I Became the Vassal the The Tyrannical Is Obsessed With
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I Became the Vassal the The Tyrannical Is Obsessed With

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폭군 여제가 집착하는 간신이 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Became the Vassal the The Tyrannical Is Obsessed With

Possessing as an extra character wasn’t enough, so he became the direct secretary of the tyrant who would lead the empire to destruction?

After surviving for just one year, he resigned and left the empire.

I made up my mind and planned my escape, but

“Keep this in mind. The fact that you will never leave my side.”

The tyrannical empress tore up my resignation letter!

I’m screwed!

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  1. rob z rob z says:

    So it seems like this novel is over at 264 chapters. I was thinking about paying to get the rest translated but it started going to hell about the 150s. MC turns into a d!ckless eunuch in a trash harem. As noted below, there is even a chapter where MC’s brother calls him out for being a eunuch. And MC acts like a big p#ss when it happens.

    Now I don’t know the ending, so this is technically not a spoiler, but it looks like a harem ending and not pure love. The last 5 posts are images of each of the FMCs in wedding dresses:

    Wedding Illustration – Cecilia Campbell Eckhardt
    Wedding Illustration – Flora Delis Simion
    Wedding Illustration – Mulia Fordward
    Wedding Illustration – Ileena
    Wedding Illustration – Emma

    With that said, Flora is without doubt the finest, followed by Emma.

  2. Roy says:

    Dropped. He is being led around too much, no sense of agency. I don’t need some overbearing MC , just one who would respond humanly to confrontation, invasion of privacy, etc. Apparently, Korean novels can only be psychopathic MCs or cowardly MC. No in between.

    1. rob z rob z says:

      That is nowhere near the problem with this novel. The issue is that he is a d!ckless eunuch and it turns into a garbage harem. There is literally even a chapter called something like Are You a Eunuch – basically, MC’s brother accuses him of exactly that. So at least author is self aware enough to know he was sending his novel down a sh!t path.

  3. Ludens says:

    Still no updates ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽. Honestly one of the best series uploaded here. Their relationship feels genuine cause it actually took time to build and grow. It’s basically a SOL series which actually knows what is suppose to happen in one. Even the antagonists are not just present to show how cool and awesome our mc is but to actually act like a proper antagonist who creates hurdles for our main cast. The MC does get flaunted over but not to the point everything revolves around him. There are some cons which are honestly debatable. Like if I were to be in his situation, I can understand why the MC wants to abandon the empress cause he doesn’t wanna take the risk but at the same time, they are slowly but surely having such a great bond that it feels kinda scummy to try to abandon them. I’m sure the MC will later change his mind and that’s the exact reason why I’m eager for more chapters please!!!

  4. Lio says:

    PlZ Update New upload

  5. Lio says:

    PlZ Update New chapters

  6. Lio says:

    This is a slow paced slice of life and light romance novel. If you want to read a novel without intense scenes and extremes emotions this is for you…

    In original story there is no one as cecilia secretary this means the person who was appointed in place of luke may have some effect on making cecilia a tyrant???

  7. Re says:

    plzz add harem tag

    1. Lio says:

      Bro i have a hunch that this story will not end in harem

  8. Jack says:

    Sigh……being late is annoying

  9. Lio says:

    Thnks for new chs

  10. What the actual fuk!?

    Who the hell changed my pfp bruh.

    I didn’t even use my phone for like 1 or 2 hrs and my pfp Changed ☠️☠️

  11. Huh??? Why are the oldest comments at the bottom and the new comments at the top? Did noble change the “sort by” comment settings?

  12. I guess i should go and just stop reading novel again for some time. It’s impossible for me to stop totally cuz I have become a creature like constellation already.

    I wonder what my nickname would be?

    [The Mortal constellation with God Complex]

    I guess this would be my nickname or

    [The Mortal Constellation Who dream of becoming Overpowered]

    I think the first one is better.

  13. Attention Soldiers!!!

    You are hereby ordered arrest the criminals listed below the moment you see them, if they try to run, k*ll them on site: and report to me, Officer Osiris.

    (P.s: hmm Ozaki has stopped reading on site I think? And misib too, didn’t find some of the other guys in the recent reviews)

    Yi Byul
    Bob Marley
    Milky Violet
    Big blackclock

  14. TheDiir says:

    Yandere is the part of NobleMtl, without it just regular website

  15. Reii i Reii i says:

    I remembered, this wasn’t worth spending my time.

    1. You should also write the last read chapter, and your personal rating of the story and status like I do with other novels if you have seen my comments in other novels. Like That man 100 bad ending, the academy’s weakest become demon limited hunter, etc.

      1. Reii i Reii i says:

        I was too lazy to do that

        1. Well lazy or not it will be helpful, sometimes the marks on chapters which you have read disappears and it’s hard to remember which one was the last when you read many novels. It’s better to write the last chapter to easily search it.

          The account always log out too automatically, kinda annoying but it am already used to it.

          Use something like this

          [Last Read(LR) – Chapter – (insert number)]

          [Status – Dropped/Hooked/On Hold/Continue later(CL), Waiting for Update (WFU)]

          [Rating – ??/10]

          [Review – (If you have any type here) ]

          And when you have read ahead of the previous marked chapter.

