I Became The Academy Necromancer
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I Became The Academy Necromancer

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아카데미의 사령술사가 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Became The Academy Necromancer

I Became The Academy Necromancer mtl
Scream, Shriek.

Wake up and pour all the rest of your resentments on me.
Then I’ll come to your aid.

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  1. davremedy says:

    honestly . just reading from title itself

    a guy playing with corpse and ghost .
    capable bein popular with woman is beyond my understanding

  2. King says:

    Can anyone tell me what chapters will be before the novel is updated?

  3. milky violet says:

    Ugh I forgot what chapter we were on and now I don’t even wanna read this 😡

    Ugh, it’s spring break for me and here I am. Rotting in my room.

  4. Rairo says:

    Noble is GOAT. Noble is the best.

  5. Rairo says:

    Is this gonna be updated? It’s end now with many side stories.

  6. IME says:

    @fardy how about saint lucia?

  7. says:

    Girls ranking from best to worst (academic necromancer)

    1) Fiden: She is the best girl you could ask for, and she is always there for you and teases you, but she also doesn’t let anyone harm you. She is bold and active and doesn’t hesitate to get intimate with the Mc. She is literally the best heroine in this whole novel.

    2) Stella: mature, possessive, cute, kind, understanding, and also the complete opposite of the Mc, so a perfect match.

    3) Erica: ex-fiancé and kind of annoying, but not to the point where it’s unbearable. She loves the MC but did stupid things to help him, which backfired. She is still trying to dumb things down, though not as much as before. But after some time, she improves, and her loyalty to Mc is admirable. She is still supportive despite knowing he doesn’t like her.

    4) Dark Mage: For her looks and also for helping the MC the most with her great personality. She is also cute and can be childish, but she can sacrifice herself for the Mc if he is in danger.

    5) Aria: She is a regressor who tries to do everything to help the Mc and even gives him many Op items. Her obsession cools down after some time, but she still gets jealous if other girls get close to her.

    6) Eleanor: She likes to act childish (not my type) but isn’t dense and knows her feelings for the MC. Also, one of the scenes touched me a lot.

    7) Deia (Dunno if she is a fml): Og body sister. At first she was kind of good and mature, but after some time she kind of acts stupid and gets jealous like a younger sis, which I don’t like, but it’s bearable since she doesn’t get that much screen time. After some time, she also gets better with a little bit of a brocon tendency.

    1. Thienn Thienn says:

      What is the name of the illustration of a woman with white hair and black hair?

    2. Thienn Thienn says:

      sorry if my english is not good

      1. Priest of Incest says:


        1. Sareza says:

          A bit late, but Fiden has red eyes, so it’s not her.

          1. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

            I’m pretty sure those eyes are red

  8. SauceSeeker says:

    ghost obsession. perfect👌

  9. Wok_Fuccboy says:

    Ez clap
    Good novel to read with horror , mysterious vibe. Chad MC not pushover and smooth talker

  10. Hash2O says:

    when do the incest begin?

  11. N’écoutez pas les commentaires ici le MC est exactement comme tout les autres MC coréen qui isekai dans un jeu, j’ai mis une pause au chapitre 4


  13. Passed out says:

    @lucky zero, there is already a novel about security gard at academy

  14. Doublesubwalfas says:

    Translate “I became Hitler” next cuz while it isnt academy, its related to him failing the arts academy.

  15. Ryuu says:

    Love this novel so much, always waiting for the update, checked it everyday 🙂

    1. GameOn says:

      Same here🥲

  16. Enoh says:

    I love the MC, he’s calm, intelligent thinking with high EQ and empathy. He isn’t a cold unfeeling monster like some other authors would’ve portrayed him but he’s seemingly emotionless because he’s desensitized from seeing so much horror and things that people shouldn’t see that it becomes almost natural to him. He even says he keeps his emotions in check and stays neutral so as to not get a reaction from the dead. He still wants to help the dead and living people around him not just for himself but because he has the power to do so.

    How the author portrays his power as a curse and blessing is great. He’s socially outcasted and stigmatized because he can see the dead and interact with them. The author is most likely a horror fan as well because of how seamlessly the transitions to supernatural horror occur like it’s not out of place.

    This is definitely a good read.

  17. Ah yes I think I can explain what I felt when I read Aryas chapters.

    I felt relieved, like a door opened for me and I could move on. Not many novels have done that for me, while I would’ve loved a yandere Arya, god is it so great to see characters heal and move on. It’s like wow, I’m so personally invested in these characters that I want to see them succeed. I know they’re fictional characters but the author does a great job, I think, at making the characters feel real. Simply put I think I am obsessed with this novel

  18. I read this when it first came out and really enjoyed it.

    This novel like
    Omniscient First-Person Viewpoint
    I became the villain the hero is obsessed
    Academy’s weakest became a demon-limited hunter
    I became a blind swordsman
    a childhood friend of zenith
    I quit the heroes’ party

    Is usually in the top 20 daily, on Novelpia site most of the novels on this site come from(I think) for a couple of months or welll over a year especially when new chapters are released.

