I Became a Munchkin Who Hides His Academy Powers
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I Became a Munchkin Who Hides His Academy Powers

Read full chapter I Became a Munchkin Who Hides His Academy Powers, Light Novel I Became a Munchkin Who Hides His Academy Powers english, LN I Became a Munchkin Who Hides His Academy Powers, I Became a Munchkin Who Hides His Academy Powers Online, read I Became a Munchkin Who Hides His Academy Powers at Noble Machine translations.
Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Became a Munchkin Who Hides His Academy Powers

I became captivated after seeing a narrow-eyed character in an anime.
So I created a character with narrow eyes in a game and then possessed it.

“This is embarrassing, haha.”

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  1. Shadow says:

    Novel complete here 😢🥳. Noble thanks and pls update its status.

  2. milky violet says:

    nyhahaha I found the cyberpunk novel that was removed on novelpia hahahahah… after days of searching I found it.

    I have to pay for it of course, but I mean I found it! HAHAHAHAHAHA I FOUND IT

    I hate novelpia man, usually the KR names and English names are different. So like for example in English the novel name would be like “THE SUPPORTING CHARACTERS IN THE GAME BECOMES OBSESSED” but in KR they would switch it around so it’d become “The Games Supporting Characters Becomes Obsessed”

    No it wasn’t like that for this one. It’s literally just the same in English and Korean. I’m so mad, I spent days searching for it and I could’ve just found it on day one if I used google translate and pasted whatever onto the search bar. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH I’m so mad 😡😡😡

    1. milky violet says:

      only 10 more chapters too, ahhh I just want author to hurry up and make Catherine devour MC already

      I’m not paying $16 just for 10 chapters dude, there’s gotta be like 100 more chapters to make it worth.

      1. Miguel O Hara says:

        Dude go back to writing novel idea here. You feel crazier now after the crackdown from novelpia.

    2. gege says:

      you need medicine, my guy look at you the mtl fvck you up 😭

    3. Suherman Joshua says:

      I normally prefer to subscribe back to NovelPia when all the novels I like are finished, rather than paying $16 USD for just one novel. There’s an app called NovelPia Downloader; you can use it to download raw novels from there.

      1. Suherman Joshua says:

        And a novel that will only have updates of 30 chapters per month if the author is consistent, but normally less than 30

    4. TheDiir says:

      Dude, I don’t even understand how to pay at novelpia.

      1. Suherman Joshua says:

        I usually hit up exchange service, ya know, where I swap my country’s cash for South Korean won. I did it with an international student in Korea. Instead of getting won, I ask them to pay for Novelpia. Saves me some bucks too, just 9900 won instead of the usual 14900 won. They usually ask for some extra cash for the exchange, but it ain’t too many

  3. RealEason says:

    this is so long ago that i forgot the story… welp time to reread

  4. IME says:

    well we didn’t get a new novel from novelpia, but the ongoing novel got an update

    still a W

  5. Ff Ff Ff Ff says:

    Update pls, its already completed on novelpia

  6. Raj says:

    Plzz update this

  7. Daver55 says:

    Who cares, I just like MC’s personality. Tho it’s too slow paced, 40 chapters only for the first day, then 100 until the first class starts or something like that… too fking slow…

  8. Those who understand this novel are pretty lucky because this is a really good munchkin novel i have ever read. Rating at least 9.5 or 9.

  9. Houke says:

    The great admin, its time to update…

  10. Amunmu says:

    Casi dos meses sin actualizar :'(

  11. Houke says:

    Admin please update…

  12. Dropped : around chapters 40. I have tried my best to not automatically drop a novel in a beginning of this novel’s chapters, but it just that this novel feels a lack in some development that makes me feel stagnated, hence results in feeling bored. Try it your own whether you’re bored or not at least up to ch. 30. If you can pass around 30 – 45, then proceed the novel cause it probably suit your taste.

