I Became the Hero Who Banished the Protagonist
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I Became the Hero Who Banished the Protagonist

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주인공을 추방한 용사가 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Became the Hero Who Banished the Protagonist

I expelled the protagonist.

This shit. If I had only possessed a short time ago

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  1. Extra Extra says:

    My wish is that this does turn into a harem. All the girls are great, including Iris / The Saintess.

    Hopefully, this doesn’t have a ‘Villain Wants to Live’ type ending. Those who have read it should know what I mean.

  2. Wasa says:

    Seriously, I don’t understand why everyone is complaining if there is a harem this, a harem that 🤦
    As long as it doesn’t affect the main plot so much, I don’t care if 10 or 20 magically appear

  3. Lune Lune says:

    You know, I’m not complaining since I got the MTL for free. Still, does the admin have an OCD or something? They keep the number of chapters with number 5 at the end for every update though there 168 chapters on novelpia 😂

  4. rob z rob z says:

    I was fully on board with the very high ratings until the 70s – once the cultist arc hit. At that point, the MC turned into too much of a hogu / doormat – or maybe as Hans put it, too idealistic. And the constant rejection of any romance despite obvious interest from multiple female characters becomes frustrating. The only hint of anything I have read so far is chapter 144 – just what happened in those 2 days?

    1. Poor says:

      Wtf robz, You are in every novel I AM going to read, and sometimes feel like a copypaste from other comments you do.

  5. Ornny Boy Ornny Boy says:

    Dude , this novel is so underrated..the readers can misunderstand the trope from reading the first few chapters but this is a rare breath of fresh air after many self fulfillment trash I have red, ik not gonna spoil but all I can say is….elroy is precious please keep this novel updated

  6. Reyhan says:

    Can anyone tell me does isis saint become Argen wife or gf
    Or she become a part of harem for hero

  7. Wok_Fuccboy says:

    Trust me
    This is gold

  8. tian says:

    I have read 20 chapters and this is good, I don’t know how it has 350 bookmarks only… I hope the other chapters will be good too

  9. Extra Extra says:

    TY for the update!

  10. My soul revives everytime this updates

  11. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Well then lads, see you 10-20 days later. This is now a 10/10 novel for me.


  13. *🔪Noah🔪* says:

    Could you pls add “I became a blind academy”

  14. Forgotten one says:


  15. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Chapter 124 Latest Chapter
    I really recommend reading this. An actual goodie in a sea of d-grade novels. Has an actual plot and characters that are not all black and white (even an idealistic hero has a complexity). 9/10. The story explains itself easily within the first two chapters so theres no need for a summarization despite the two line “shittynopsis”.

    Arjen (he is the mercenary and original protag presented by the OG! as the antihero who can solve everything and I thought he was a girl for the half of the story fml) and Illroy (the hero who was actually an idealist good guy but presented by the OG! story as a loser. But was actually competent, no one just believed in him) are basically a coin’s tail and face and it was quite fun reading the differences between the two. Arjen wins battles but doesn’t give a fuck about the other results (like casualties) as long as the problem is solved, while Illroy wants to save people and killing monsters/solving the Plagues are just the prerequisite to do so even if it kills him. Personally I like the badass idealist kind hero (The novels MC) more than the edgy but realistic mercenary (OG! MC), despite seeing myself as a Realist Extra in a novel.

    The two do not hate each other Per Se, they just do not agree with each others viewpoints. They both know this and they are fine with it.

    Side characters like Bishop Andrew and the Iron-Blooded North Arch-Duke were also great. While their screen times are short, they have quite an impact to the story.

    I dunno if its gonna be a harem (since theres 4-5 girls that have a crush on the MC if you would count best waifu Holy Sword, yes I love the sword) but compared to 90% of the novels here, the girl characters have their own lives that do not solely revolve around the MC or obsessing over him. Saintess grows up and starts acting like an actual Saintess, Paladin/Nun becomes more human who ends up cherishing her team (she was an emotionless church-trained Inquisitor), and Mage becomes more confident/assertive despite starting out as a nervous, low self esteem wreck. Queen and Sword are awesome already.
    No “hurdur why you no look at me” or jealousy drama BS. Its really ironic how I want a romance novel with no harem to have a harem tag, since I would say the opposite to harem tagged novels. And theres also Georg who is a bro.

  16. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Chapter 75.
    This is a good novel. The OG Protagonist and Novel Protagonist arent necessarily antagonistic to one another. They just have conflicting values. I like the MC because I like Hero MCs with complex backgrounds.

    Now, the only issue is…I am fucking confused at Arjens gender. Im at Chapter 75 and I thought Arjen is a girl (because to me Arjen sounds like a girls name), but is Arjen a boy? MTL pronoun makes me 99% more stupid.

    If you see my comments mistaking their sex please take it with a grain of salt because Im like a fucking toddler trying to navigate through a maze.

  17. Baalgares says:

    Yep, i like this one. Must read guys!!!

  18. [Last Read: Chapter 100]

  19. Y’know I’m kinda fine if they turn this into a harem. All the girls are so nice and I kinda want them all to win…

  20. Aith Aith says:

    Well till now there is no actual harem. 4.. no 5 girls like MC dunno if it will become harem later

  21. Extra says:

    I’m praying that this isn’t a fake harem situation like what we saw in ‘The Novel’s Extra’

    The author has set up so many of the characters in this novel to like the MC.

    Please don’t disappoint me.

  22. Hans says:

    Mc is too idealistic 6/10

  23. Extra says:

    This novel really resonated with me so I give it a 10/10 so far.

    One of the best novels I’ve read on this site.

  24. Macguffin says:

    Good stuff

  25. Wow surprisingly very good. Thank god the original story MC isn’t just a dunce character that’s just there to be there, he has some actual character to him.

  26. huehue huehue says:

    I wrote a review for anyone who wants to read. Join the discord to read it https://discord.gg/Y4UXytjspE 🧐

  27. aiaem says:

    non-harem still don’t have any love-inter (chapter 72)
    very well written story,have me in tear in some part,hope it updated more chapter soon!

  28. Len Len Len Len says:

    Good novel. The hero and the banished mc isn’t really hate each other (as chapter 72). They just have different principle and can’t get along each other so it’s promising novel as there is no harem (yet)

  29. Missiperfectlive24 says:

    The story was good (♡˙︶˙♡), and probably is not harem … Yet.

  30. Missiperfectlive24 says:

    The story was good (♡˙︶˙♡)

  31. willianpk1 says:

    adiciona por favor i became tyrant in strategic game e seducing the studant council president tem no novelupdates poucos capítulos

  32. Yusun says:

    Could you please add “seduce the student council president”

  33. It’s not harem, guys read it.
    It’s really good.

  34. Yusun says:

    There is no harem tag in novelpia page

  35. frytogles says:

    please someone tell me this is not a harem

  36. Ultimate ninja storm says:

    Any pioneer?

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