I Became an Academy Fraudster
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I Became an Academy Fraudster

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아카데미 사기캐가 되었다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Became an Academy Fraudster

Became possessed by an academy character in the game.
[Skill 1]-[‘Copy’ – You will be able to copy the skill you saw once.]]
[Skill 5-Lock]-[‘Traces of the Sword Master’- You can use the Sword Master’s swordsmanship.]

[Skill 10- Lock] [‘Instant Death’ – KiIIs the target instantly.]

However, it is covered with scam skills.

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  1. Suherman Joshua says:

    What I don’t like about this novel is that the MC and the female lead (on the cover) are a bit of a jerk. I feel sorry for the side heroine who is the best friend of the female lead, perhaps because she has social anxiety problems. The author makes the MC dense even though he always teases the second female character and try many attempt to make her fall out of love from the original MC, so she won’t make a pact with the devil, when she fall in love with MC, he ignores her feeling and make her cry many times. The female lead even though she knows her best friend is in love with MC and supports her at the start of the story, later hijack her when she fall in love with MC, she’s clearly balder than her when seduce MC.

  2. I really tried hard to read it but I couldn’t pass chapter 35 the mc is your typical I have to help the heroines and all the chapters I read his stats is the same only 1 and like other trash novel all the heroines think he’s a demon they treat him like trash but of course like other beta mc characters he’s so happy with that treatment and oh by the way he also your typical Jesus mc who have to help even a dog on the street so yeah if you like mc like this you can read it

  3. Zzz says:

    The more you read the worse this gets
    Still keeps you reading
    It is that sweet poison you waste time for no satisfaction
    I am writing down name of this author so i wont read another novel they write
    Bro really wrote a chinese novel with japanese denseness levels mc while being a korean citizen

  4. Jahe Manis says:

    This novel has been around since 2022 in novelpia, and is still continuing. I also forgot the story of the novel and so skimmed through chapter 50. So it is academic and modern hunter type novel. MC possessed the gatcha character he got with the 10 top skills. But MC can only unlock 2 skills at the start of the story and he is trying to unlock other skills. I think it will take long time for him to unlock all his skills. When that happen, he sain he will be an OP character that can defeat all enemy. So he must prevent all bad ending than can happen before he gained all his skill. Like other novels, many characters are suspicious of the MC and assume many things about him. Romance side, slow burn romance story type. The game story is basically about the original triangle story of ori MC and his 2 childhood friends. One of the FML (tsundere ones), her love was one-sided and in the bad ending route, she killed the original MC. So MC decides to approach and seduce her to prevent a bad ending. Some said she become obsessive toward MC and yandere but still tsundere? and some said it took 200 chapters for her to honest with her feeling. The other FML (kudere one) lacks character development.

  5. SenatorArmstrong says:

    The King of FRAUDS.

  6. simplethrone says:

    This got heavy on those chinese style modern power fantasy where the MC is not also OP in battles but also mundane side things like actually rich, math genius, singing, etc. There’re lots of your typical faceslapping too. This is really not for me, as reading feels like a chore. All characters are so one dimensional, they didn’t get developed (only the tsunderes did but it took 200ch) enough. I’m the guy who usually wanted lolibabaa type heroines to became a main heroine or winning the MC bowl, but I didn’t care when she died in this one.

    I don’t know man. I’ve just finished reading all 200ch+, and I don’t like it, but I kept going. Which made me ask:

    Am I a masochist?

    I hoped for battle harem action academy as usual, but it didn’t deliver especially on the battle part and when it arrived, it feels like someone pushed a skip button. We’ve wasted multiple chapters on MC doing multiple sidequests rather than the main plot.

  7. Su 183 says:

    Good novel

    sadly i don’t remember the story or at what chapter did i stop

    Time to re read i guess

    1. Su 183 says:


      It’s good but nothing special here 7/10

      1. Su 183 says:


        Not good just readable 6.5/10

        Romoved from my bookmark

  8. Fate RBP Fate RBP says:

    Lets gooo, thanks for the updates Sir Noble

  9. Ag Sen Ag Sen says:

    ohh, i thought this one wont get updated.
    i’m glad

  10. Rizqi says:

    Mc nya bukannya lenah sama pemalas ya? Udah baca sampe chap 20 stat masih aj 1 semua. Kalo di novel lain itu udah nambah walau dikit. Katanya rata-rata murid akademi punya stat 10 lah dia 1 doang apa2an. Padahal udah punya skill bagus tapi hah….

