I Became an Academy Baldo User
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I Became an Academy Baldo User

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아카데미의 발도충이 됐다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Became an Academy Baldo User

I Became an Academy Baldo User novel mtl

Baldo is the strongest swordsmanship that cuts enemies by converting the frictional force generated when the sword is pulled out of the scabbard into kinetic energy. I will accept only a duel, not a rebuttal.

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  1. Rader says:

    This novel has been completed now. Maybe some side stories will come but main story is finished in chapter 178.

    Overall it was a fun novel. But problem lies in final arc only. Author also removed the Ninja arc in middle and almost zero even of original novel appeared.

    Spoilers and Summary of story


    Author of a novel on Earth is a Sword God and he wrote some novel about sword hero. There were some people who said that other weapons are better and this do happen in novels with lot of technicalities as nerds appear there.

    Here few nerds appeared, one said Hammer is better and so on, our MC said Katana is better and that too quickdraw technique, just treat it like DMC5 Vergil Judgement Cut here he draw the sword and put it back while releasing ultimate. So Author got tired of them and sent them into the novel with the hope that they could understand how wrong they are.

    They got into novel across different timelines depending of their comments, since our MC commented most he was sent into most difficult timeline that is Novel story.

    Anyways, this whole novel in the end becomes a battle between Possessors who want to prove that their weapon is better instead of giving up their obsession. This is the main catch of novel and the worst thing about it as only a few events from Original novel appeared.

    Author here used the presence of Possessors and said that they solved the enemies of the Original novel, it sound like a total waste. And due to this after few starting chapters whole story didn’t revolve around a person trying to prove his weapon is best by defeating every strong person in novel we get a fight between Possessors. Only MC of the main novel fought with him and she too got defeated in less than a chapter. Overall it feels like little to no world was explored and when ending appeared I was just left baffled by feeling how this hollow novel is with little to no world building.

    Overall score is 8/10. Starting is good, medium part is average, ending is rushed. Wasted potential.

  2. Five nights at Freddy’s 2 song by the living tombstone since I’ve read this novel!!

  3. It’s pretty weird how I have to rediscover why I dropped a novel when it’s updated. Kinda wasted my time but then again my brain contains the secrets of the true definition of femboy so it can’t hold too mich info anymore.

    1. True definition of what?🤨

    2. I found my brother online.

    3. Clown 🤡🎪 says:

      True definition of what?! 🤨🤨🤨

    4. Jun says:

      Sorry mate I requested for this novels to be updated on Discord server I need Moar chaps and enjoy it this far

    5. Jun says:

      Sorry mate I requested for this novels to be updated on Discord server I need Moar chaps and enjoy it this far

      1. Jun says:

        Why my comments bugged out into 2 comments lmao

        1. No trouble man. I was just trying to point out how frequently I forget the novels I read because I read and have read so much that it just all scrambles together.



  5. Hehe says:

    I’ve read up to 27 , and what a madman mc.. btw someone above mentioned harem tag and harem seeker protagonist wrong ?
    I dont think so . don’t forget crazy mc.

    maybe it will be like this
    “I want a duel!!”
    “Fine, but on one condition”
    ” What ”
    “Be my son-in-law!”

    or mc going crazy to target girls who have strong fathers. so the fathers hated mc and killed him. so mc can beat the dads, and enlighten the fools about the greatness of BALDO mauahahahhahahaha

  6. RealEason says:

    Mc is a menace to society

  7. Backbonez says:

    Mc is a baldo user but decides to slice through the “gay” bastards who dare to talk back to his baldo sword. Also denounces anything not baldo as weak. Chad mc who will never back down.

    1. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

      That description make him seems like if he wasn’t the mc, he will be that one villain that mock the mc and got completely obliterated by the mc and proven that no, his baldo is not the strongest. Fortunately for him, he is the MC here so he gets to beat up others and proven right.

  8. says:

    pls last 178 ch upload

  9. [Last Read: Chapter 43]

  10. Bro is a menace, an absolute troll.

  11. Please admin add Solo Swordmaster(나 혼자 소드마스터)🥺🥺

  12. As far as I can tell, I have no idea where the harem seeking tag come from. Is it because he said the more katana the better, and his katana can turn into a girl?

  13. Gordo says:

    I’ve read about a hundred and it’s incorrect, dude doesn’t care about harem.

    Obsessive love so far till where i read was also incorrect.

  14. Phantom says:

    The main character is a damn lunatic. Also the harem-seeking tag is incorrect at least from the 12 chapters I’ve read. I can’t even this lunatic focusing on anything other than his swordsmanship.

  15. anonymous says:

    friction reduces kinetic energy and converts it into thermal energy.
    For example, a vehicle’s brakes reduce the car’s kinetic energy by applying pressure on the wheel, and in the process, thermal energy is generated.
    potential energy is converted into kinetic energy.

  16. eto toe eto toe says:

    10/10 if you’re looking for comedy. Don’t expect plot or romance or harem tho. MC personality is good enough to carry the series

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