Breaking Up With the Number 1 S-Class
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Breaking Up With the Number 1 S-Class

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S급 1위와 헤어집니다
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Breaking Up With the Number 1 S-Class

The story after the breakup,

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  1. Sava says:

    please can anyone who has read this novel tell if the protagonist will have a harem at the end?

  2. Backbonez says:

    Mc is dumped by S class gf. She eventually crawls back to him after she realized she needed him but only after he’s made every strong woman awakened his harem member and tasting his Excalibur with his newfound heroic growth and strength. Harem ending.

    1. Sakusei says:

      I feel like I read the Manhwa of this before lol, is this a superhero/superpower novel? If so then I’m most likely right

  3. Gustavo says:

    mmm… I came directly to the last chapter because it says it’s finished (100)… but it’s not, so why is it like finished?

    mmm… me vine directamente al ultimo capitulo porque dice que esta finalizado (100)… pero no lo esta, asi que porque esta como finalizado?

  4. Imaxzino says:

    Basically this whole novel is virgin Authour’s wet dream. Segs scenes are really what you expect from a story that was told by virgin in front of his friends to boast. The females here are really plain, unlikable and have the mentality “omg he’s so strong, I want his seed” or “oh he defeated me and he owns me now and he can do all sadistic shlt to the pet I am now”. There are also quite a bit of illogical things here and there, but I won’t go into details. All in all just a novel to waste your time if you have nothing better to read or do

  5. matachi says:

    should add drama in the tag.

  6. Phantom says:

    After finishing this, it’s kinda funny that the good or decent heroines get the worst treatment. One is literally forgotten until the end of the story but another one pretty much got the short end of the stick due to a misunderstanding.

  7. Phantom says:

    The female characters are like all unlikeable in my opinion. Also adding on to what the review on top said. MC was almost killed because a female character thought he was suspicious. If the MC had died he would’ve pretty much left his little sister to survive on her own after saving that female characters brother. But yeah he just goes it’s ok! I didn’t really suffer in anyway! Really irritating read I hate all the female characters. Sorry for my rant.

  8. Yandere obsession regret novel, gonna read it cuz it says completed in status haha~

  9. Zorro says:

    Finally another regret. Keep it coming

  10. Nyx says:

    So, review:
    It’ okay. Though there are some frustrating things about this novel. I one instance mc almost gets killed because of misunderstanding and another time his sister is kidnapped by a religious fanatic but he still fkin forgives her, overall, except some frustrating events Mc is cool headed and rational and it seems that world is out to fuck him with how many enemies he has.
    P.S: I really like the Mc but hate other side characters

  11. 3 chapters in and he already OP

  12. Mamito0924 says:

    Veageance!! Karma!!! Regret!!

  13. xeno says:

    There’s no chapter . Noble

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