I Can See the Comments on the Doomed Novel
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I Can See the Comments on the Doomed Novel

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I guess I’m an extra line of the Aphrodisiac novel.

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  1. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    Just for the Spirit Hunting Arc I’ll change my review to 8/10.

  2. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    Everyone else already made their review very clear so I’ll just keep it short.
    It’s premise is interesting, though I agree that MC and the others talk about themselves being a mere characters too much for me to fully enjoy it. I also felt that the author missed the chance of using the plot point of MC struggling with the fact that he is just a character in a story by giving him that skill but don’t mind the heavy plot armor as that’s probably something to highlight that they are in a story an he’s the MC so he’ll never be truly defeated. It’s not great but it’s fine. The other characters are quite interesting honestly and I’m enjoying it so far, it’s decent.

    in conclusion 7/10, something that I will read whenever I feel like it(when I don’t have more interesting novels to read).

  3. Owlish says:

    Overall rating- 6/10

    cons- Dumb mc (he is a pain to read)
    Thick plot Armour (bs luck)
    0 effort on making engaging antagonist

    Just skip this if you aren’t into apocalypse .

  4. Padre damaso says:

    OMG there’s a ton of wall of text, what is this AOT daym these walls are thicc

  5. kk77 says:

    Now, now, Ser Sephir, this is already the second time you’ve cursed me to isekaiment for leaving an overly verbose comment. Should you do it a third I shall be very cross indeed! >_<
    And I surely need not remind you again that should the curse actually come to pass you will undoubtedly make it to the top of The Hitlist.

    Goodness, this really has played out near identical to the last time, and with the same exact people in the same exact roles. How very curious.

  6. Sephir says:

    stop why aren’t you guys reincarnated already get transmigrated already

  7. Sorry, I want to correct my wrong diction, it should be ‘destination’ instead of ‘destiny’… I think my english fluency is starting to go down and degrading to some extent…. Sigh….

  8. kk77 says:

    Deja vu~ I’ve definitely been in this place before!
    Ah yes that’s right, @Slippy’s reviews overflowing with their exceptional zeal (for their crusade against all line breaks in existence), and @Rennnnna’s indulgence to the former in the name of a conscientious response.
    Well… after all, why not? Why *shouldn’t* I contribute?

    For all the focus on plotholes, no one seems to have addressed the characteristic at the root of it; which being, that this is a meta-novel. It’s may seem obvious from the title and synopsis, but just to be extra clear this is a novel whose story and characters are defined by its own meta-plot. A brief rundown (slight spoilers), as I don’t see one —

    Basically, MC blinks and suddenly realises he is just a character in a novel, as is the rest of the world and people in it.
    His brain somehow doesn’t immediately physically implode into a singularity in reeling from this because he has Gamer’s Mind or whatever, which also lets him view its comments, as per title. The novel turns out to be about a zombie apocalypse – or at least, that’s the initially presented primary setting. So he works to save himself while extras explode into blood showers around him – as extras are wont to do – and finds enough grace in himself to help one other, who, coincidentally enough, just so happens to be his rich, hot childhood friend. They find the OGMC who also coincidentally happens to be a hot girl from the same school; shenanigans ensue —

    well if that was all there is to it, it wouldve been mighty cool with me. but his trait isn’t limited to just reading chapter comments of the original novel, but also the current one – as in, *this one*. things keep getting increasingly meta,
    he starts talking about the actual author, the actual author starts talking to us – the actual readers – in the middle of the story (well, to all the freaks on novelpia that is), there’re even ‘NPC’-s who also know they’re NPCs in a novel, and a whole bunch more stuff. in other words this isn’t so much a survival story of a guy in a novel world, but a Deadpool-esque adventure where the MC spends maybe more time staring at the fourth wall than he does living the actual story. as a point of note the mc even explicitly alludes to deadpool himself.

    i really really love self-referential and fourth-wall humour – i don’t however, love stories where the story and the characters treat their own world as just a story; how could i possibly take anyone or anything that happens to them seriously when the involved don’t, it’s so bad for my immersion. i mean the sheer gravitas of being in a situation like that, some metafiction ability or no. well i suppose the idea is that you dont take it seriously, it’s meant to be comedic, but, well… it’s not is it? the mc here is under objectively desperate circumstances, and he acknowledges it as such, but then he’s also joking about himself and the story in terms of fictional contexts, but then he’s not, and i dont know – i don’t think there’s good bridging, OR separation between the two. It can be done so much better. To explain what I mean, refer to the subtle elegance at the hand of Terry Pratchett, or the sharp, unexcused delineations in Gintama. Of course I’m not literally holding a web novel as this to such ridiculous standards but – it just wasn’t working for me regardless, even when only comparing to other web novels with similar themes that I did enjoy.

