I Was Sick of Loving You
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I Was Sick of Loving You

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그대를 사랑하여 아팠다
Status: Completed Type: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Was Sick of Loving You

I had a terrible nightmare. The nightmare of him loving a woman without feelings, and dying without being understood by her and his children.

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  1. Forgotten one says:

    The MC is a hogu but the story is very beautiful…

  2. Forgotten one says:

    I don’t like this Hogu MC …

  3. The plot is very very forced.. The flow does not feel natural at all. ML is a simp, a pushover. FL is one dimension character. She goes either left or right (its a metaphor), that means she only loves or she doesn’t. The world building is very crude, no personality development. And too much melodrama with lot of dark emotions.

    Though ML has lived for a long time, he still acts like a coward and a baby who has just started to see the world. All in all, read this just for passing your time.

    I personally wouldn’t recommend it.

  4. Hu Tao Hu Tao says:

    Fun read. Thorough-out the novel we learn more about the MC and Female lead, and we come to understand their gripes and feelings. The world is definitely interesting and unforgiving, and the main antagonist made for a really malevolent and unpredictable threat. The early chapters were definitely its strongest, the mid part was interesting, and the ending was satisfying. Nonetheless there was a part near the end where I think it was really stupid, but thats my opinion. Overall it was a fun read 8/10

  5. Emphat101 says:

    Man even the comments felt like mtl’ed, seems like their english was affected by reading too much mtls

  6. Olala says:

    At Chapter 25 I Was Sick of Loving You Was Of The Novel But MC Never Stop Love Heroine In Fact MC Infatuation With Heroine

    I Know This Romance/Pure Love/Regret Novel The MC Will Be Together Heroine At End Of Novel But With I Was Sick of Loving You Name I Thought MC Sick of One Sided Love MC Run/Leave Heroine On Journey To Get Away From Heroine But They Meet On Danger Journey They Fight With Anything They Have To Slay Live MC Fall In Love Again With Heroine/ Found A Way To Treatment Heroine Family But NOOOOOO MC Try To Push Heroine Away With Tiny Bit Power But Let Heroine Let Walk All Over Him

    I Disappoint And Betray

  7. Olala says:

    At Chapter 22 MC Say He Have Enough MC Don’t Live A life Of Nightmare Like The First Live But When New Tiny Bit Of information A About A Way TO Treatment Heroine Family MC Cling On to it Live He Life Depend On It

  8. Olala says:

    At Chapter 18 MC Say With Slay Heroine Will Nothing But Waking Nightmare But MC Continue Gave In To His Emotion He known Heroine Family Is Incurable In First Live But Second Live MC Continue To ASK Himself Is Heroine Family Really? Like How Really?
    I Know That Human Emotion Is Difficult But How many More Time Will MC Doubt Himself If It Mc Continue Like This MC Will Live Under His First Live Shadow The Rest Of His Second Live

  9. Menma says:

    Thanks, i will try it

  10. Olala says:

    Highly Recommended

    MC is Third Son of Low Rank Nobility and Sword Maniac BUT BUT Only Average Sword Talent
    Suddenly MC Father Tell MC A High Rank Nobility With Only Daughter Need A Low Rank Nobility As Placeholder So Nobility Bloodline Can Continue, MC Agree Easily Because Daughter Is A Sword User OF Divinity Talent it Call in Novel Plus Heroine is Extreme Beautiful, First Time They Meet Heroine Interact With MC Coldly MC Thought It Okay Later Learn That Heroine Family Have Extreme Talent But In Exchange With No Emotion

    In short MC Try All His Life To Find A Way To Cure Heroine Family But To No Avail When MC Die Of Old Age MC Never Get The Love Of Heroine Now MC Regression MC Don’t Want To Marriage Beautiful Emotionless Doll Known As Heroine

  11. _ Izanami9 _ Izanami9 says:

    Is it 2000s drama? Lol

  12. Sooo…. Technically mc is simp

  13. please says:

    can we have “I killed the player of the academy” raw novel please,,

  14. willianpk1 says:

    por favor traduz as versões mtl dessas novels re:life player i became the tyrant of defense game ambos tem também manhwa e são muito bons vale pena traduzir mtl as novela tem mais 300capítulos merece ser traduzido não consigo entrar no discord se alguém poder por favor poste isso la

  15. Pham Thuan Pham Thuan says:

    literally adult novel, so don’t read if you don’t like it (。・・。)

  16. Pham Thuan Pham Thuan says:

    Do the no-pants dance

  17. I raised EX Class says:

    maybe it refers to the novel that is currently popular there.

  18. Lku says:

    Does anyone know the meaning of H logo on the thumbnails?

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