I Became A Flashing Genius At The Magic Academy
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I Became A Flashing Genius At The Magic Academy

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FGMA, 마법학교 앞점멸 천재가 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Became A Flashing Genius At The Magic Academy

I Became A Flashing Genius At The Magic Academy mtl

Ps: Ocr so expect your brain to fry

Baek Yu-Seol, a difficult character with the worst performance, was the worst character in “Aether World” history because he couldn’t use magic in a world where everyone did.
[As a result of the incorrect ending, 90% of Aether World has been destroyed.]
[Please proceed to the ‘True Ending.’]
“How did I get this character?”

[You can use the ‘Blink’ skill.]
Blink was the only magic skill I was given.
Surviving in Stella Academy, where many brilliant wizards prowl, I became the Flash Wizard.

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  1. Lalala says:

    Yes the last chapter leave a void in my heart that i want to comment here. Hopefully there will be side stories

  2. LuxX says:

    Damn, I wanted to run to the author’s house and shake him after watching the last chapter! Where the hell are the side stories!? Why is the ending both interesting and unpleasant!? Does the author hate getting married that much? I just want a beautiful ending, not an open ending!

  3. LuxX says:

    You can go to Fortuneeternal to read the raw novel, which ended with chapter 552.

  4. Zhen Wu says:

    It’s been 5 months, there are only 100 chapters left, when will they come out?

  5. Munu says:

    I think the reason that makes sense is that the original Baek Yu Seol was tired of regressing and trying to save the world because he felt he would always fail. us and yes as predicted the world the only one who has a chance to defeat the black dragon is baek yu seol and mc we prove it and finally he inhabits the body of baek yu seol in this world and the soul of the real baek yu seol also met mc when mc was almost death and the memory of the death of the original Baek Yu Seol became a protection system for anyone who wants to see mc’s memories especially mc’s memories of earth

  6. Munu says:

    Maybe someone asks if the world does a time reset and at the same time looks for saviors from other worlds like our mc and full-frame won’t the world still run? Yeah I guess the world at that time did a time stop or pause in time.
    And maybe someone is asking if the timeline of the game is the timeline right at the time when Baek Yu Seol who lost against the Black Dragon regressed then where did Baek Yu Seol go when we chose another character? It’s possible that he died because he failed to flash or died because he was rushing against an enemy who secretly or even he was tired and finally stopped himself because he felt useless against the black dragon and most likely his regression ability was revoked when he was no longer a savior or even he himself would become a black dragon if the player didn’t choose baek yu seol at that game

  7. Munu says:

    That’s the real Baek Yu Seol.

  8. Munu says:

    And whoever completes it will be summoned to this world and will inhabit the body of the character they are playing, but the drawback is that the more alternative worlds are destroyed the more the main world is needed to get a savior because they cannot do time reset/time stop to delay summoning heroes , this is why the world couldn’t wait for our mc to find out who the black dragon is, and where the full-frame is at the end of the story. In short, the chosen one is our MC and he is put on Baek Yu Seol’s body which is also filled by Baek Yu Seol who lost against the black dragon

  9. Munu says:

    This is actually not the third save point because before baek yu seol did a lot of iterations but let’s assume this is the third save point where this save point is right after the death of the original baek yu seol, this time the world started to give up and ended up creating millions of alternate worlds and some this world is accessible to earthlings it is to choose their next savior, earthlings use alternative worlds as games and can choose characters that have the potential to save the world including baek, mayu, and full-frame

  10. Munu says:

    To overcome this, the world has only one conclusion, namely to do a time reset once again and choose a new savior, this time the savior must be someone who is not a magician but strong enough to fight the black dragon.
    Maybe some of you will think that this is Baek Yu-seol who will be chosen, right? Yes that’s right but this is not our mc but the real baek yu-seol this time baek yu-seol was chosen to be the savior and the world this time only gave regressor abilities to baek yu-seol ie if he dies he will return to the second save point and thing this is what made him succeed in mastering flash magic after many deaths, in short he failed against the black dragon because he was not strong enough and the world again did a time reset

