow but today ain’t it.

        Pretty useless of me huh

        1. Sephir says:

          It seems like my comment is far too big.

        2. Sephir says:

          Well, i’ll send it later since noble it laggy

        3. I was also going to tell my story, but you know what, forget it, it would be too personal, no one would care about it and the climate, which is already bad, would get worse.

          1. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

            I would care, it’s pretty surprising that in the world where we are all “connected” it’s actually quite easier to open up to strangers and have actual meaningful chats with them rather than people who actually know you cuz more likely than not they would be the ones to snub you cuz they “know” you, that you aren’t “like” that, that you don’t think “that way”.

            The one’s closer to you are the ones who drown your voice out and it hurts so much cuz out of everyone they were who you expected would listen.

            It is what it is I guess

  7. Su 183 says:

    Ch. 385
    Definitely worth reading
    Ch. 1 to 100 is just above average
    Nothing bad tho

    Ch.100 to 300 i couldn’t stop reading
    The MC is getting stronger and Stronger

    Smart and ruthless to his enemy when necessary

    No annoying or useless b**lsh*t

    Would be nice if the author added more fights
    It’s so exciting that i keep shouting

  8. Puta madre says:

    Emiya, that ya?

    1. Luis says:

      I am the bone of my sword…

  9. Rader says:

    Good story. But it needs a better summary. In 380 chapters real story moved only a little bit, and it can be said that MC has finished only Starter region with whole World Map and other Dimensions unlocked now.

    MC himself is a gamer and don’t care about most things. He just want to complete the game with perfect clear. He focused a lot on quests. Author used them to add detailed world building and some quest storylines are enjoyable too. But due to this main story, that is why MC got possessed, why gods hate Weaving, and what is ancient language, got delayed to much that only 380-385 chapters you get some new information

    A solid 8.5/10 novel. Can easily go beyond 9 but it’s not 10/10 novel like Omniscient Viewpoint where Hugh creates banger after banger situations and keep it interesting in long run. Main problem here is that it’s slow pacing in terms of MC from Earth. Very little information has been uncovered in regards to Gods and other things. Author included Aura and Magic properly. Showed quest lines properly. Portrayed other side characters properly. But he barely moved the story of MC. MC here is a robot who is just an agent of Author, he is hardworking and willing to do anything to complete the game without any break. Whole world may go to a break but MC will not. Whole world may enjoy all praise but MC will not care. Not caring can be a good thing, but it goes into Extreme when he has no feelings per se. He is cold, doing quests like Machine. He could have taken control over Empire with his demon army or just refused to plan much and use his own family to change royal family. In the situation where no new quest is happening, MC had no choice to leave the continent. He had three options, leave quietly, leave as a hero, and leave as a villain. MC could have left quietly moment he understood that a God and Royal Family was trying to destroy his image and paint hin as villain, but he decided to go as a Villain, just because Empire will be stabilized properly if he could be blamed for every bad thing. He is now sacrificing almost everything for side characters when he had power to break the balance, damn his father even hated Royal Family since beginning of story.

    1. Rader says:

      On a side note, may be I am strange here that I can’t feel any form of Sympathy towards fools who pray to Gods and follow their actions when they are so hostile against the Hero of the whole Empire. It shows that while MC was able to clear the game perfectly with no lose in terms of death of any side characters, he had too much affection for an Empire which wasted no time in removing him even if it was due to the will of a god. Heck, MC told them to do a public banishment for more impact as MC was not concerned much about his image, but these fools of the Royal Family even did that. MC who toiled for 2 years faced thousand of stones thrown to him when he was restrained, his entire body was bloody. It feels like they wanted him to leave more than the Odin himself. It felt really bad and pathetic as a reader to see MC who sacrificed so much, getting all this hate. Even if he didn’t care, why top powers of the Empire and most Side Characters became so shameless to not even tell him to leave quietly if he is in a mess so that they could deal with situation.

