How to Survive at the Academy
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How to Survive at the Academy

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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis How to Survive at the Academy

How to Survive at the Academy mtl

I ended up transmigrating as a third-rate extra in a game I enjoy, but the worst part is that this character has already fallen and been disowned.
I don’t have any goals. I just want to graduate, but the world won’t let me.

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  1. ABFD ABFD says:

    I’ve finished reading the main story, the ending was quite unpleasant because there was a time skip. Yeah, but that makes sense because if it’s not like that, maybe the author had to think harder about the ending. And the score is 9/10.

    My favorite characters in this novel are Saleha and Lucy. I like Lucy because she really thinks about MC, but her introduction to MC feels a bit forced. For Saleha, of course I like characters like him who when he falls in love becomes possessive but not like a yandere.

  2. Suherman Joshua says:

    I just know that this novel already has a manhwa adaptation. Upon read the mahnwa, I realized I had forgotten the storyline. So here, I check again. Honestly, when I read the novel, I perceived the MC as a cool and rough guy. However, in the manhwa, he comes across as an idiot, self-centered, and rough. I still feel he is a blatant self-insert character, especially when the most popular and beautiful girls in school show interest in him, stalk him, and fall in love with him, followed by the richest girl and a genius magician girl. I feel like author just force them to fall in love with MC.

    1. Puta madre says:

      Its manhwa adaptation is poor tho

  3. Lowpolyfire says:

    This translation has to be purely machine-translated, its so genuinely bad. going from the high quality translation on another site to this one is some serious whiplash, there is no way that whoever did this actually speaks english.

    1. Rhino Kick Rhino Kick says:

      Buddy, everything on this website is machine translated. The website is called nobleMTL

    2. Ninja says:

      Im gonna touch you

  4. AT AT AT AT says:

    Coming back to add my rating for the story, I give it a very solid 9/10. Really good character development and a rare power fantasy isekai style story where the MC’s romance with different girls actually feels “earned” and the romantic development actually feels natural and makes sense. While it’s technically a harem story, it really doesn’t feel like one, which in a sense is some of the highest praise I can give a story of this nature. Excellent plot structure and story pacing as well, everything ties back together in the end.

    My favorite on the site within the “academy isekai” category, and as of now my favorite overall as well. Side stories have been really good so far too, pity they release so slowly. Has some very tasteful development for the romance that wasn’t covered in the main story.

  5. Yennekar is bes girl and this iz my fav novel. He is not too edgy and all chara are not annoying. I now tyle like mtltoo ehheheheh

  6. Shadow says:

    Till chapter 250 it’s the main story
    And from 250 onwards its the extra story
    You should pls update the extra story when you can noble.

  7. [Completed on site]

    [Need to read the continuation from the Epub]

  8. AT AT AT AT says:

    Very well-written story, worth the read. As another commenter says, the MTL is actually pretty readable, although I recommend first searching out the translated chapters (I think something like the first 30 or 40 have been translated, you just have to dig a little for them) so you can have a general understanding of what’s going on with a good translation and by then even if you switch to only MTL everything should make sense.

  9. Bald Man Bald Man says:

    Bro can’t believe that the translation was forced to stop by webtoon licensing the novel.

  10. lmao996 says:

    is it trully over?

  11. K 🇻🇳 says:

    Great novel, the MTL quality is very readable. Thanks for the chapters

  12. This novel already ended with 260 chapters. Good novel

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