  13. I am bored reading this novel. It just seems like there is no seemingly clear development somehow in a lot of aspects of basic storywriting. Sigh…

  14. rob z rob z says:

    Contrary to Extra’s comment, don’t ignore Night QZ (or Acturcia or JJ above). This novel is surprisingly awful in view of some of the reviews.

    (1) Initial premise based on a stupid trope (the whole “narrow eyes” thing)? Check.
    (2) Hide my powers because reasons trope? Check.
    (3) Ridiculously OP MC? Check.
    (4) Lack of anything resembling character development? Check.
    (5) Overabundance of female characters / harem members? Check.
    (6) Repetitive, derivative plot? Check.
    (7) No actual relationship development? Check.

    In short, not recommended for anyone other than a shounen devotee or over the age of 12. 1/10.

  15. The fact that most of the cast are girls (all high ranking high profile allies are girls) says a lot about this novel. It’s decent, but overrated. Top novels usually have more diverse cast, even with disproportionate men:women ratio.

    I rolk my eyes everytime a new high profile char get introduced because I already know it’s a girl and will end up falling for MC🙄

    One good thing is the harem filler plot is easily skippable, since they are less interwoven with plot and more like arcs, so I can just skip a few chapters and nothing really changes. Just regular saving the damsel in distress heroine and jealousy scene. It’s literally Ctrl C Ctrl V on all the harem cast. Quite laughable

  16. this novel is really overrated. Mc here is more underdeveloped than what you expect. The world is built just as badly as in the novel of the blind swordsman (who, for some reason, is also in the top). The characters are mostly girls and they are all typical “academic” girls who act on a script. Don’t wait for their characters to be revealed and changed, this will not happen either. Many people write to read up to some chapter and you will see the beauty of this novel. I read up to 62 (have pity on me). In general, this novel is bad as a comedy (I would even say that most of the “funny” situations make you sleepy because the author drags them out). Well, if you are here for pathos and cool battles, then you can safely throw this novel in the trash

    ‘thanks for new chapter’

    ‘please update to chapter 211’

  18. Houke says:

    Letssss goooooo
    Thanks admin

  19. Amunmu says:

    Siuuuuuuuu, 200 caps 🥵👌

  20. Thanks🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  21. 209 chapter alredy been released
    Please update🙏🙏

  22. Houke says:

    Please update

  23. Lullaby Lullaby says:

    191 chapters have already been released, please update

  24. sandwitch says:

    bro update or atleast remove the restriction from ch 146-149

  25. Extra Extra says:

    Ignore Night QZ’s comment.

    Try this novel out. It’s good.

  26. Night QZ Night QZ says:

    I’m really try to be patient with this novel despite how bad it is, because of this high rating which lead me to believe this might be a good novel. Yet I still drop it once only around 40-50 chapters before because of how ridiculous disgusting the MC is. Then I try read it again in hope that the good part of the novel may be on the later of the novel, and yet again I drop it again, and this time it clear to me that I will not try to read this piece of crap again. The high rating is clear unnatural, this novel terrible in every ways, character interaction? Character development? World building? Plot? It’s all sh@t! If anyone don’t believe me, try to read around 50 chapters (if you even able to read this far), then try to explain to me what is the good point of this novel, because I couldn’t find any.

  27. Extra Extra says:

    A very good read. One of the best I’ve read on this site so far.

    The MC is among the best of MCs. The guy LOVES to toy with all the people who underestimate / misunderstand him. It’s absolutely hilarious to see the MCs teasing banter with all the harem candidates.

    A Solid 9.75/10. It’s not a 10 yet, but it can easily get there.

    I’m hoping to get more updates on this in the future.

