Avoid Former Co-Workers
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Avoid Former Co-Workers

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Avoid Former Co-Workers

I went back to the time before everything happened.

So you have to avoid your former colleagues.

Because I don’t want to die the same way twice.

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  1. Enter says:

    – I’ll piss on your head. – fmc
    – Yes, especially for this purpose I sat down on my knees so that you would be comfortable. – mc
    – But I pierced your chest with a sword from the back.
    – Yes, I was just trying not to move so that you would be comfortable, because you are so good and kind.
    – but I’m just a dirty piece of s-t who ran away from the battlefield, leaving everyone to die and blamed everything on you and not me.
    – – no, you are my faithful companion, I knew from the very beginning that you would run away and prepared a horse especially for you so that you would quickly leave me to die by escaping. why didn’t you take the horse?

  2. Yui Royal says:

    Read “Beat the boss mob”

  3. Xraider says:

    This is pretty good but it will be incredibily hard to read for those who are unable to empathize with Mc. Others gave a good synopsis so ill just sum up MC after 100 chapters – dude is a saint, carries few grudges, selfless and always working hard for others with no expectation of getting back anything. He also has deep PTSD which makes him try to avoid all bonds, thus the hiding myself stuff.

    All this makes for a very hard read because few things MC does are logical unless you can put yourself in his shoes – guy who gave it all, failed and got stabbed on top by his friends. If you cant, all you want to do is scream and throw your hands in the air and conclude MC is retarded.

  4. rob z rob z says:

    Now 60+ chapters in, and I’m done. Novel adopts the absolute worst BS trope – “I must hide my powers / abilities / contributions” because “reasons”. A novel that had potential and went to sh!t. I won’t call it poison for others, but it’s poison for me.

  5. rob z rob z says:

    OK, 50 chapters in now. There are definite harem elements, no pure love. But MC starts turning into a complete little b!tch. Will give it a little more, but plan to drop if the plot continues in this direction.

  6. tian says:

    the tag regret and harem is missing, spoiler: i have read 69 chapters and i add to what was said in the previous comment, the main group is composed of several women and only one man apart from the mc, the girls in the main group recover some bad memories of the mc’s past life and comes the drama and regret when they realize that the mc was the good one, etc etc, also apart from the girls in the main group there are 2 others who fall in love with the mc… i would say it’s a readable story if you are bored with nothing else to read.

  7. rob z rob z says:

    16 chapters in, no poison so far. MC was both isekaied and is a regressor. Basically fantasy – academy setting, where monsters of some sort roam the world and cause havoc. The monsters are – pushed back by humans who fight in parties, typically of 6 people., where each member has a defined role. In his past life, the MC was in what seems like the top party, but ended up being hated by his fellow party members because he could only generate a magic shield with his unique magic – (basically think legend of shield hero). He is so hated that apparently it is one of his party members that kills him.

    The other key element about the past world is that is looks like the monsters were winning, because the main magic academy had fallen, and the reason for its fall is that the nobles distorted the academy, discriminated against commoners, and diminished the value of one type of party position that in the end turn out to be the most important due to certain reasons (won’t get into that now – again, very Legend of Shield Hero-ish).

    So MC returns to the past back when he was a student at the academy. He has two goals: prevent the academy’s downfall, and avoid his former party members (who of course end up getting involved with him again even though he wants to avoid them). So far, with one exception, everything MC has done seems pretty reasonable. Note there is no hint of romance, so not sure where the “pure love” may come into play.

    Also, contrary to the above comment, this is actually a really decent MTL – one of the better ones on this site.

  8. Feng says:

    Poison is poison . You die if you eat poison.
    Sugar is sugar. You will get diabetes. If you are a single dog, then don’t read.
    Good is good. Not bad.
    Awesome is welll awesome novels don’t exist on this site so … chill.

  9. Luiz Felipe says:

    This novel is terribly boring

  10. Reafan says:

    What you mean by poison?

    Did poison mean you will get addicted, or get killed?

  11. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    This one is poison, source is purposely vague and that doeant work for mtl.

    Yeah I am, I’m on chapter 12. It’s not very good, the translation ended up kind of bad. At times it’s really hard to understand what’s going on, a lot of the stories depth and details are lost so it’s not so enjoyable. As for the story itself, Mc keeps saying how he’s super weak and useless and whatever but he was the general and leader of everyone so wtf >__>

  12. Insufferable says:

    You see a novel, I see a minefield.

    This reeks of traps and poison and we need the courageous poison testers to brave the path and return with valuable intel.

  13. Salty1 says:

    Middle aged hunter stuff the mc was betrayed and stabbed in the back by his former party the regress decide not to get involved with his old party but do absurd stuff so you get the classic keeping it low key while doing absurd stuff for someone like me (weakest class)
    Its not too bad and i dont think there is harem but i only read up to chapter 09 so feel free to give it a try

  14. Hash 2O Hash 2O says:

    Usual korean novel on a pseudo drama of teenagers :
    “oh i regressed but i should avoid my former colleague because they died because of me, i’m so sad because i have so much bad luck everyone arround me die”
    “oh but i am avoiding you, why are you sticking to me? is it because i couldn’t help myself but acting mysterious and all bs?”


    Yeah these tags don’t seem right. Poison testers assemble!

  16. Salty1 says:

    Poison tester report getting ready to dive in

  17. Byul Yi Byul Yi says:

    Hmm. I don’t trust this site’s tags. Gotta hand it over for the poison testers for now

  18. “he’s already a regressor!!!” -🤓☝️

  19. idk buddy have you tried becoming a regressor protagonist?

  20. It is embarrassing that there is no harem. Deceit?

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