  11. Sou says:

    Nó bắt đầu có sạn từ những chap39 trở đi
    MC quá để í gái đi :))) tôi đã hi vọng anh ấy trao chồi khả năng của bản thân trước
    Đúng là 1 thắng dại gái
    Mà mấy bà nữ chính ảo tưởng vc
    Bạn đầu t cảm thấy nó khá ôn nhưng ko :))
    :)) Nó ko phải rác nhưng nó tệ

    1. vc bro, t tưởng google dịch của t bị lỗi

  12. natsu says:

    man, i dont like any of the main characters of this. but the story is interesting enough to read it as a past time. misunderstanding is so forced, just to justify the ugly parts of the girls. kinda sad when the highlights of this girls are the ugly parts of their personality. read till 125 just to see if the author have balls enough to kill one of this girls.

  13. Blaze says:

    This feels similar, in the romance department, to “Bullied but popular” just with a few misunderstandings

  14. Einar says:

    MC bro give up on jang heyon or who dat girl is
    let that gyat die fr

  15. Franz says:

    It was interesting until the “system” started to change the setting just to make things harder for the Mc.
    The system removing items and removing the weakness of monsters. At chapter 43 it’s turning into crap so I’ll get off the ship now

  16. Rader says:

    And for the Obsession and Regret, there are many saying that there is none and it’s true, for now. MC is oblivious to feelings of an obsessive heroine, she thinks he loves him and wants her for himself like some Alpha man but he only care that she does not go Yandere and kill a Main Character of the game.

    So, her obsession can easily transfer to the MC, if other main heroine decide to enter the fight and take him away, which she can do because Yandere one is kinda passive and wants others to come to her while Cold one becomes quite spicy if she decides on some action. Overall the way it’s written, it’s very likely that Heroine with misunderstandings will become full on Yandere and try to summon some boss level demons and kill everyone including MC.

  17. Rader says:

    It’s different than Novel’s Extra. Anyways here is the review:

    Not a bad possession novel based on the academy. Yes there are many better than this one on this site and a few characters here are really cliche but it’s okayish to read.

    I will keep the review short here, it’s filled to common tropes, MC is oblivious of the behaviour of others and treat them as NPCs in general. He is a Chad as he does not care about pussi*s and only seek to unlock his skills as soon as possible. But of course due to Chaos theory or butterfly effect his actions do spice up the previously planned events.

  18. All Night says:

    Ah I’m 60+ chapters in and wondering they this is tagged as “regret” and “obsession” as there isn’t the slightest sign yet.

  19. All Night says:

    Completely different from Novel’s Extra…

  20. Blantant rip off of “Novels extra” but worse

  21. Sky That Gathers Screams says:

    Was a pretty good read, don’t think the regret tag should be placed on this or the obsessive love.
    Its basically a standard well written academy novel, though main character isn’t brokenly overpowered as the summary suggests. The development is also slow, doesn’t speed through many arcs other than the first one.

    Also this is probably the first work of the author, he’s taken certain scenes from other novels and included it in his work an example that i can think of would be the alchemist who the mc helps who resembles the alchemist from SSS-Class Suicide Hunter (she appears for 2 chapters then dissapears forever).
    There also isn’t any romantic development from the mc’s side yet as of now, but shows small signs of developing into a harem. No yanderes here though.
    Read it if you have free time, I’d rate it around 6-8 roughly

  22. Forgotten one says:

    New “regret” novel..🎉🎉🎉🎉

  23. Putu says:

    It’s boring, it’s been 24 chapters but no new characters

  24. Kuro says:

    I kinda feel like I’m reading the Novels Extra bruh

  25. Putu says:

    The copy skill is actually not very op, it can only use 5% of its original strength, also this is not the typical mc who is directly op. currently it can still be read, Heroine has weak attraction, just like “why..” “what is the reason?…” No interest for relationship

    Chap 12

  26. says:

    Also I think It is garbage tbh.

  27. Kirill Popov says:

    I like it already because there is no harem. There would be more romance…

  28. Q D Q D says:

    Novels which have ablity to copy skills are usually trash

  29. says:

    Truly the author name of all time since it is the name then the novel is the novel of all time🗿.

  30. Padre damaso says:

    Janitor when?

  31. Putu says:

    look at the author name, it’s made by a person who didn’t even intend to make a pen name properly. doubtful but i’ll do it

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