I Decided To Become a Perfect Girl
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I Decided To Become a Perfect Girl

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Decided To Become a Perfect Girl

“It will happen then”

I want to live a perfect life without regrets when I am reborn

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  1. SOKIN says:

    Kindly requesting you to upload more chapters of this novel. Eagerly waiting for new chapters 🙌🏻

  2. “It takes a real man to be the best girl.” – Vedal probably

  3. Hu Tao Hu Tao says:

    This is really good. Read up to the latest as of writing this comment (ch190).

    I was honestly surprised. I was expecting some feel good novel where the MC shows-off. What I got is a very mature take on the idol industry of Korea as well as the culture around it. The MC is not a “munchkin” and will fail at times despite working her hardest which makes the moments of triumph all the more rewarding.

    This novels shows both the good and especially the bad side of the korean idol industry. Kinda like what Oshi no Ko did with the Japanese entertainment industry.

    You get scenes where the trainees are constantly on a ranking system and are constantly at their toes since a low rating means they get eliminated; scenes where the underage trainees are force to starve to attain the “ideal” weight; and scenes where the more unhinged fans and the antis will harass people because they fail to meet expectations or some other weird reason.

    The MC is extremely likeable too, well at least after the first 12 chapters or so. The first 12 chapters MC was honestly really cringe, but fortunately when she got a sister after ch 12 she starts to be likeable almost like they are two different characters.

    This novel is good and I really look forward for more.

    To those who want to read this just stomach the first 12 chapters or so where the MC is cringe, and I guarantee you it will be worth it since the rest of the chapters are good.

    1. Enter says:

      cuckold discovered

  4. IME says:

    please update academy spearman noble-samaaa

  5. Cu_sujo says:

    Please Noble update the jrpg please😭

    1. Cero says:

      The Mc of that novel is very funny 🤣.

  6. How the f**k does s**t like this gets updated when alot of the popular and really good ones are rotting away for months without getting any updates smh..

    1. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

      in discord there is an update request section, with only 12 reactions to the request noble will update the novel. Or you can pay for it

  7. nolifeboy says:

    Please update

  8. Rader says:

    Looking at this I remember reading a Gender change Japanese novel where MC became most powerful Demon Queen. He was such a man of culture that he loved playing with his new body and started a lily harem full of angels and demon queens. Forgot the name of that, but one day I believe that I will again cross path with it and hope that by that time it will be completed.

  9. White Yama White Yama says:

    lol man compete with his mother tits size

  10. I used to dig the genderbender tag in the past so I jumped in head first. Sighhhh it’s Boring af

  11. Sky That Gathers Screams says:

    To all juniors,
    TS means gender bender, its when a male charactar get reincarnaed as a female one

  12. says:

    ^Let you cook some more of this like damn seems pretty alright story idea, if this will be handled by a professional writer/experience writer.

  13. Velcon says:

    Bad TS story idea: I became the pink-haired childhood friend: Tags: Fantasy, Romance, BL(?), yandere, and TS

    Now why do I call it bad, cause lets say MC has ofc a childhood friend, hair is pink means bad. What do you know Pink-hair cheats on MC with lets say a prince(Fuk it, add academy there too). MC dies cause cringe plus end of the world or whatever.

    MC wakes up to find himself as… TA DA PINK-HAIRED CHEATER(Well, before it all happened), woken up shocked and disgusted for what he has become. Not only that he finds that his old self is still a living person(Or at least who he thinks is his old self) and comes up with the dumb plan to date himself so that that does not happen again.
    Time for Old MC body, its now a random guy who, you know what? Played a game with the same world and knows of the future cheating of the childhood friend. So with new MC chooses to try to run away from Pink hair thinking she is bad news not knowing the hell that will cause him.

    New Pink hair is seeing that their old self is avoiding them(even tho they were dating at this point) so they start getting more and more angry cause they think they are doing good for their old self which makes a yandere out of them. Later they get a happy ending going to new MC home world, cause rip planet that boi gone.

    Last mention, Old pink haired became the prince. Died 2 weeks after cause of acting dumb, quite sad really. Could not learn how to use the bathroom(Joking).

    Why did I type this here, Idk just bored.

  14. Forgotten one says:

    I don’t like gender bender novels

    1. rob z rob z says:

      Gender bender, TS, alpha female, no romance – this must be the most toxic combination of tags I have ever seen. Even worse than that novel that had the gaslighting tag.

  15. Boobaman says:

    Ts is Telephone S*x

  16. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    @Shallow Vernall TS is gender bender, boy turned into a girl or vice versa.

  17. Jahe manis Jahe manis says:

    TS stands for Transsexual, which is basically a gender bender. In most Korean web novel TS typically occurs when a male changes to a female.

  18. Hash2O says:

    Can someone ask for an update of narrow eyed villain on dis please?

  19. Luckyzero says:


    Once TS have romance tag It’ll either become a yuri or bl…. In this case It will probably become a mental BL if they added romance

  20. Lku says:

    Why no romance 🗿

  21. says:

    Also, before, I passed out because of my sleep deprivation because of school. Good luck to those that will poison test this, and I always appreciate/thankful for those who review novels in this website, so thank you as always, truly.

  22. says:

    Also, alpha tag??? Kinda cringe like those people that refer themselves, since most people I met who refer by that term are mostly the ones who are the most insecure, and get the least amount of respect from those around them, are mostly concerned about projecting the image of an ‘alpha’. Then again, it is my only experience, cant say for all the other people that experience people meeting them.

  23. says:

    alpha female 🗿

  24. What a surprise a Ts novel, anyway thanks for the novel

  25. says:

    So early that there are no chapters uploaded yet, lol. But anyway, no romance??? And ts too, huh how surprising truly since most ts I see are romance or something like that.

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