Became a Third-Rate Villain in the Hero Academy
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Became a Third-Rate Villain in the Hero Academy

Read full chapter Became a Third-Rate Villain in the Hero Academy, Light Novel Became a Third-Rate Villain in the Hero Academy english, LN Became a Third-Rate Villain in the Hero Academy, Became a Third-Rate Villain in the Hero Academy Online, read Became a Third-Rate Villain in the Hero Academy at Noble Machine translations.
용사 아카데미의 삼류 악역이 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Became a Third-Rate Villain in the Hero Academy

Became a Third-Rate Villain in the Hero Academy Raw mtl

I possessed a third-rate villain who died in every route of his favorite game.
I want to live

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  1. Jobless says:

    Good story in the category of transmigration as a villain. Story is good.
    Overall rating 9/10 for who like growth type MC and also harem is good

  2. Jjoell12 says:

    please update😭

  3. At the beginning of novel, this story is enjoyable to read. MC enters as a minor villain named Theo from the prestigious warrior family. The writer created a misunderstanding situation which made the novel interesting, the MC was initially weak, hopeless and lazy with an inferior complex, but suddenly the MC change to want to become strong. The MC still behaves like ori MC who is quiet with twisted dignity of nobility. MC also doesn’t suddenly become strong; MC is still weak compared to the original protagonist and some other characters, but MC works hard and trains to be strong. The character writing is quite interesting. Nectar, the Orc, is bro to MC. MC’s fiancé, Irene Aslan, is shy and pure girl. At first, she gave up because of the MC’s negative attitude but fell in love again after the MC changed. Aisha, his cousin, who has a bad plot to replace MC as the future head of the family, misunderstands MC’s new behavior, then has a close relationship with MC. Piel, the protagonist’s original rival, misunderstood MC and mistook him for being a devil follower, and did many of weird things, leading to the misunderstanding that MC was having an affair with Piel. Of course, there was a lot of criticism of the writing; the MC was considered dense and didn’t care about his fiancé when he had accepted Irena’s feelings. She doesn’t chase away other Heroines like Siena (elf stalker) and keeps quiet when Shiena badmouths her fiancé. Because of his passivity, the other heroines also openly approach the MC, while he never responds to the other heroines’ feelings. The story becomes boring until the end of the chapter; many characters now praise the MC. The tension of the story no longer appears; the story becomes a slice of life.

  4. This novel is so toxic that I suffer mentally as I read it. Although I tried to read it 2 times, I could not even reach the 3rd chapter. I’m going to keep trying, though just this time I’m going to put my brain aside as I read.

  5. Several months long confusion says:

    Me too, I cannot remember a single thing. Entered in a random chapter to try to see if I suddenly remember the general story, but it didn’t work. Marie? Natasha? Who the heck are these people?

  6. Archmage says:

    Guys it finally updated but I forgot about it seems like I need to dive again
    Btw I can tell from exp that this is good

  7. Idk buddy, there are so many more novels that have the protagonist restricted by traits or something that predate The Villain Wants to Live.

    One for example is “My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending” and that’s one of the actually decent Japanese novels out there. Of course it has some problems here and there but compared to the current Japanese novels, it’s like gold.

    Anyways yeah there is probably more out there that predate TVWTL, so I think it’s a bit ignorant to say that the sole reason for this specific plot to happen is because of that novel.

  8. mr joster mr joster says:

    This novel got an update? This must been a dream. I forgot all character and the story but gonna read this again

  9. Extra Extra says:

    Good news!

    For reference, the author put this novel on hiatus in Feb 2022, stopping at chapter 154.

    After over a year of inactivity, the author took the novel out of hiatus this month (May 2023) and has been uploading chapters again.

  10. pink hair slayer says:

    done 154. i need more

  11. Doble 7 says:

    Cuando actualizan se quedan en el capítulo 154

  12. Extra says:

    Unfortunately, this novel has been on hiatus for over a year now. I doubt the author is coming back.

    So don’t count on an update any time soon, if ever. 😞

  13. CyclusTron says:

    Update plase

  14. Fernand2 says:

    thanks for novel, update please

  15. Nitro says:

    ¿carisma? No lo necesita, es tiranía o muerte

  16. Great read for time pass, the next update will have r18 scene hopefully. Mc is okay okay overall 7.5-8/10

  17. D F D F says:

    Thanks for villain wants to live, now there is many novel that forced to become perfect due to a trait and make stupid misunderstanding left to right because of that forced actions. Once or twice is still fun read but it become boring fast, especially when MC Always act like military general when he lead his group.
    lol thats not how you write charismatic protag.

  18. Reina Vena Reina Vena says:

    Seems like the novel is on hiatus.

  19. ACYNED says:

    Oh wow, this was all released in a batch? I’m on Ch 142, nearly up to date. Can’t wait for the next section.

  20. Ozaki Ozaki says:

    Alright, jokes aside, this is actually pretty fine. The cast is big and feels alive and MC is competent, to say the least. Fun read, especially if you just wanna turn your brain off and read casually. Well, idk bout the later chapters (reading as of ch 36). I’m just thankful the romance doesn’t take on a “thirsty for the MC” form after a quick hanging bridge effect or smthng.

  21. Dark says:

    I hope you mtl iam not a regressor

  22. Kiddo says:

    You’re SICK

  23. Ozaki Ozaki says:

    Cover looks like a yandere, obsession tag is present, as well as harem and regret. Oh boy oh boy! Time to dive on another rabbit hole Wahahahaha

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