I Gave Up Their NTR Liberation Quest
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I Gave Up Their NTR Liberation Quest

Read full chapter I Gave Up Their NTR Liberation Quest, Light Novel I Gave Up Their NTR Liberation Quest english, LN I Gave Up Their NTR Liberation Quest, I Gave Up Their NTR Liberation Quest Online, read I Gave Up Their NTR Liberation Quest at Noble Machine translations.
그녀들의 NTR 해방 퀘스트를 포기했다
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Gave Up Their NTR Liberation Quest

zI wanted to be happy with them as much as I loved them.

But the result was only their betrayal…just tell them to go away.

ps: Not NTR, kinda similar to inside an adult game as a former hero

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  1. Skyte says:

    I need yandere

  2. Kyryuu says:

    EEsto si es ntr no mienta tan descaradamente noble

  3. matachi says:

    yep, i couldn’t read anymore after ch 80+, the story become so random. author add 12 gods watching the mc and used some stupid nickname to them, and they did stupid and crazy things, because author wants to add some comedy elements to the story. the problem is its not even funny, its just cringe and disgusting. imagine hades has nick as a kidnapper and author use that for all chapter. eww.

    not to mention, author didn’t really explain in detail when wrote the story, why the maid kill the mc but suddenly she resurrect him? why suddenly the story become so absurd and theres a real lianne in the maid body now?

    the mc also a hypocrite and its become unreadable.
    didnt like to be betrayed but he lied so easily to other people.

  4. Ezra says:

    I am litte afraidof the title ntr( not mentaly strong) even though it’s no ntr i don’t like reading this….hhahah

  5. BLANC says:

    Can you translate Became the Villain of romance fantasy

  6. Ok I read it, it’s pretty average main theme was on regret which should had made mc cold, ruthless and then what we wanted but the fkin author did bs and made almost every girl who betrayed have a chance of redemption so easily by forced settings and the main theme revenge of the story was completely made useless, and the mc is watched by so many gods (12) plus goddesses , he can’t act freely, is little dense, this book gets frustrating and annoying to read after few chs and you will find yourself skipping chs content like crazy as author write lot of other useless details instead of writing what we want. The tags are mild
    To be honest better read inside an Adult game as former hero and stealing/robbing the heroines they much better than this it’s 6.5-7/10

  7. Ultimate ninja storm says:

    I’m a fan of betrayal regret Etc hope this will be fun to read and will be not annoying one

  8. Kama Hiro Kama Hiro says:

    He does something and is watched over by the 12 gods and gives him a coin every time it pleases the gods, the plot suddenly goes like this, very annoying

  9. Nay says:

    You’ve been uploading regret novels these days, not like I’m complaining. Been a fan of regret after main heroines. Thanks for upload…and update ntr former hero plz

  10. Such an explosive title, it will be a shame if novel can’t live upto it, let’s dive in to test water guys

  11. Manager Han says:

    Poison tester? Where are you?

  12. RAVENS says:

    Give me spoilerz

  13. Putu says:

    Can you translate i killed player of academy?

  14. Putu says:

    Please translate i killed player of academy

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