    Also, guys, can we talk about this. he can chop up a human into minced meat in cold blood while another’s head turns to blood mist next to him, and not even flinch when he feels what might be his last breath, but then faced with the mere IDEA of a girl being naked, NEARBY, OUT OF SIGHT- or questioned about dating and it’s all “erm–uhh, err” stutter-stutter-fluster blush-blush-fever, and “um, um, l-l-like someone?! you mean like marriage?? kids?! GRANDKIDS?!!” — the all-powerful reality-bending power starts failing.
    Like, could we possibly move on as a genre from the soyboy virgin has nosebleed at flash of girl’s panties joke; it has literally been DECADES of nothing but. Actual. DECADES.
    so if you really must use it as ‘comedy’ or whatever, at least *try* and have it make some sense first.

    Anyways, more to the point; as I see it, all the so-called plot armour and contrivances people have griped about are but the innate trait of a self-aware work playing on itself. It’s in fact lampshaded within the novel more than once on how conveniently proceedings play out – it’s almost as if they’re in a story isn’t it? Particularly, a story that happens to be about a story being a story. Now, normally, I wouldn’t promote flaws being passed over for the simple acknowledgement of their existence, but for a case where that’s the setting itself, I think it can be largely excused.
    That said, I do see how that wouldn’t make it any less frustrating for certain people, but again, I believe that’s more to do with the fact that the novel does not make it clear how much of it to take seriously, and where.

    tl;dr for an actual recommendation. um, it’s good i guess. there’s fair amount of fun stuff if youre into it, and dont mind – or really like – super duper meta stuff indulged to point of overshadowing/obsoleting the actual story. i myself really dislike it in general, as an example the ending of ORV ruined the entire novel for me, so of course i dropped this one at a certain point. but youre not someone so overly nit-picky like me and dont take everything so super duper seriously (i only do it because im mentally unhinged), you’ll probably really enjoy it. maybe it even gets really really good just after the point i stopped reading. that’d be right typical.
    And since we’re doing numbers now for some reason??? I guess it’ll have to be a highly critical, personal rating of 6/10. Thank you all for coming to my TED talk, my cooldown on tempting fate only recently came back up, you see. Send thoughts and prayers, tag them cross-dimensional just in case.

  9. Sephir says:

    i feel like there are more and more 5.5k words comments, could just me be though

  10. Personally speaking, I like this novel. I really do. I upvote for Noble to update this. This is the kind of novel that you can enjoy where you can turn off your brain and then immerse yourself into it while becoming slightly ignorant to some of its holes or flaws.

  11. Yes, I share your sentiment. I would like to see the protagonist fails and stumbles on his journey slightly. But I think, the best kind of fall is the type of mental outburst or breakdown because of protagonist’s own action, like let’s just say that the protagonist longs for revenge and theme of the novel is also revenge, the protagonist succeed to do it, but he accidentally killed his own surroundings and the person he’s closed with (like example maybe one of his harem member, perhaps?) And that his own action lead to his own suffer. He’s still successful on reaching his destiny though… But at what cost? I like to see that one, you know?

  12. I feel conflicted on what Sir. Sleepkitten stated on his long speeches. Okay, so let’s break it down as best as I can :

    1. I agree with what Sir. Sleepykitten said. This novel has a lot of plot armor… and it’s a thick one…. Like, when I said it’s a really thick one, I mean it. The plot armor here is really thick that you’ll notice it right away. And Sir. Sleepkitten has also stated the concrete examples of the thick plot armor that mainly occurred a lot during the storyline (mostly the coincidence that our MC always gets the best comment and presents from pure sheer random luck, they’re always helpful, never deceiving, and that to some point in the story, you’ll get the feeling that the novel becomes boring in a certain way because you know the protagonist will never lose even once, because you’ll start to notice the plot armor here right away for the main reason, and for me, if the plot armor is very noticeable, I will put that as one of the cons). Which is why I also agreed to what Sir. Milky violet said. Don’t get me wrong, this novel has a good start, and also some engaging conflicts here and there, it’s just that — again — the plot armor is really noticeable and thick. The MC here is very, very, very, very reliant on pure chance and opportunity. And his luck seems to be blessed by the fortune goddess herself cause he’s just so… lucky? You get the gist.