  11. Munu says:

    But unfortunately full-frame also failed to save this world because of its nature that only wants to watch from the side and as a result the world is not only destroyed by black demons but also by a very strong black dragon,
    (Ah I forgot to mention that the full-frame came together during the time reset after the mayuseong failure and it ended up being the second save point)
    The black dragon is very strong maybe he is as strong as the first mage or even stronger than the first mage but the biggest problem is black dragon has 99% immunity against magic attacks, in a world where there are only mages

    1. Bustos05 says:

      Black dragon is full frame

  12. Munu says:

    The information was given in the form of a novel, it didn’t stop there, the world judged that the failure of the previous savior alias mayuseong was largely due to his lack of talent, even though full frame has greater talent than mayuseong, the world judged that it was not enough, so the world gave full affinity to all attributes. -frame (but I’m pretty sure 80-90� that in every dimension full-frame doesn’t learn the time attribute because it’s very rare neither the user nor the magic itself) ,not only that full-frame is given a body that has angelic bloodline and again doesn’t stop there full-frame can speak and is directly supported by constellations disguised as angels

  13. Munu says:

    After the failure of mayuseong, even though he became a regressor, the world started looking for someone who has talent beyond mayuseong, but that is impossible in this world because mayuseong is the most talented person in the world, as a result, the world is looking for the best talent from another world, namely earth and the chosen one is full-frame, full- frame not only has the best talent but he is also given important information of the problems he will face

  14. Munu says:

    After the world experienced a reset, Mayuseong really became a regressor but he failed to save the world. As for the possible reasons, 1.he was not strong enough, 2.lack of preparation. But the obvious reason is that he left the world because he wanted to be alone with his lover, this happened because as time moon said if he saved the world he would disappear and in the end he chose not to save the world, as a result the world did a time reset once again at the time when mayuseong be the first regressor(first save point)

  15. Munu says:

    Oh guys I have a theory about this world’s timeline (please remember the rule that 1.every time the world does a time reset it will be a save point, 2.I’m pretty sure that if the constellation project is destroyed the harder it is for the world to time reset)

    The first time line is where the world is facing destruction by the black demon, and here mayuseong (sorry if the spelling is wrong) asks time moon to make him a regressor and time moon grants it on the condition that if the world survives he will disappear (I forgot it was his memory or really himself )

    Second timeline

  16. Munu says:

    That sounds reasonable right? 😁😁😁 , and thank you for continuing to read my strange comment, also I apologize for making a long theory even though this story is over, but I can’t stand it bro the update is taking so long so I share my theory with you all I hope you don’t angry 😁😁😁

  17. Munu says:

    I have a theory for this, the world is actually calling full frame as a savior because this world will be destroyed by the black demons but full frame instead just wants to live casually without saving the world until you know how it ends right? So the world once again remade their selection method and the selection method is a game (full frame based on the novel and I think it will appeal to readers who have great talent,) and finally it’s mc we’re good yu seol is the one who made it through the selection

  18. Munu says:

    Now I have one real question why did the constellations bring full frame into this world, well you know what? If you ask why I’m asking this, just read I’m afraid this is a big spoiler. It’s also said he is loved by the constellations but in the recent chapter I also found out our mc is also loved by the constellations but really this is a contradiction isn’t it? Ah I really want to know why full frame is loved by constellations for mc I have a rough guess but for full frame I really don’t know why constellation loves him and why he was summoned to this world

  19. Munu says:

    Hey, it’s still not over, I have one more theory, in fact, the world Mc is currently in is the main world, and other worlds were created to become game worlds and are played by players from Earth to find people who can save this world.
    This is a connection to the theory above