  28. Su 183 says:

    similar to ‘shadow garden’ fun to read

  29. Read up to chapter 70. Perhaps this novel is for you if you enjoy MCs who make jokes constantly. Ceylon is our MC, he likes to tease other characters both male and female. Initially, MC wants to be a character who hides his strength and tease his surroundings, this makes me curious how the writer presents a story with that kind of character that make always make spotlight with his strange behavior. A shame the writer didn’t decide for long to reveal MC’s secret as a student with assassin talent, which made him known as the strongest student at the academy. From there, I can guess what the storyline will be like in the future, maybe it won’t be much different from the OP MC stories in other academic harem novels. In my opinion, the author introduces too many heroines with little screen time and little interaction. A number of female heroines in the series have interest in MC, including Drin Rebringer, Kansha Hanahan, Aidrin Teln, Adela Espien, Miz Bauer, et cetera. In addition, there are bro characters like Leda Rebringer with whom the MC shares a promise ring lol. Moreover, the writer made the conflict resolved too quickly between the female character and the MC, and they easily get attracted to the MC and have crush on him. Additionally, the MC is a bit annoying to me, imagine asking a serious question and getting an answer with a joke. It is inevitable that people will get angry, avoid, and insult the MC. Clearly, to make story interesting to male reader, the writer also creates an environment where some of the other characters become attracted to the MC and laugh him, with most of them female lol.

  30. Nos . Nos . says:

    Are chapter 146-149 supposed to be missing?

  31. Finally this the only complain, but why the last 4 chapters are restricted content? If anyone know please tell me why?

  32. Review:
    Like i said in the comments before this novel made me laugh almost every chapter the reason is simple the mc like to tease the heroines and see their embarrassed sides (like teasing master takagi san) and the great thing is it’s not limited to just heroine and he sometimes he tease other side characters.
    The academy story progress slowly and even though the first arc was the entrance exam, the first class starts in chapter 110 , but that not a bad thing bc the arcs till the first class were all good .
    This story is harem, so there are a lot of female heroines, my favorite heroine is the first heroine (drin) , the funny thing is , her name change every chapter to sheep, and the mc dialogue tend to say our sheep that seemed to be teasing her but the reaction of people is normal 🤣🤣🤣

  33. First, this novel is one of the best i read in this site in terms of comedy, i laugh almost every chapter
    The mc watched a narrow eyed character in an anime(gin from bleach) and wanted to create a character like that in a game he was playing, (the interesting thing is the mc doesn’t know much about the game as he was a newbie in it and all he knows came from the community and YouTube videos), the character created had multiple cheat and op characteristics like being the strongest assassin and the strongest black mage, a great actor and the best one of them all when closing his eyes the mc hides his power perfectly and appear weak to people, and after creating the character the mc possessed the character

  34. Alright, read upto 85 chap, for such high rated novel having such insensitive MC is really disappointing…. Otherwise everything is alright from FMCs to side characters…. Except for insensitivity, MC is op, smart and narrow eyed setting worked excellent…..

  35. Sectne13 Sectne13 says:

    Restricted content? Why?

  36. Common Bandit says:

    Top tier. 10/10

    Enjoyed this one a lot. Chad overpowered Mc, good heroines, good story… What else could you ask for?

  37. Primordial noir says:

    This is legit! Very much interesting than one thinks.I want moreeeeee!!!!

  38. somane44 says:

    the story feel unbalanced with how few male characters in it

  39. Carlos Niggelson says:

    Good but slow paced. As in chapter 110 and it’s their first class of the academy. I like it though

  40. Khuê says:

    don’t like this set.  About 20-30 chapters that are all girls and girls are later.

  41. Rader says:

    This is heavily based on real like Assassins organisation and organisation in the game Assassin’s Creed. Here everyone hates Assassins and those who have talents in the field and our MC is the Assassin God.

    In this novel the Orginal Assassins were organization who kill corrupt powers only but there was a civil war among them and it broke into Original conservative Assassins and a new Assassins who were more interested in power and fame like the Templars of the AC games. So, our MC is posing as the member of old Assassin’s and it’s quite fun. Really, Author is a gamer and it’s a great thing.