      Now I get it. I am more sad to see how incompetent all side characters besides few ones. All heroines just stood there when he was getting hit by hundred of stones, only one heroine didn’t care about her own reputation and ran away with him. There were even some Knights and Top Experts who said that they should kill him instead of banishing him. Worst thing here is that every person in authority follows MC’s plan with no question. It feels like they are some infants who can’t even sh*t on their own with MC being their babysitter. Author showed good Arcs to show their development along with MC, but why most work is done by MC? Original Protagonist is beating some Minotaur while MC beating Sloth, one of the sin who is more powerful than most Gods even if he is mortal world. It feels like their growth is just useless, besides 2 heroines, I have not seen any real character development and this is real sad when so many arcs were made to focus on them specifically.

      1. Redom Redom says:

        Did the Mc run from the empire with the princess ? I got midway on the novel since, It wasn’t being updated but now that it was I thought that I might once again reread it.
        And weren’t there 3 heroines: the princess, mc childhood friend and the pink haired girl villainess (I don’t remember perfectly).

        Though I wouldn’t be surprised if he run away with princess since I remember in one of the arks the princess’s mother saying mc to take care of her daughter bcz she could see a happy Future if they were together.

        1. Rader says:

          That was the worst thing in my opinion. Princess kept saying that she will be with him, nurse him whenever he is hurt, but when he was getting stoned she didn’t even move. Some simps here may say that she was shocked.

          But the Childhood Friend, who never said any of those cheesy lines. Didn’t even say anything to him as a farewell because she was confused, jumped down and protected him. She broke his constraints and flew away with him. Moment he was hit by stones and whole Empire wanted to kill him off she understood that she disliked everything what was happening in her monologue. MC told her to stay in Empire and protect it, MC said same things to other Heroines but only she and Selena refused his orders and went with him.

          It was such a shame and strange thing. Most of the screen time during all those chapters belonged to Princess. His Childhood friend didn’t even belong to same party as she worked alone, they didn’t even have much talk for 2 years compared to all other heroines. But only she said that she will protect him, and when MC said don’t, she jumped and did it anyways. She had clear character development and even got Gods from her side help MC properly. Her actions changed after so many arcs, but Princess still remained the same. Same for most heroines and other prominent side characters.

      2. Miguel O Hara says:

        I mean there are gods in that world and they are all powerful. They send powers to humans below and all humans have their faith in them. Would you trust the all mighty who has been worshipped or revered since long ago or a new hero who has mysterious powers and also hated by all the gods? From our perspective we know everything that has happened with mc and why. But for the empire it is a question of trusting a boy who was declared as devil by the emperor and has mysterious powers which no one has no knowledge of and trusting gods who might turn their anger against the people. I am still at 300 chaps but man you spoiled it for me. Well nvm this was just my two cents on the topic. I think I should check out until 385 before saying anything more.

        1. Rader says:

          Don’t worry all this happened in 1-2 chapters directly. I just spoiled the final result but not the process so you can still enjoy everything which led to it.

          And nah, I don’t understand that part. Royal Family already were dealing with Devils. One of the Zodiac is devil and everyone at the top had suspicion about her. The best Tech company is completely run by Devils. So Devils were part of Empire for a long time.

          Even if King and Royal Family didn’t know about it, thay dared to approve human experimentations and their so called CIA or Anbu even contracted Devil to do even more aggresive testing. They are only concerned about well being of Empire. It just feels bad that even if MC is of sacrificial nature why they didn’t cover for him in better way. When Sloth attacked no god helped them, MC became an Empire hero and saved them. Then God came and they removed him in few weeks, without good resistance. I just don’t like the characters who even after multiple arcs of character development acted as if the arcs didn’t even matter.

          1. Miguel O Hara says:

            ic ic

          2. simplethrone says:

            You’re kinda correct. ish. I mean yeah, but all the characters who are close to him including the emperor themselves had already trusted him so those arcs weren’t wasted. It’s just a few generals and the entire general public who didn’t know the situation is the one that’s making the problem. He can’t very well declare that the gods are their enemies at this stage can’t he? Especially when he still didn’t have any way of actually opposing them.