  20. Munu says:

    Yers from Earth to find people who can save this world. And the reason why the world/game cannot be reset when the player loses against the black dragon is because the constellation project has been destroyed by the black dragon, and actually the main world has also been destroyed by the black dragon. This can be seen from the good b implicitly telling our mc that baek c’s current world is the only one who managed to survive against black dragon and baek b also failed against black dragon if you ask why the main world can exist at this time? It’s because this is the main world and the constellation project here is stronger than the others so he can do the reset once again even though it was destroyed before and maybe it can only be done once and it can’t be done again and maybe that’s the reason he rushed the mc to this world, otherwise she should let him explore the world of baek c as a longer player until he finds out who black dragon really is

  21. Munu says:


  22. Munu says:

    Those who are confused by the theory above, baek A is our main character and baek b is baek yu seol who has the ability to regress and now his body is inhabited by our baek A a.k.a mc, and above there is actually a typo I mean mc we meet baek b , not baek A and the memories seen by other people were actually the memories of baek b, it was proven that he could not access mc’s memories from earth and all he saw was death while our mc good A never died and was the only one who dying is good C, but what is seen in the memories is in the first person view whereas in baek A a.k.a mc we only see good c’s death in third person view, so I theorize it is actually good b’s memories, and in the hundreds of chs that follow mc meets baek b but baek b didn’t say he was the real owner maybe because at that time our mc’s had little time so baek b couldn’t chat any longer

  23. Munu says:

    ? That’s because I prefer it that way) baek c is the game character played by our mc and the only character-not rather the only one who succeeds and can kill the black dragon the last boss
    3.baek b. Maybe many of you ask who he is right? He is a body that is possessed by baek A and also a regressor, and for theory I will drop it here, 1. someone has seen mc’s past but all he sees is only death and FYI mc we never die only the characters die , 2. when mc almost died he finally met baek A, yes but baek A did not say that he was the legal owner of the body but yes this is just a theory,

    Maybe someone is asking if what is seen in MC’s memory is the memory of Baek A then why can the 3 main heroines see Baek C when fighting the black dragon, that’s easy because what they see is not memories but really the world of Baek C that was in show by PC

  24. Munu says:

    6.compared to baek c (game character mc) our mc has more support than 12 month olds
    7.mc we also know how to make swords and armor from baek c and are currently in the process of making them
    8. there is a little spoiler from the month of time, actually there are two dragons namely the black dragon and the white dragon but no one knows why in many worlds the white dragon never appears the possibility that the white dragon is baek yu seol but because baek yu seol often dies in life the other white dragon did not appear

  25. Munu says:

    And of course the one with the most potential to become the strongest is baek yu seol(our MC), you might ask why? Well here’s the reason
    1.he has an anti-mana body
    2. he inherited breathing (his ancestor was the last Knight, I forgot if I’m not mistaken his ancestor’s nickname is a witch killer, he also has an anti-mana body but the difference with MC is that he doesn’t use any magic while our MC uses flash magic)
    3. he inherited his ancestor’s sword (this sword has a legendary tier while the sword that belongs to the MC character used to be mythic, not much worse actually)
    4.our current mc also inherited his ancestor’s sword technique but it’s not perfect, it’s said maybe he will master it in 20 years
    5.mc we create a new technique while studying his ancestor’s sword technique which is being able to walk on magic

  26. Munu says:

    4. witch queen
    5.the last pure knight(i forgot his name, but he is supposed to be baek yu seol’s predecessor, in the game baek yu seol player should find his legacy to become stronger, but no one managed to find him, including our MC, and luckily the MC we make up for that with the sword having the law of cutting it’s a real cheat item, she’s probably on par with the witch queen based on the fact she did a duo against the first mage, but I guess she died in battle and the witch queen should be sealed)
    6. space moon (FYI he is one of the first mage shards)

  27. Munu says:

    Bro I’m really tired of waiting so I made a tier list of the strongest characters in this novel in my opinion
    1. first mage
    2. dark dragon (I’m not sure maybe black dragon can be stronger or equal to first mage)
    3.baek c (the game character played by MC, baek c is the only one who can kill the black dragon, but I don’t put him stronger than the black dragon, because I think it’s just because baek c is the counter of the black dragon, but of course he can kill black dragon, and I don’t know if he is stronger than first mage or not)

  28. Munu says:

    Is it over? Ah please update admin I really want to continue this novel it’s very good😭😭😭

  29. Shadow says:

    This novel has been completed with 552 chapters, pls update.

