How To Survive as a Crazy Prince
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How To Survive as a Crazy Prince

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망나니 황태자로 살아남는 법
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis How To Survive as a Crazy Prince

“Prince Mikhail is the other main character of the work.
Perhaps he was even more tormented than the main character, Eugene.”
– Episode 276 of The Iron-Blooded Revolutionary, in the author’s words.

The Iron Blood Revolution is a novel about revolution in a corrupt empire.
I was possessed by Mikhail, the son of the emperor in the novel?!

“I won’t repeat the tragedy of the original, so I’ll rewrite the ending of the novel.”

At the end of the revolution, Mikhail loses everything he holds dear and dies.
And, as an avid reader, I know what will happen next.
Will I be able to change my fate and get a happy ending?

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  1. Michael, MC and possesor, he is the crown prince. Unlike the title, he only pretends to be a mad prince that craves power in order to avoid becoming a victim of the revolution and get close to his tyrannical and conqueror father. So the concept of the story is almost similar to the novel “Tearmoon Empire”, but the MC is male. Similar to other novels, the MC has a loyal female maid who may become his love interest later, but the story does not focus on romance. MC made MC’s original teacher become his teacher. Ori MC also became friend with MC. The story is flat, not too much interesting drama and predictable. When I read the title of the novel, I expected it to be as interesting as “0.01 second sword master,” but it wasn’t. The characterisation of the MC is not funny, as it was with the MC from the novel “Tearmoon empire” as well. I’ve just stopped at chapter 40.

  2. Rimo says:

    Not bad but not good either. I feel like there are too many loopholes, not to mention the fact that guns are too op and make the whole magic and swordsmanship thing useless. The writing isn’t bad but I can’t help but feel the mc and other characters are overused, 1 dimensional and not at all interesting.

  3. Zero says:

    @Poisoned TiredWanderer No idea, The poison testers has not returned ☠️

  4. Ali 99 says:

    No, you will not be able to change fate and end badly 🗿🗿

  5. Kirill Popov says:

    Ну, к русским именам не привыкать. 👌

  6. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    Is there romance in this or nah?

  7. I will try to read this

  8. Zero says:

    I need the opinion of poison testers 😮

  9. Weirdo says:

    Romance? Harem?? Our dear, lovely, cute, brave and heroic poison testers, where are you??

  10. i mean they could’ve just killed the current emperor and the thousands of corrupt nobles/bureaucrats and then placed him as emperor, it’s not like that will have a destabilizing effect and if that’s going to happen then you might as well just start a revolution hahaha!!!

    I feel for the prince, bro was literally doomed.

  11. Hash2O says:

    Ah finally some novel that don’t stink the usual korean teens drama

  12. zedtype says:

    How to survive poisonous novel in mtl site.

    Did you know that venom is edible.

  13. Q D Q D says:

    How to survive as a Noble’s reader lol

  14. Priam says:


  15. says:

    No yandere or regret 😔

  16. says:

    Damm, Im First!!

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