I Found the Regressor With My Reflexes
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I Found the Regressor With My Reflexes

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반사 능력으로 회귀자를 찾아버렸다.
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Synopsis I Found the Regressor With My Reflexes

No, this is not what I was looking for.

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  1. IME says:

    LMAO SWORD AUTISM and begone thot

  2. Su 183 says:

    Not for everyone there is ‘some’ boring parts but so far it’s good
    The MC is fun and cool with good head
    Also +18 stuff is good just one chapter for now 🙂
    The regressor girl is a bit annoying but it’s realistic

  3. Lorus says:

    Does anyone know if this site ever upload newer chapters later or is just a one time upload?

  4. Someone add the Yandere tag please.

  5. Shadow says:

    @Anonim Like an op existence, like someone with gamebreakingly strong power or with some cheat hacks can easily be considered a munchkin.

  6. Anonim says:

    Munchkin mean?

  7. I really don’t understand why everyone is speaking so negatively about this book. Reading it was quite enjoyable, as the author doesn’t stick to a specific plot and smoothly develops the story, presenting interesting events along the way. Finally, the main character, who is capable of building normal relationships with girls – I haven’t seen such in ten thousand years. Finally, the plot represents not only “I did A to become stronger and it unexpectedly helped me better achieve B,” but rather a logical sequence of events that is still interesting to observe. The storyline of brotherhood with orcs, which is occasionally encountered in books, is still good.

    The only thing that raises questions for me, strangely enough, is the main character. I don’t quite understand what image he reflects. The thing is, he always acts wisely and according to the situation, but not heartlessly, which makes his personality seem somewhat dull. He’s neither smart nor foolish, neither strong nor weak. He can move forward when necessary but doesn’t rush ahead of the locomotive. If the other characters leave a complete and vivid image in your mind – the envious and love-hungry princess, the strict but naive swordsman, the knight who remains true to his ideals and seeks himself in service – then the main character seems somehow… Some kind of… Too normal?

  8. caliber says:

    Indeed, this is not I was looking for

  9. is she that annoying ? I think she become normal after ch 13 or something ,idk about after that.

    Like every other tower novel , the mc awake ,find himself in the tower and got status window. He have reflection ability similar to Dante’s Royalguard except with cooldown and automatic .He discover the regressor with his ability and she tried to attack him.

    Tutorial , mc make smart move ,he collect pokemon (goblin) and meet another heroine with “S” tendencies (her skill). After the tutorial, he got a reward that can release the regressor power and she decided to trust him. Later , she appear in his room with FULL BODY TIGHT.

    Overall , It’s average , lackluster compared to Regression Is Too Much.

  10. Insufferable says:

    Regressor is pretentious, annoying, and insufferable.

    I know… it makes sense. And it’s realistic.

    But it doesn’t mean it’s entertaining. Realism can only go so much, what we actually need is a reasonable character that’s also interesting to read. There are some annoying characters put there in other onvels that are actually ineresting to read about because they’re done correctly.

    But she’s just an annoying mary sue.

  11. Dagonsuznyz says:

    These kinds of regressors should just die. The MC is friendly to the regressor and it is stupid. I am
    Dropping this.

  12. I have never seen a synopsis as bad as this
    heck this is the worst since it’s not even a sentence much less a phrase

  13. Zero says:

    Opinion of the novel?

  14. Hash2O says:

    Our frontliners’ brothers did not come back. But it’s been so long we’ve had an action novel with romance so I’m still gonna jump in the poison pool, wish me to survive please.

  15. Zzz says:

    I like the cover girl and i am assuming she is the regressor noona so i will give it a try.
    Wish me luck

  16. Insufferable says:

    It has an interesting premise but sadly It’s not my thing.

    It’s a tower novel, and I don’t like tower novels because it feels like I’m reading about a person playing a leveling game.

    So no overview today sad

  17. Cyra says:

    Such helpful Synopsis

  18. Insufferable says:

    So generic I have no idea what to expect

  19. ohh the cover suit my taste, i’m going in

  20. Poison Tester says:

    Ill go and suffer hahaha

  21. Staz says:

    I need the frontliners’ review for this

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