  30. RoDragon says:

    We need update!!!!!

  31. JhenFrei says:

    I would love to finish the work, it seems that the work was completed in kakao.

  32. Munu says:

    Please update admin

  33. Shadow says:

    I need more of this health potion, pls update!

  34. Munu says:

    Please update, min. It’s been a long time since I checked this novel every time I open this page 😭😭😭😭

  35. Rod says:

    Another update please!!!

  36. Enoh says:

    Yes another update!

  37. cocacoladiet says:

    too many misunderstandings!
    at this point the entire story might be just a massive misunderstanding

  38. Tester STB Tester STB says:

    finally update again

  39. Putu says:


  40. Rod says:

    When new chapter update?

  41. Draken says:

    Is there no update? This is actual good read my man.

  42. Sephir says:

    i guess people whose first or maternal language isnt english are having an easier time like me lol

  43. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Bro above me read that horrible Memorize MTL as his first time. I’m surprised your brain didn’t rot (I’ve also read that after finishing SCOG from Wuxiaworld and it was just horrible).

    And nah, the only difficulties in the MTL of this novel are names (the names are the biggest issues) and certain terms. But stuff like “Demon” being translated to “Horse” or “Mines” is a universal problem in Koreal MTL, not just in this novel, probably due to how the machine is having difficulties in translating the characters. As for the pronouns, that’s also a universal problem. Characters like 그 (He) and 그녀 (She) sometimes get jumbled.

    But I’m used to reading MTLs so I can’t say the same to others.

  44. LuxX says:

    Is this MTL that hard to read? I find it quite easy to understand if you read a lot. You can base it on the surrounding situation and deduce its meaning (or simply ignore it). Maybe because the first MTL I read was Memorize this seems to make sense…

  45. Gaxam Z Gaxam Z says:

    Thank you very much for the update 😀😊🙂!!!!

  46. Extra Extra says:

    @N Siri

    TY for all the info! I’m gonna add this to my ‘MUST READ NEXT’ list.

  47. Komaru s Komaru s says:

    It’s a hard read at first because of the terms/jargon/slang used. For instance, “Black Horse power” or “Black Horseman” or “Black Horse Erosion” actually means “Dark Magic Power” and “Dark Demon” and “Dark Magic Erosion.” Even the term “Transmigrator” is MTL’d as “Bing Chair.” The same goes with pronouns so sometimes you will mistake guys as girls or vice versa.

    It takes a while personally but once it clicks you’ll get used to it and understand the story and characters. I recommend reading the translated chapters somewhere else first and then coming back here if it interests you. There’s build-up and world-building that I believe it’s well worth it. I can honestly agree with everyone else that this is a top-tier story compared to everything else on the site.

  48. Extra Extra says:

    Is this MTL as readable as the other novels on this site?

    I’ve always been hesitant to try this out because of the mention of OCR

  49. Tester STB Tester STB says:

    finally update thank you very much

  50. Nightune says:

    Finally an update!!!, I’ve been waiting for this one, but I guess I’ll have to reread this cause It’s been a year since I last read

  51. Komaru s Komaru s says:

    Nice update, guess I can reread this.

  52. Acreano says:

    It came out, I want to read it, but I know that when I finish the current ones I’ll be sad again. (._. )

  53. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    It finally updated?! Thank you Admin!

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    Its updated!!! Yesss

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    yaaaaahhh, thank you for the updatee adminnn 💖

  57. Putu says:

    no way, he updated it!

  58. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Brothers, our begging had bore fruit! Thank you so much admin!

