I Became The Villain The Hero Is Obsessed With
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I Became The Villain The Hero Is Obsessed With

Read full chapter I Became The Villain The Hero Is Obsessed With, Light Novel I Became The Villain The Hero Is Obsessed With english, LN I Became The Villain The Hero Is Obsessed With, I Became The Villain The Hero Is Obsessed With Online, read I Became The Villain The Hero Is Obsessed With at Noble Machine translations.
The Hero Became Obsessed With The Villain, 히어로가 집착하는 악당이 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Became The Villain The Hero Is Obsessed With

I Became The Villain The Hero Is Obsessed With MTL

Edited By: Kogu

I became the villain in the story of a hero.
So I was about to quit after fighting the main character.
But she’s obsessed with me. Why?

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  1. Peco says:


    A fun, campy superhero story with plenty of Korean influence. The harem and being dense jokes overstay their welcome but it’s tolerable. Could of used 50~ less chapters for pacing issues but felt the story progressed decently well. Glad they were so unserious with the hero society, I find hyperrealism in these stories depressing and no fun.

    If you like superheros, harems and light hearted comedy give it a read.

  2. crow raven crow raven says:

    ah I remember this novel. I started reading at chapter 120 when the not mtl was at 50. This was 2 years before reply worked. I was a guest at that time. good times.

  3. Extra Extra says:

    I started reading the whole novel a few days before that final update was released and just finished it now.

    Now, don’t get me wrong. This novel is by no means perfect.
    It can feel predictable and repetitive, and some moments of drama in the story were quite frustrating to read.

    But goddammit… This was such a fun and exciting novel that it blew away most of the issues I had with it.

    The novel is pure junk food, and I highly recommend reading it regardless of that.

  4. Egg123 says:

    20/10 y Una carta de amor a la literatura por darnos esta obra maestra

  5. Bocchan says:

    There had To be side stories this can’t be the end

  6. Ag Sen Ag Sen says:

    Happy End, i’m glad……
    with this, i can rest in peac……. WAIT A MINUTE!!
    It’s Iris and Kraken’s turn now!!

  7. CrovoloDesu says:

    A masterpiece!

  8. Tortascom says:

    Fue un gusto leer esta novela, su última actualización será el epílogo pipipi :c

  9. Ohhhh, this one is good. However if you want to recommend a novel to be posted please do so on discord.

  10. Clown 🤡🎪 says:

    Where can you request novels to be updated (if there’s a way or this is just random) cause I’m really at my whits end here

  11. How and why is this novel even first on this site? Cuz it is old and bad many bookmarks? That’s why?

    1. D says:

      Cause its good

  12. JustAnotherReader says:

    Can you please translate:
    – Name: Becoming Professor Moriarty’s Probability
    – Korean Name: 모리어티 교수의 개연성이 되었다

    1. Ohhhh, this one is good. However if you want to recommend a novel to be posted please do so on discord.

    2. Reii i Reii i says:

      If you put some effort you can read it in booktoki360, although it became laggy after chapter 60

  13. Dice says:

    why egostig has to make the two most toxic women fall in love

  14. Dice says:

    I already want celeste and the protagonist to get together again

  15. The duchess needs more updates says:

    Ah yes, seol-ah run while you still can lol

  16. The duchess needs more updates says:

    I wonder how much of a meltdown Egostream will go through

  17. TheBoredOne says:

    Ship sailed. Lez go!

  18. Buckget22 says:

    How come even tho this novel is so cliché and predictable and normal yet I still like the it?? I don’t understand myself…..


    Crying right now, I thought this was villains hero…


    I screamed “F#CK YEAH” in my workplace when I saw this novel updated while I was on break. My favorite novel by far.

  21. $P@¢£® says:

    Is this a harem novel?

  22. GameOn says:

    Everything is normal and predictable. But…

    IT’S THE BEST!!!!

  23. hmm says:

    this is not a harem?

  24. Ren says:

    Phew… I thought it say epilogue it almost make my heart drop

  25. The duchess needs more updates says:

    I thought it said epilogue. Phew that was too close

  26. rf says:

    where is the damn updates pls

  27. D says:

    Title is misleading. He, who is obsessed with the hero, became a chuuni simp with superpowers. Its not what I was hoping for, I wanted a cool calm intelligent villain battling with the heroine but instead we got supersimp. He only cares about making his idol look good (despite the fact that shes sort of meh). He has cheat abilities but hes incapable of using them without whining – he uses those somewhat limited abilities in clever ways to do cartoon supervillain stuff to make stardust look good.
    Honest it could all be taking place in boku no hero whatever world. Basically the same type of characters and plot and writing. Just on a smaller scale.

  28. Ice_Wallow_Come says:

    Where is my mango stick

  29. Some Rando says:

    Chapters 323 to 325 are up on Novelpia as of time of writing, and oh boy, any fans of the Egostream girls are probably in for a fun time.

  30. Oregon says:

    how many days are left?? for the 3 weeks? where’s the COUNTDOWN?

  31. Đặng Uyên Như says:

    Moarrrrrrrre, uwehhhhhh

  32. Nico Nico says:

    as of april 17, 2023, the author said he will be taking a 2 weeks hiatus relating to storywriting and will be back by april 29th. damn i want to read more ngl but we have to wait for 3 weeks for noblemtl to translate the next 5 chapters. also there are 1 more chapter left im not sure if they will translate it.