          Just add [Update] above LR or write something like.

          [Last Read Update(LRU) – Chapter (insert number)]

          Now reply feature is there, so it’s better.

  16. I understand now why immortal go crazy for entertainment and why constellation do crazy things for entertainment.

    1. Reii i Reii i says:

      Bro have you read Shadow slave, Lord of the Mysteries or My isyahikei game? If you haven’t. Try it, I bet it wil cure your boredom

      And for this novel when i created this account my bookmarks gone, I have to find where I left reading

      1. Hmm, that 3rd one. Didn’t read that, I guess i will try that.

        1. Reii i Reii i says:

          It is purely horror and thriller

  17. Sigh
    Where is my harem academy novel ….

  18. And here we go, this got updated. But is this even good? Lemmi check the reviews. Didn’t find this before.
    Must be when i was offline for a while and not using this site.

  19. Lio says:

    Bro plz updqte it i realy like this novel

  20. Myaha says:

    This’s going to be harem, isn’t it? If this novel ended without harem, then author deserved to get spanked

  21. Rodney says:

    Bueno fue una lectura algo pero muy lenta.
    Bueno la sinopsis esta correcta.
    La trama esta muy lenta pero aun asi se puede leer aunque para algunos los escenarios se siente muy forzados. Como la humillación de la emperatriz digo en serio un grupo de mujeres realmente aceptarian hacer un castigo asi?
    Y hasta dejan ver al chico? no se, me parecio algo forzado. Bueno fuera de eso se me huzo lento y agregaron demasiados diálogos q no nos interesa. Bueno yo lo califico un 6/10 la premisa esta bien y no estan haciendo q se enamore de golpe pero es el tipo de historia q hay ver al menos unos 200 cap para ver la conclusión o eso pienso por q 67 caps y dice apenas van 2 o 3 meses. Espero q le metan algun “time skip” q yo entre por el prologo.
    Bueno esa fue mi humilde opinion.

  22. Ateri says:

    Lets all say it together now, “I became the [insert beta character] the [insert position of power] is obsessed with.”

  23. No harem tag, but harem king going strong.

  24. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    The translation team translated too few chapters to properly give this story a review based on the tags. There has been nearly NO ROMANCE, Mc has just been plotting his escape from the empire by laundering money and learning foreign culture and languages. Sure one of the girls likes Mc but he draws a line and doesn’t want any problems before his resignation and escape.

    1. Lio says:

      Slow story Slice of life

  25. Byul Yi Byul Yi says:

    For those asking for Murim novels better try the translation of ‘Makes the heroines regret it’ first that can be found here on this site.
    After that, suit for yourself whether to ask murim mtl or just wait for actual translators to translate it on their site.
    Anyway, this looks boring, so I’ll pass.

  26. dude all I want is some young master bs like “oh young master 16th eldest sister, ugh I’m too lazy to think of a name so let’s call her Yandere 1, of the purple square mountain has come to visit you, oh yeah she’s also like golden sphere ejaculation (ejaculation is medium rank) cultivation level and while you may be the discipline of the Sword Phoenix Dragon Slaying Mistress Fox, her title alone can not protect you from Yandere 1, so it is best advised you go meet her for something. Oh yeah did I also tell you I’m your female servant? Yeah for some reason despite having an obsessive master she lets me, a female, stick around you. It’s kinda weird but hey I’m not the one getting swords stuck in me because I insulted 3rd young master of the blue sphere tiger fist mountain so I’m good… unless young master, you would like to stick the sword in your pants in me- wait why would the young master of the Tiger fist mountain have a sword…“

  27. Read 12 chapters of it before dropping.

    I agree. It’s boring. So far it’s just been mostly female character interactions with the MC, with bits of mediocre drama.

    It’s just not very interesting.

  28. It’s boring. Romance is also boring.

  29. mr joster mr joster says:

    I read all of this, this is harem novel, it has tag pure love bcs it may end with only one, but is very rare tho

  30. What?? Where did that cum from?

  31. Insufferable says:

    Martial arts slamg gets very wonky on MTL. Masturbating and ejaculation is pretty standard stuff for the martial artists

  32. Hash2O says:

    murim story are nice but bro it’s literally hell to read on mtl with all the martial arts slang

    1. Busy Poo says:

      You’re Courting death!!

  33. Q D Q D says:

    One more time: “I became something that somebody is obsessed with”
    My brain is suffering from cancer, help me pls

  34. Seeing people with the same tastes feels strangely reassuring. But then again I’m wierd so idk 🤷‍♂️

  35. Insufferable says:

    I want a murim as well. It carries all the charm of xianxia without the nonsensical power inflation and unflattering “galactic” level fights.

  36. Just bored, I kinda want a cultivation murim yandere story.

  37. Caliber says:

    No yandere? Sadge:(

  38. It’s a pity of course that there is no yandere, but then it would be dangerous.

  39. says:

    Obsessive love but no yandere huh hmmmmmm I think I’ll pass bur anyway too early that there is no chapters lol.

  40. Hash2O says:

    promising! but still have to wait for the young soldiers to come back

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