I Have Come To End This Fight
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I Have Come To End This Fight

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이 싸움을 끝내러 왔다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Have Come To End This Fight

[I will give all of me to whoever kills me].

The world has gone mad with the bombshell declaration of the continent’s ruler, the Sword Lord.

“I like how simple it is. So you’re telling me that if I kill the strongest guy, the whole world is mine?”
A pissed-off genius jumped in.

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  1. SenatorArmstrong says:

    And guy above my first comment is right. No romance as of yet, even a tiny hint of it (sadly). But Im shipping MC Yuri with Theresia. These two have a chemistry. And I want to cook.

  2. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Yeah this is a solid 8.5-9/10. Try it.
    Very good and fun novel about a scoundrel MC who is so talented that his body broke cause it can barely catch up with him, and his quest to overcome the One Sword with his later crew after he started the Pira- I mean Fighting Era. So come aboard and bring along all your hopes and dreams.

    The characters are good and have their own personalities that makes them good (Theresia best girl). They’re not just a peanut gallery. And their interactions with the MC is hilarious.

    Yuri(the MC) is a heavenly talented maniac who loves to train and fight but is also a filthy capitalist who likes money and points (and becomes addicted to gacha box draws). He is very likable and also shameless.

    The pacing is quite rough during the first few chapters, though it becomes smooth once the MC and his teacher starts travelling. Plot progression is good, not too slow not too fast.
    And MC is OP in a sense that he is heaven defyingly talented. But years of wasted time gimped him cause of lack of guidance. Though hes pretty much wrecking shit right now. He loses of course, but he enjoys and accepts losing since he learns too.

    The translation pronouns of the characters are sometimes wrong (MC Yuri is Male but a lot of the pronouns become her). Names are also sometimes translated weirdly (Yuri becomes Glasses) or are translated in 4 different names.

    Honestly, very little negatives so far. My biggest complaint is that the chapters are lacking, unlike my desire to want for more of this novel. Gonna wait for the updates from the awesome admin.

  3. Emphat101 says:

    Its actually pretty good
    Juat read it, I’m too lazy to give a long review but I promise that its worth your time (btw no romance as of chapter 129, I said this since its the most common question in this site)

  4. Emphat101 says:

    Well what can I say, its like the revised version of lightning degree if you ever read it. A golden eyed orphaned protagonist, a strong master/teacher, scammer protag and teacher, their ki/chi/mana is in the form of cloud and thunder/lightning, comedy, and many more.

  5. Blue Shadow says:

    The synopsis is like Kings Of Pirate Gol D. Roger will when he die

    And the title sound like Shank when he stop marineford war

  6. He’s genius in the fact that he’s skipped a bunch of levels of being a swordsman while still being a weakling, perfect body, deathly constitution due to the skipping of levels, and I haven’t read far enough to see how well he can comprehend and use information.

    It’s kinda like a Chinese cultivation novel where except having like dead meridians and being humiliated or something, he’s just too good that his body can’t handle it. He gets a old master who teaches him, unbeatable willpower, god tier luck and I haven’t read far enough to say more. So far it’s decent, I mean it’s basically just strength training where I’m at because his body is not on the realm of his soul.

  7. Q D Q D says:

    So, another self-proclaimed “genius” huh? I doubt that

  8. Favored op villain says:

    Any poison testers

  9. Huh that’s pretty neat. Now make a fan fic of the same story but the MC is a girl now and call it “I became the academy janitor”

  10. Somewhere says:

    So it is good, any poison tester?

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