    2. But for a plot hole (loop hole)… well, let’s just say I am afraid to say that I quite DISAGREE for this point. It’s not that noticeable anyway, but you’re right if your concern Is that there are some of loopholes here and there, it’s just that they’re not that troublesome and bothering the pace of the plot tension and the world building (because most of the time, the loopholes appear on those aspects), they’re not something that really throw you off the line.

    3. As for the plot contrivance and plot convenience, I can somehow agree with that but let’s just say I will remain neutral since there are other novels whose plot contrivance and convenience issue are much more problematic than this one. Everything always seems smooth sailing for the MC, but it’s not as bad as, let’s say, Sole Master novel, so I am neutral at this. But I slightly bias to agree that the plot convenience is thick here. But again, I’ll remain neutral. However, as I’ve stated, the convenience is really thick here.

    4. Yes, I also agree for the point that Mr. Slippykitten said regarding to the fact that the protagonist characterization is highly forced. You can’t deny this fact either. It’s literally there in the first chapters because of the skill itself that he gained himself at which forces him to act in a certain way, so, it’s a literal fact that I can’t argue since the protagonist skill force him to always act like he’s detached and become somehow like a person who suffers from DDD symptoms. To be honest, it’s creepy when I read it first in the beginning part of this novel (beginning chapters), because his character seems very… detached? Seems a bit forced really…. Is that a correct word here? But conversely speaking, the other characters development are relatively good.

    Conclusion :
    It’s not a bad novel, and it’s a worth to try. Just try it your own, and see it whether you like it or not. I will rate it around 7.5 / 10.

    Thank you for sparing your times to read my thoughts. Wish the best for you, Comrades!

  13. Sephir says:

    The problem with that is that you need a good execution of the novel for a “minor fails” like losing in the beginning , it could quickly lead to a novel being trash

  14. Y’know thinking about it, I want to see a protagonist fail. Like not bad end stuff, like minor fails. He loses to minor villain at the start, overestimates his strength and in turn is punished for it, doesn’t study for a test and fails it, and etc. i think an interesting point would be like MC knows it all/pro gamer/whatever loser dirty water, gets possessed into game and loses to tutorial boss which is like academy professor or something.

    MC learns from that experience and realizes that combat is combat. You could know all of their weakness but if you don’t know how to exploit that, it might as well just be nothing. Of course this is just an example, I’m pretty sure I could come up with something smarter if I tried but I’m too lazy rn.

    It doesn’t help that most stories usually have a busted system talent or a bit of time before they actually need to do something so authors could just go “he beats tutorial boss because he farmed monsters 2 months prior or he can learn swords cause sword sense or whatever”

    While those novels are still fun, I’d also like to see a novel where a protagonist fails here and there a bit. I think I should note that most people wouldn’t find that fun because mistakes are almost always never fun, while they make for great characters in movies or games, in a world full of text they are nothing more but a hassle. But hey that’s just my piece on novels, nothing against other novels.

  15. Hash2O says:

    “This one got heavy plot armor” “There’s too many loopholes” okay guys, you need to face reality now.
    In 90% of the novels updated on this website there’s heavy plot armor and loopholes everywhere, whether the plot armor work in the usual way with a MC that got everything covered for various reasons, or in reverse where the MC is an ultimate victime who’s being targeted by everything for various reeasons. In both cases it’s nothing new, and under a vulgar munchkin novel with an hideous and boring concept like “sss class things returned” “things at the academy” and all, where the MC act confident, without hesitation and all, when just before the critical moment there’s something like “actually idk if it’s gonna work, i could die and all but i gotta do it anyway” before surviving thanks to an enlightement or s41t like this, I swear I’ve never seen an “ah what an obvious plot armor”. Or when it’s with a HEAVY victim MC who’s all sad, got betrayed, got treated like nothing and all, I swear I’ve never seen “what obvious plot target”.
    FUTHERMORE, sorry to break it to you guys ; BUT when a MC is doing something that is not in his interests and even hurting himself for reasons like “I gotta do it anyway” YOU’RE NEVER HERE TO SAY “ah what an obvious loopholes”.


    + asura i didn’t understand anything in ypur 1st comment.