  59. SenatorArmstrong says:

    One month since I read this 9.5/10 novel to its latest chapter and theres still no update…sadge.

  60. Enoh says:

    This is one of the best Korean Isekai novels out there. If you get pass the initial MTL barrier, its a really good story with memorable characters. What I like is that it doesnt only follow the MC, we get a better worldview and story because of that.

  61. Ligare says:

    It’s actually unexpectedly good, and the plot isn’t as light as I thought it would be (considering the title). If only it’s not mtl. All these crimes against English hurt my head. It’s saying something that despite it all I still charge ahead. It’s like following breadcrumbs in a misty forest.

  62. Tsalv says:

    When new chapter

  63. AT AT AT AT says:

    I’ve been trying to read this one since some of the early chapters have been translated and it’s pretty interesting, but unfortunately this probably ranks as one of the less readable MTLs on the website. As another commenter mentions, this is due to the fact that the story is very heavy on Korean jargon and slang that doesn’t translate easily – without having read those translated chapters first there would’ve been no way I could’ve followed the story, and even now I’m already starting to get lost trying to figure out what’s going on in the MTL. Character names in particular will give you a real headache as well as the POV switches, since you can never figure out who’s who and from what perspective the story is being told.

  64. The Aides Support says:

    Gaaaahhhh!!! Noble!!! Please update!!! It really has been quite a while now… Surely you can spare some of your time for this novel!!! Why cut this off!!!??? And if this wasn’t cut, why is it taking so long!!!??? Please noble spare some time… My read is ruined… Our read is ruined… I want to read the rest… I hunger for more… I want to know the rest… Please noble… Update this one… Really please… Update this…

  65. wolfs says:

    someone need to hire korean translator to make this novel readable T-T

  66. JhenFrei says:

    I beg generously with all the humility possible in my being, would you please update my Noble? this is one of my favorite novels right now.

  67. The Prelate Oracle says:

    This can’t have been forgoten??? Noble, please update!!!

  68. The Aides Support says:

    Gaaahhh!!! Please update!!!

  69. Hellp says:

    Hmmm… I wonder if this will end up as a harem ending.

  70. Satin says:

    When will the new chapter update? (´TωT`)

  71. Komaru s Komaru s says:

    This starts getting really good past the initial Academy first-year stage and into the overarching main story. How everyone perceives him gets really dynamic which makes things interesting. This is also one of the first novels I’ve read that introduces how his gameplay life is portrayed to the eyes of people in the novel/game setting. That made it so wild to me and I wanted to read more until I read all of it. Hope for an update.

  72. Rexion says:

    I need more chapter

  73. The Aide's support says:

    When will the update resume??? I thirst for more!!!

  74. Chumpïlou says:

    Gimme more chappies TT

  75. Bald Man Bald Man says:

    Yoo I can’t believe this novel is here.
    I’ve read up to chapter 240 just from having to hand Google translate the chapters. Thank you for making me not have to suffer from the pain again.
    ( ͒ ́ඉ .̫ ඉ ̀ ͒)

  76. Faker says:

    Can you update this story please? I read it and really liked it.

  77. Commander19 says:

    There are too many POVs and misunderstandings in this novel that makes me sick

  78. Komaru s Komaru s says:

    I really wanted to read this but there’s too much Korean jargon/slang that MTL makes it unreadable and uncomprehensive.

  79. Bima says:

    Can you update this novel pleaseee 🥺🥺

  80. sicarN says:

    Despite the title, the book seems to focus more on everyone else around the MC. Majority of the time if we see him in action, it’s through the eyes of people around him. Its reached the. Point where i get surprised when the chapter is focused on him. If everyone else gets 3-4 chapters on their POV, mc usuually only gets half a page or maybe 1 page if he’s lucky.

  81. Q D Q D says:

    Omg thank all of you my beloved administrators

  82. CP says:

    thanks very much added this novel. Next add the villain who robbed heroines pls….

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