Going Into the Game With an Instant Death Skill
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Going Into the Game With an Instant Death Skill

Read full chapter Going Into the Game With an Instant Death Skill, Light Novel Going Into the Game With an Instant Death Skill english, LN Going Into the Game With an Instant Death Skill, Going Into the Game With an Instant Death Skill Online, read Going Into the Game With an Instant Death Skill at Noble Machine translations.
Going Into the Game With an Instant Death Skill,I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Going Into the Game With an Instant Death Skill

I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill/Going Into the Game With an Instant Death Skill mtl
Suddenly entered in a game world with an instant death skill.
Somehow, I became a huge figure in the game.

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  1. Mila says:

    I’ve been reading it for a long time (up to chp 188).
    I can say it’s one of the best in my opinion, at least until the academy arc.
    After entering the academy arc the story became very rushed, many characters were thrown away, even after the MC was told that the MC was very good with magic, the mc didn’t learn it until right before enrolling into the academy, and the most disturbing of course was in the battle against the archdemons (last arc), the MC only used his mysteries, making the magic and swordsmanship he learned meaningless. Yea, I know that the author is having health problems so the story is rushed, here I only comment as a reader who is a little dissatisfied with the development, and for the ending I think if it continues at least until we see what happens after they win against the demon king, and whether the MC who has received the power from The First Ron will return to his home world or not, if the ending is told that I will be a little satisfied.

  2. Peco says:

    A fun premise for a gag novel but COMPLETELY grinds to a hault around chapter 80.

    Author really doesn’t do much to give the characters motivation or cool moments. The world is grimdark in an unfun way, it’s not dark and edgy but tragic and brutal. World building also doesn’t make much sense and most arcs fizzle out very hard.

    Honestly a solid 5/10 is probably the best this novel deserves.

  3. Coypeight says:

    I’m alone to know this novel IS a copyright -> going into the game with an instant death skill
    But juste instant death skill changed to defense

  4. In “Going into the Game with an instant Death Skill”, other websites already caught up with the current chapters.

  5. esmochi says:

    Update pleaseee 😭😭

  6. Please update, I love this novel!

  7. zer0 says:

    Update More please

  8. TheDoor says:

    Where’s The Update!!

  9. TheDoor says:


  10. TheDoor says:

    New update pleaseee, this novel to good to be hiatus

  11. Idk says:

    please update as there are only 38 chapters left towards the end

  12. Noble Lady Noble Lady says:

    Starts off like count of the trash family were he collect mysterious powers and his instant death skill plus king soul

    fights are decent however becomes pretty blant later on especially mc fights with instant death is just repeated shocking and making his teamates cum with his mysterious powers

    has a world building but not really quite went into it detailedly (every monarch kingdom)

    kingdom building seems to be abandoned rather he acts as a monarch but goes on adventure with his escort

    Characters are not too bad not too good maybe some side characters are lacking a bit of reaction when he does certain things aside from using his instant death situation

    Good start decent plot but falls off at the academy arc

  13. Rader says:

    Starts good, but then at mid we get 2 fillet arcs, Hero Arc and the Academy Arc. And if it gets finished at only 189 then I guess Author decided to not write fillers and end it fast. Maybe he was tired or had no inspiration. But this is a novel with good start but bad middle and maybe a disappointing end.

  14. _ Izanami9 _ Izanami9 says:

    Update man! It’s already finished at 189!?

  15. TheDoor says:

    It’s amazing, the story portion is a bit different the further we go but seeing the basis of the story building is amazing. So please update!!!

  16. END says:

    ah what’s the mc’s name ha?

  17. Singsiam says:

    Ask for updates on the discord

  18. _ Izanami9 _ Izanami9 says:

    Oh gosh update onegaaaaaaaii!

  19. Fool9 says:

    Update plz

  20. Shivam says:

    Update plz

  21. PilgRim says:

    Up please

  22. PilgRim says:

    Upp please

  23. _ Izanami9 _ Izanami9 says:

    Oh gosh at least upload to chap153 someone told me that mc got a new power in this chapter.
    Update pleeeeaase??!?

  24. Oicazzo says:

    This is good I like it

  25. Drunken Immortal says:

    Please update 😭😭😭

  26. Baalgares says:

    Amazing, I love the op mc. The story is good. 👍

  27. Gordo says:

    Good so far, a mc aware of his capabilities who doesn’t underestimate himself, a hard working female leader who has a certain amount of personality, and the plotline regarding the new hero is alright, i just wish the mc actually worked more, he seens to be quite talented on swordmanship, so if he grinded and actually ended up taught by ashel, with his actual death hability, it could cover his weakness.

    The academy arc is pretty bad imo tho, very predictable, so beware.

  28. Sidekick says:

    New chapters please 🥺🥺

  29. Drunken Immortal says:

    When will New chapters come ?

  30. Ozaki Ozaki says:

    Aight this is actually pretty good. Like, lmao, if you’ve read “The Beginning After The End Vol 8,” this is basically that until the first 50 chapters. Characters are cool, mc is op but not omni despite his ability. Only problem would probably be uhhh hard to say actually since this is pretty solid. Good enough to serve as a break from the romance genre.

  31. ieatpotato says:

    Can i req for mtl sword pilgrim

    It have a potential

  32. rya ann rya ann says:

    Good novel, just like “trash of count family”

  33. notnot says:

    up, please mtl 🙂

  34. Can you post the MTL novel of:
    – Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World (이세계 불법체류 사이비)
    – City of Witches (마녀의 도시)

  35. Mymynnn says:

    Is there a romance?

  36. Extra5 says:

    mtl sword pilgrim please!

  37. koumo says:

    Can you post mtl novel please,How To Ruin A Love Comedy (러브 코미디를 망가뜨리는 법)

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