  16. Mannn…. Already got isekai’d….

  17. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

    oh… it’s another cover

  18. Haha bro went over 5500 words, look out for truck kun

  19. Sephir says:

    man get reincarnated already

  20. Oh yeah, I wanna edit the previous comment. I meant the “MISTY” mission / task. Not “DUSTY”, hehehehe

  21. Just give it a taste to see whether it suits you or not.

  22. In short, it’s more like a “me” problems. But again, literature is also the form of art. And even though art has some academic and systematic consensus to determine the value of art whether it’s good or not, the most essential thing about art is that, just as we all have known, “Art is subjective”. Maybe it’ll suit your taste.

  23. Still a solid novel though. Would I recommend this to you? If you a casual and/or just wanna waste your time than I’d definitely recommend this to you. That’s it.

  24. Maybe this over-thick plot armor will be fixed next section / chapters. Really, it just a bit disappoint me when it became boring because you know that the protagonist will always deal with the problem in the first place without there’s a threatening stakes or whatsoever. We know he’s gonna survive, we know that the sudden coincidences gonna occurred, we know he’s gonna win, and if he dies we know hes gonna survive on his own, except in the hotel arc of course, that’s why I love it the most. All im saying is if this plot armor and plot convenience get thicker and thicker, it might gonna be another boring harem Gary stu post-apocalyptic korean novel. I’d rather be told that the protagonist is OP like saitama from OPM at the start so that I wouldn’t expect any threatening stakes and just enjoy the experience when you read that kind of novel to waste your time rather than be told that the main protagonist have an ability that is a bit ambiguous whether if it’s gonna be good or not but then it turns out that he gets an armor that is way thicker than the “OP” protagonist.

    But I’m gonna be honest, if you don’t really expect this novel as high as me, you might rate this novel as a solid 9 / 10, really.

    But as for me, I’ll rate it a solid 7 / 10. And don’t get me wrong, it’s still high though. Its just a little bit disappointing for me speaking subjectively.

    Good character development (except for MC [as for right now of course]), intriguing setting (except the sudden forced setting that is forcefully thrown in the pre-established known setting), super clever and unique idea about comment ability (except the part when the MC somehow always got coincidences where he’d get a good non-trolling comment in the middle of the fight), and etc. (But with the plot armor and convenience related problems). I just wanna see the MC suffer a bit more and feel the obstacle, really.

  25. I’ve read it until the latest chapter. This MC is way too opportunistic and reliant to luck / chance. It’s like his skill is meant to help him in the first place while also giving some kind of comedy tone to fuse with his ability. But that doesn’t mean it’s bad, that’s refreshing and clever, really. To confuse / mix both the ability with the literature device to set some comedy inside. But in my humble opinion, I think this refreshing and “genius” idea of hex / ability is a bit wasted. The MC doesn’t really deal with a bad circumstances, and I somehow agree with what the previous commentator / reviewer before and above me — Mr. Yak — said. The plot armor and the “deus-ex-machina” moments in this novel is really thick. The protagonist always get helped by the forced coincidences or “under-5%-chances-it-might-occured” moment. Before I read this novel, I expected the stakes to be high so that the protagonist felt the obstacle and the tension in order for him to grow. And yet he’s not even properly growing or developing as a character, just being the same forced cold and composed character with the use of his “coincidentally” given characteristic in which give him the ability to negate any mental attack and forcefully change his first personality. You might expect when he realized that he’s just a character of a novel he might experience some kind of identity crisis or whatever the terms related with derealization mental disorder, right? You might think it’s a good opportunity, device, and idea for the main character to grow and overcoming his identity crisis, right? You might think after he realized he’s just an extra and he’s not even “real” in his “real” POV he might have a contemplation or overthinking problem about his existence, right? This is a good opportunity and idea, right? BUT NAHH! THEY FORCED THE CHARACTER TO CHANGE AND NOT USING THIS AS A CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT DEVICE TO PROGRESS THE PROTAGONIST BY GIVING HIM THE METAFICTION CHARACTERISTIC. Oh and also, When you read the first chapters / part of this novel, you’d probably expect that protagonist get trolled in the middle of the conflict or complication or even near the climax in part of the plot line (prolog — introduction — exposition — triggering incident / point — rising action — conflict — complication — turning point / change — climax [the edge point of tension inside the plot of the story] — falling action — resolution) which could lead to another great anticlimactic end of the plot section and also a great plot device / tool to enhance and develop the plot further, like example in the latest arc (before the meeting with Yu Mina [the evil God arc], because of the “unsupportive” comment appeared as a chosen comment, the protagonist have to face his death and thrown away to hell like just what he literally just said (“I’d rather be thrown into the hell rather than bow before you [the evil God]”). It’s a great way to use it as an example of Chekhov’s Gun (and in which in this arc also introduce us his new verisimilar skill called “Chekhov’s Gun”, this narrative technique can be used cleverly not just as his bare hex / special ability, but also as some kind or foreshadowing) by using his own word to foreshadow what’s going to happen to him without the audience even noticing / expecting it. Or it should also be appeared in the first part of chapters in this novel by giving us a stake earlier and make the audience think that “oh, the commentator can also be deceiving” WHICH THEY DO, BUT ONLY APPEARED AT THE INSIGNIFICANT FILLER STORY WHICH DOESN’T REALLY GIVE US AN IMPACT OR RISING THE TENSION WHATSOEVER. Oh don’t forget about the sudden constellation bullsh*t that suddenly appeared without even giving a good foreshadowing before it occurred in the first place. Like what the heck? Why is it suddenly appeared in the middle section of the whole storyline in this novel? Why couldnt it appeared like in the “DUSTY” or before that mission? There’s not even a pre-established clue or proper foreshadowing before. The only clue I could find is when the protagonist look at the night sky, and that’s it. This sudden thins I called plot convenience and plot contrivance in which the sudden and forced coincidences and thins happen in order for the character and the plot to advance. My point is, there’s way too many forced coincidences and plot contrivances in this story in which it also contributes to the plot armor that is thicker than my thigh. It’s wasted idea.

