How a Genius in the Kingdom of Magic Lives
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How a Genius in the Kingdom of Magic Lives

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마도왕국 천재가 살아가는 법
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis How a Genius in the Kingdom of Magic Lives

“I tried!!”

Understanding 10. Mana 10.
As a result of rolling the dice, he has the best talent as a wizard character.

His non-magical abilities were the worst, but what the heck.

Anyway, I plan to quickly develop this character into a great wizard and have fun.

With that thought in mind, I pressed the game start, and I, who had lost my mind, opened my eyes in the game.

In the body of the prince of the Kingdom of Darkness, with the greatest talent in history.

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  1. Ninja says:

    Any romance?

  2. good novel 8/10
    It was a good novel really enjoyed it until the last arc. just to clear up the last arc wasn’t bad it was just extremely rushed and therefore came the the rushed ending.

  3. SenatorArmstrong says:

    8.5/10 without rushed ending
    7/10 with rushed ending

    A great novel that was heavily rushed. The author moved the pace of the story at 5x speed around c150. No joke, MC goes from 5th Circle to Transcendant within two arcs (50 chapters). Despite how difficult it was for the MC to go from 3rd to 5th circle (it took him 100 or so chapters).

    All previously built relationships and organizations were made insignificant since they barely saw any use cause of the fact that author made Leo speedrun towards max level. Countess Emerly, Logan, Celise, etc who the MC had monologued will play a huge part in the future only played few vital parts in a few arcs.

    Remember the severe penalties that he had? It all got solved with one elixir in the last arc.

    No romance whatsoever.

    Novel had HUGE potential, but I guess the author wanted to tie things up and finish it immediately. Loved it till the last arc which was just lame.

  4. Zero says:

    I liked the novel until chapter 160. The last arc is boring anda ver bad, it’s a shame because i love It and it was becoming one of my favorites :(.

  5. reaper says:

    Ive have finished reading this novel and can only say that it gets extremely boring after chapter 40 for me, the protagonist is supposed to be transmigrated to a game world he has spent some 4000-5000 hrs playing yet the only useful items he ever gets in this series are one or two stupid elixirs which seemed more or less useless for me and some archmage level treasure which was supposed to help with enlightenment? OH BUT ISNT THE MC SUPPOSE TO HAVE GOD-LEVEL 10 TALENT? THEN WHY DOES HE NEED TO LOOK FOR STUPID ITEMS TO GAIN ENLIGHTENMENT AND LEVEL UP? AT THAT TALENT LEVEL HIS FART SHOULD BE ABLE TO GIVE OTHERS ENLIGHTENMENT.

    That’s all this story is about, play with useless siblings for some time then get stuck at a level then go out and beat some random ass btch gain enlightenment in the middle of the fight level up, play with useless sister again get stuck at level go out and beat villain to gain enlightenment and blah blah blah it’s boring.

  6. Shiro Shiro says:

    In itself it’s normal if he is one of the strongest characters, given his constitution and his curse which will kill him at 20 (except if he becomes stronger x) and I think it will take another 100-200 chapters before the end of the novel considering what happens there! And I guess for romance either it happens in the end (or it doesn’t happen at all x)

  7. Rader says:

    MC has super duper plot armor. He is 14 but is among the top 10 most powerful being in the planet. I can expect the story to end in another 50 chapters max because now even the truth behind his possession is being explained.

    Overall, a good novel. No romance, no power of friendship, just a MC who is using all kinds of traits he got from the character he possessed. But on a side note the people who transferred him seemed to have killed the original soul, sad.

  8. Missiperfectlive24 says:

    The plot armor is thicc. \( ̄▽ ̄;)/

  9. Aether says:

    Well he will die if he became 20 y/o, so makes sense that he hasn’t reached adulthood yet.

  10. Norkos 10 Norkos 10 says:

    I have few slave let me send them to test the water 😎😎😎

  11. Blue Shadow says:

    Really hasn’t reached adult after 200 chapters?

  12. Black blood_24 says:

    I’ve finished it about 200 chapters and he hasn’t become an adult yet. No romance, no romantic interests

  13. Good Luck fearless soldier, I would give you a Heavenly Nirvana realm pill but my child of destiny(protagonist) took it.

  14. Rifat Khan Rifat Khan says:

    This is a good old fashioned, protag OP from the start novel. No harem, romance, misunderstandings, or all that good stuff. OK novel, but it’s as plain as it can get.

  15. _ Izanami9 _ Izanami9 says:

    Is it OP from the start kind of novel?

  16. Ur sacrifice will not be forgotten 🤴

  17. nnn says:

    your sacrifice will not be forgotten
    F to my boy

  18. My Mynnn My Mynnn says:

    Wish me luck guys. With the current Nascent Soul cultivation of mine, I will conquer this novel.

  19. Shivam says:

    Any brave soul out there?

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