  33. rob z rob z says:

    F@ck this novel. I want the 30+ hours I wasted of my life on it back . The author pisses away the story with a ridiculous amnesia arc and general BS that follows. It is top 3 all time on my list of novels that started out really well but went off the rails because the author just did dumb sh!t

  34. Cao says:

    Spoilee free:
    I read until Chapter 317 and I must say that the Novel is a must if you don’t have a problem that the plot is mostly the same. Sweet romance, waifus etc. BUT I really hate it that the MC is more dense than a damn brick wall. They tried to change the concept in the newest chapter but in the end everything *resets so you can literally skip the arc without a problem

  35. Do says:

    It’s been seven days……… Update? Please. Update. Admin? Update. NOBLE!! UPDATE.

    Please. Update. 😊

  36. I have a question, which is the chapter where egotic goes through stardus with his fist? I read it until now and I don’t remember where that part is, if anyone knows, it’s appreciated.

  37. Mangodan says:

    Can anyone tell me if Egostic will get stronger?

  38. Dice says:

    The prologue is the end of everything . In the prologue it is seen that Stardust hates the protagonist and the protagonist says that it is the last time he will bother her and says goodbye forever

  39. aaron says:

    please add “I killed the player of the academy”

  40. Dice says:

    Cap 302 y me doy cuenta que aún que el prota se llegue a dar cuenta de que stardus está enamorada de el
    Al final va a perder la memoria y todo regresara a como antes
    Los progresos son solo de parte de stardus y no del prota

  41. Shinigami Shinigami says:

    I really ask you to throw off the Korean site where you can find pirated translations

  42. vektor 189 vektor 189 says:

    – What time is it?
    – It’s time to send slow translators to the NTR fantasy world

  43. Gibs says:

    | – What do you see?
    | – Good Content

  44. Padre damaso says:


  45. vektor 189 vektor 189 says:

    It’s been too long, but this time I forgive. However, remember that a personal ntr fantasy world has already been assigned to you.

  46. vektor 189 vektor 189 says:

    If there is no update tomorrow, I will send a translator to the NTR novel, where the villain will be a hypnotist.

  47. August says:

    Если есть возможность добавьте пожалуйста перевод “My Inventory is Abnormal” “I Obtained a Mythic Item”

  48. says:

    Check out KMTL Adult TXT channel for many wholesome and pure love novels ☺️

  49. Wdym by that? Idont mind spoilers.

  50. Nitro says:

    I feel like the novel is REALY starting at chapter 277.

  51. Nitro says:

    I feel like the novel is REALY starting at chapter 277

  52. Klein says:

    Actualicen 🙁

  53. Nitro says:

    Number one!!!! Hell yeah baby. Egostick on da’house

  54. sancius says:

    NUmero UNo finally..

  55. dXn says:

    Please Update!

  56. Someone did some art for this novel. Can someone post he link or the chapter it was on?

  57. OnlyTruth says:

    Translate Duke legendary prodigy

  58. OnlyTruth says:

    듀크의 전설적인 신동 번역

  59. (ICY)whoever says:

    starting read this

  60. Jack says:

    Can you ad this Novel Professor Moriarty’s Probability Became

  61. Ferraz says:

    F*ck Yeaaah

  62. Reina Vena Reina Vena says:

    Because it’s good junk food to waste time, nobody thinks this is a masterpiece. Not to mention that the mc charisma and autism almost rivaled cid from to be power in the shadow and liam from the galactic empire.

  63. tromnor says:

    pls add city of witches

  64. Mateuszrty says:

    tnx for update

  65. cblaker says:


  66. cblaker says:


  67. argi says:

    로판 속 공무원 Please mtl this novel

  68. eddy says:

    tnx for the update

  69. Ozaki Ozaki says:

    Stardus’ growing obsession and realization just keeps making this better and better! Thanks for the updates Noble! :DDD

  70. Myaha says:

    Could you translate this series please?
    Name: My Daughter is a Dragon!
    Korean name: 내 딸은 드래곤!

  71. cblaker says:


  72. Silver says:

    give me the next chapter please!!

  73. Myaha says:

    Can you please translate Elf Who likes To be Humiliated?

  74. The Llama says:

    Stardust is slowly turning into a yandere and I’m all for it sheesh

  75. Doble 7 says:

    Cada cuando se actualiza la novela, se quedo en el cap 167

  76. gekkou says:

    I’m dying to know Stardus’ reaction to Mango Stick killing a hero

  77. huehue huehue says:

    Probably every 10 chaps or so, and since this series usually gets daily updates, more or less 10 days

  78. Nain says:

    May I know this novel update schedule? I know this novel update daily on novelpia and it’s only a few days since been updated here, but just for reference

  79. OzakiTheBored says:

    Omg thanks much!!!

  80. huehue huehue says:

    My baby finally got updated 🦆

  81. OzakiTheBored says:

    Are there news if this novel is getting more updates on this site? Or is that 120 chapters just it…? TvT

    1. Noble MTL Noble MTL says:

      This serie will be Updated at September 5, 2022

  82. Kurenaikurumi says:

    You’re asking this from an MTL?

  83. YourFanMTL says:

    more chapter ! 🙂 pls

  84. The Llama says:

    updates please TvT

  85. Baalgares says:

    Luck that I found this mtl. Love the mc so muchh. Give me moree, pleasee!!

  86. Kogu . Kogu . says:


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