    But in the contrast, the original main character (Yuri)
    and Yena (hie childhood friend) get a good character development. In the hotel arc and perhaps in the Busan’s arc. But it’s a bit infuriating when I see Yena always said things like “OMG! HE’S SO COOL, I WANNA BE HIS GIRLFRIEND, OMG! MY PUSSY IS SHAKING RN FOR REAL!” kind of stuff. Its not really a problem if you look at her characteristic. But why is that really all she can think of? Its either the MC, the MC, the MC, Her love rival, and her family.

  26. Asura says:

    Thanks for the reply.

    Reading through I see your point with loophole/plot hole if this ever get translated maybe it not as bad as it seems.

    Also misinterpret the Mc skill
    Comment mention what original protagonist went through and recently (chap 29) mention what happen already in his timeline. And rules to his skill and world he in are still being explored.

  27. Re0 says:

    To add on to Asura comments
    Spoilers obviously

    Similar to ORV probability it prevent mc take full advance of his comment skill and prevent merchant from given certain info

    The npc most likely be playing huge role in future and coins being collected by merchant for unknown reason.

    Not sure if merchant or Mc but mention possessor androids psychics tho cannot confirm yet if there will be any.

    There other people who are reincarnation

  28. Rian Reswara says:

    Loop hole, by the definition, is an ambiguity which is part of an absurd context / underlying circumstances in which there’s some kind of inadequacy inside of the canon and system or what you might probably called the “pre-established” or the “known” rules set by the author / writer that has been understood and been comprehended by the reader. Loop hole is just a general context for a lot of untied / unsynchronized rules and system. In the terms (literature’s field context) of novel, we perhaps know this loop hole as “plot hole”.

  29. asura says:

    To Ali 99

    what do you mean by loopholes? Is comment skill confusing?

    From what I can understand his skill is to tell him the comments from the original novel not his timeline. As if this will
    change who knows?

    Do you mean how his skill helps him solve the problem at hand? I guess that is fair since for the most part so far
    he has been pretty lucky with the comments he has gotten or searched up, with few unhelpful ones.

    To Yak

    A bunch of novel on this site has mc with massive plot armor, tho still enjoy those novels.

  30. asura says:

    So far read “24 chapters”, 8/10 for me though it is mainly due to my preferences

    it is a bit similar to ORV, it even made a reference to it in one of the chapters 😉

    from what I can understand based on the MTL

    the main character a web novel reader gains skills
    -let him know his world fiction
    -let him see comments
    -gives him mental protection very similar to fourth wall skill from ORV

    main character childhood friend
    the normal one in the group for now
    she may or may not become powerful in future chapter, ok i’ll probably happen

    the original protagonist
    reincanator who experience the apocalypse before.

  31. Yak says:

    There is so many plot armor for mc in here.

  32. Ali 99 says:

    Not worth it
    The idea of ​​comments is quite new but the narration is pretty bad

    And it has a lot of loopholes 🤦‍♂️

  33. Do says:

    ‘Tis not worth it in my opinion.

  34. Eshya . Eshya . says:

    is there anyone so kind as to sacrifice himself?

  35. OnlyTruth says:

    Translate Duke legendary prodigy

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