    I say read about 40… no 43 chapters, if you don’t like it probably not the novel for you. If you want to try it, I suggest reading this novel arc by arc. Not accurate but here:
    1-11 11-26 27-43 44-61 62-71 72-81 82-99
    100-111 112-118 119-130

    or (not actual titles but a very broad idea of the arcs)
    1-43 (family & academy incidents & Heroine)
    44-71(three trials and secret of…)
    72-118 (newcomer and Case files)
    119-130 (Lecture 1, round 1, and new beginning 😉

  19. Michael says:

    10/10 highly recommended this novel

    Hope one day this novel get more recognition.

  20. God this novel just gets better and better, sheesh dude I legit teared up when I read the current chapters. Also nah dude Finden Ai best girl

  21. Dissidius says:

    Well, f@ck. I caught up. Anyway for the new readers. He doesn’t really stay in the Academy that much. He travels like A LOT during the story. You gonna love the sibling dynamic here, though. I wish we get more of the trio and their bizarre adventures. Also, DARK SPIRIT BEST GIRL!

  22. [Last Read: Chapter 41]

  23. Whiteblood says:

    I believe u @Rader and all other that the novel is good!
    Wish me luck and off I go!!!

  24. Rader says:


    One of the best novel on this site. I will not spoil anything for this one, just have a go and enjoy.

  25. huehue huehue says:

    Join the discord to read the review as well as other reviews 🧐

  26. Shivam says:

    read till chap 82, it is a good read

  27. Ultimate ninja storm says:

    I will trust the review hope won’t be disappointing as i expected

  28. Extra says:

    Easily one of the best series I’ve read on this site so far.

    I highly recommend reading this and hope to see more chapters in the future.

  29. Phantom says:

    This was better than I thought. I don’t know how to describe it but I got Mushishi vibes from reading it

  30. Manga khor Manga khor says:

    It’s great. It’s unique. Chad mc. Good mc. God plot. Decent characters. Superb plot. That’s all you need in a story.

  31. Great novel, now to wait updates

  32. Haven’t fully read it, but this lightly (or maybe heavily) gives me the villain wants to live kind of vibe. I’ll review this later.

  33. “The Villain Wants to Live” better.

  34. Lucky Zero Lucky Zero says:

    An inanimate object….. It’s rare I haven’t thought of that I only thought of something like a last boss sealed in the academy like something in the academy’s weakest demon limited hunter….

    Oh and also about this novel If you’re worrying about having to endure a long time about what Misib said about the MC doing both 1 and 2 these are things that you will only read at ch. 1 he’s already expelled and there’s no long flashback I don’t know if he’s really coming back the academy.

    First time I wish a novel is actually a title fraud

  35. He became a chalk in the Academy.

  36. CP says:

    Add become the north princess chilhood friend pls

  37. Lucky Zero Lucky Zero says:

    Heh…. There’s already a janitor, librarian, student, professor, teacher, principal what other role inside the academy have not become an mc in a novel a security guard ?

  38. Misib says:

    Sry guys its not ntr, i had some issues while writing huehue pointed it out and he is right i meant to say its kinda like(just plotwise) since she is just using the guy to help mc.

  39. huehue huehue says:

    I posted a story review in the Noblemtl server, go read it if you wanna 🤼

  40. huehue huehue says:

    Don’t believe the guy above, I’ve read this story until the latest update HAHAHAHA.

  41. Q D Q D says:

    Next novel: I became the Academy

  42. Misib says:

    There is a webtoon like that already.
    Where mc clean up after the hunting.
    It was very normal.
    Also mc gf in chapter 12 is… Well find out cant spoil here

  43. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    Academy Janitor does sound interesting. Since those academy in novels usually experienced many accident, it would probably be a story of the MC cleaning up the aftermath of the incidents.

  44. Misib says:

    There is as good story about a op janitor already my friend.
    Okay my review is:
    1.My brain is hurt and i hot confused about the early plot.
    2.protagonist get on the body of a piece of shit, there he goes to the academy (place where plot flows).
    Get treated as a pagan, get betrayed by his fiance(she appears to be a heroine).
    Then they kick him out and destroy his img, problem is he probably is going to go back to the academy( not chad at all).
    Its a okay novel, but cut a lot of corners in the beggining.

  45. ^– Lmao that would be a great story

  46. Phantom says:

    What’s next? I became the Academy Janitor?

  47. jose says:

    plis I Became the Villain of a Romance Fantasy

  48. CP says:

    Change cover to blonde women pls

  49. Darius says:

    Pls do “Duke’s Quadruplets Are All Overpowered”.

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