  42. NeverTalks says:

    MC is like Shadow from Eminence where he sticks to his charater.

    He role plays as a character with a narrowed eyes (slit eyed more appropriate i think eg. GIN from bleach) that when closed he acts foolish but once its opened he becomes bad ass.

    Last read was ch 49.

    Not much depth but still a fun read.

  43. Prettyboy099 says:

    The novel is really funny 😂😂🤣🤣

  44. Why??😢😢😢
    restricted content

  45. Yolanda says:

    Louis ., if you want to check the illustration of some of the novel in here you should check discord, most of the picture is available in the discord to see

  46. 0009098 says:

    chapter 146 to 149 are restricted?

  47. Monday says:

    MC acts a lot like Xellos from Slayers. Really dig it.

  48. Oh yeah this is definitely inspired from FGO Hassan assassin tribe

  49. Overseer says:

    I LIKE THIS!!! it’s a really fun novel especially mc teasing. Mc hides his power but show it enough to get what he wants. Definitely recommended

  50. Mc is an absolute evil shit he act so weak in order to inflict damage to his enemy ego. He barely even hides his power so just read up to 35 and I can say this is super good

  51. says:

    Alright just check this novel on novelpia and first thing I see saw is some Ai created hot bunny blue hair girl with a face mask really close to nsfw like ZAMN noble why didn’t you just add that cover instead hahahaha, but anyway surprised that the novel is popular with 4 mil+ views and 274k+ likes. I hope it is actually good tbh considering the views and like, but I’ll just wait for the reviews since I am getting my brain fried from reading too much google and DeepL mtl💀.

  52. Truck says:

    Finally ma man

  53. Blue Shadow says:

    Anyone who can give spoiler Or summary

  54. poop says:

    Yo poopiehead basically a munchkin is a character which is overpowered asf to the point nothing really faze them like cid from Eminence in shadow

  55. Insufferable says:

    It’s good and the character dynamic is entertaining. But almost dropped it in the entrance examination part because it’s goddamn annoying. Bullying and face slapping and peer coercion and being looked down on. All those are all right it’s not like I haven’t read enough chinese novels to build a tolerance for it after all but thid one just rubbed off on me the wrong way.

  56. says:

    ‘I became a munchkin who hides his academic power’* (I hate typing in mobile🗿)

  57. says:

    Yo noble you sure the title is right title???? Because it says ‘The academy narrow eyed’ instead of ‘I became a munchkin who hides his academic title’ although won’t lie this title is better.

  58. Najaj says:

    Louis check the discord

  59. Yeah Wtf the title for chapter 1 is “the academy’s narrow eyed” ☠️

  60. Kirill Popov says:

    When another harem appeared.
    “I’m a tired boss. I want to rest.”

  61. says:

    Hmmm seems interesting, but I’ll wait for the summary or reviews on this novel but anyway off topic, but can this site or noble embed illustration from the novels that have illustration on chapters since it’s really pity since I am currently reading “possessed academy security guard’ and almost every chapters have illustration said by a commenter.

  62. Q D Q D says:

    Pls tell me this is a good one

  63. Why does the title change on every chap .

  64. poop says:

    i see the word munchkin being used in mtls, what does it mean in this context?

  65. Nemui says:

    It’s fun!!

  66. Lku says:

    Aka I became a blind academy

  67. Caliber says:

    Don’t worry bro, just think of it as eating junk food😁

  68. says:

    i said i would stop reading and do productive things… here i am! damn it!

  69. Oh it got fixed…

    (Fyi the romance tag was “bromance” before)

  70. Birth of the bromance tag!

  71. Eshya . Eshya . says:

    I will try to believe the comments above. but honestly, what’s with the title of the novel now

  72. Extra Extra says:

    This novel is popular on Novelpia so I’m hoping it’s actually a good read

  73. Bg says:

    Finally, what I’ve been waiting for. thank you noble

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