            As for the heroines, yes, they’re very undeveloped and that childhood friend came outta nowhere. Gues that’s what happens when you’re spending time with 80% plot.

  10. Su 183 says:

    I am the Bone of my Sword, Steel is my Body and Fire is my Blood.

    I have created over a Thousand Blades, Unknown to Death, Nor known to Life.

    Have withstood Pain to create many Weapons
    Yet those Hands will never hold Anything.

    So, as I Pray…
    Unlimited Blade Works

  11. Dagonsuznyx says:

    This is by far the best novel in this site. I just love every character and arc.

    1. Dagonsuznyx says:

      That is until the chapter 290, which is the first half. The rest of the story is awful.

  12. IME says:

    yooo i know that someone has donated and requested an update for this novel.

    i want to say thank you.

  13. LuxX says:

    Hoh, I just checked yesterday and it was updated today. Lucky.

    1. Sephir says:

      feels like i saw this comment somewhere idk where tho

  14. Des says:

    Oh ma gawwd finally. Forgot till what chap I read though. I remember it being a average-good read. Gotta start from zero

  15. Hasuo says:

    Tbf its goated
    Great plot i love the mc interesting things happens

  16. Ag Sen Ag Sen says:

    Still waiting………

  17. Wikka says:

    I hope this novel is updated, pls pls pls pls

  18. Galo A García Q says:


  19. i feel like we need harem tag

  20. PolarBearPunch says:

    Please update this is a great novel also how the shadow of the marquis lives and the academy narrow eyes deserves updates!

  21. Willy says:

    Next min

  22. Willy says:

    Next chap plsss s2 has been come

  23. Hmm it’s a decent novel, but in the later 200s it starts to go down. But that’s cause i want to see more mc beating story plot instead him focusing on other actions and training.

    I mean like 6-7/10? Theres lot of bad and good to say about this. Like sometimes how the plot changes dramatically but then you got how awesome and cool the MCs power is and the way he uses it.

  24. Joseph 117 Joseph 117 says:

    I need new chaperts 10/10

  25. wkwkwk says:

    update uiii

  26. GabeTheG says:

    First 50 chp was fire but after that it a meh for me, it average with alot of frustrating stuff in it, if you don’t got anything to read you can probably enjoy this novel for a while. Mc doesn’t get appreciate enough man, he save the academy so many time but doesn’t even get reward, that is so frustrating.

  27. GabeTheG says:

    Mc legit save the school so many time, the teacher and the student is incompetent and would have hurt or died but they don’t even give a gift or thank him, everything he does for the school and he doesn’t even get a thank or a gift from the teacher, it become too frustrating seeing that.

  28. GabeTheG says:

    Novel become too frustrated, every student in the academy always think of the mc as a sloth no matter what he does, he save the school on multiple occasion but doesn’t get the recognize his achievement on many occasions. I drop the novel after 120+ chp

  29. Esse says:

    Great novel
    But the way mc behaves towards game mc is almost like a simp

  30. Shadow says:

    Can’t find this novel on novelpia so am not able to request on discord.

  31. Shadow says:

    Pls update!!!!

  32. Tx444 says:

    More chapters please!!!!

  33. Zer0 says:

    Update pls🥹🥹

  34. Hanna says:

    Update please

  35. Buyanaa says:

    So this is UBW lite?

  36. Shadow says:

    Oh and plot armour being almost non-existent is a plus.

  37. Shadow says:

    Great novel, definitely recommended it, romance is really subtle so far. And the mc is great and the charecters properly fleshed out and the world building is amazing.

  38. Watcher says:

    raw already chapter 279. please help update sir.

  39. Mongrel says:

    His power is like shiro emiya’s power projection and tracing.
    Basically his archer from fate hahaha
    Gilgamesh: Faker! you mongrel

  40. Andrei says:

    please update

  41. Faker says:

    great novel, recommend it.

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