I’m Not a Hero Like You
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I’m Not a Hero Like You

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전 당신 같은 용사 따위가 아니니까요.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I’m Not a Hero Like You

Born as the child of a great hero and saint who saved the world.
that was my original sin

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  1. Cho Ger Cho Ger says:

    Tbh I can’t understand most of the chapters only a few are readable lol. And I can’t even blame anything cause this was MTL.

  2. Tabibito says:

    Update please

  3. Lullaby Lullaby says:

    Please update after 120 chapters

  4. Tristan boss says:

    He gets better as time goes on. The author also doesn’t explain everything from the beginning. At first all we know is he’s talentless, everyone around him is blind to that fact because he’s the son of a hero, his mother starves and abuses him for “not trying hard enough”, his fiance is a yandere who wants to drug him into a sex slave, the prince is a dooshbag who beats him regularly over a childhood grudge, everyone ignores it because they think it’ll be a learning experience for him. His father is a negligent parent who ignores all this. The demon king is literally using him for entertainment and at first doesn’t care if he dies.
    Later it’s explained that Karel was literally cursed the day after he was born and that curse gives him endless misfortune and amplifies both his own negative emotions and what others hold towards him. Kariel was actually born a genius bit sacrificed his talent in a certain incident five years ago in a ritual to save the elves. Afterwards his own parents and everyone betrayed and framed him for the “greater good”, thus breaking his heart. He then decided he wanted to leave the empire, but because they wanted to keep using him his parents wiped slmost all his memories, including his first love. Then a talentless newborn in a ten year old body was continually abused while carrying the expectations of a supergenius by everyone he knew.
    I personally think Karel does pretty well. He couldn’t really improve his situation as long as he remained in the empire because his mother was managing his every breath. He taught himself music to cope with his pain and planned to escape and live on his own at age 15. When the demon king throws him into an infinite death simulator, he devotes himself to the opportunity instead of just rejecting it. Whenever he says “I’m cursed”, he’s not complaining, he’s just stating a fact of why he can’t get with anyone.

    1. Excalty and i like this about him.

  5. Idk it feels like the plot is trying to make me feel sad for MC but I just can’t. Oh I got it, it’s trying to be grand but in reality it just comes off as cringe.

    I can’t feel bad for this mf when I’m cringing every time he does something

  6. Anyways I don’t like this novel, MC is too caught up in going “waah I’m so cursed waah” like bro just get abused quietly dawg. Like seriously, imagine the most sad-boy things you can think of like “she loved me! my heart! waaah” and those cringe anime pfps with the black line across their eyes and you basically have this novel.

    I would’ve recommend forbidden hero if you really wanted to read a similar story but I’m not because the later chapters suck.

  7. Not a fan of overly righteous saint, who cant even retort to bullying.

    1. Actually it was too much of bullying done by the whole empire due to a curse placed on him which was unknown to both of his parents, the hero and saint. Even they were being affected by the curse due to which he became super duper depressed.

  8. rob z rob z says:

    Poison. Do not read.

  9. seeing this MC and the one from forbidden hero, god it would’ve done so much if someone had some genuine empathy for them.

    Even something as simple as a “good day” or holding the door open for them would’ve done them wonders.

  10. Hmm I might read it if he does become a goody two shoes, because I would rather forgive and move on than to revel in anger and fight.

    I am of the belief of optimism, human kindness, and the ability to do good just because you can.

  11. Tristan boss says:

    Thank you!!!!!!!!

  12. Tristan says:

    This is basically the dark version of “breakthrough with a forbidden master”. It’s unquestionably inspired by that story. However here the Mc is abused by his friends and parents, is cursed with the destiny of being hated by everyone and becoming evil the day he was born, and the demon king who trains him is an actual sadistic demon who doesn’t actually care for him(at least at first). The Mc isn’t just untalented with an inferiority complex, he’s been betrayed by everyone, and I’d both depressed and suicidal. Unlike breakthrough which had the Mc simply go on a soul searching adventure, this story will have much more serious conflict.

  13. [Status: Reading]

    [Last Read: Chapter 56]

  14. atomicblade says:

    when is the next update?

  15. Fortnite Player says:

    Was waiting for him to fight his father and instead he becomes a goody two shoes.

  16. Ashborn1609 says:

    I wasted my time because this novel is a fucking harem again 😭😭😭😭
    Why didn’t you put a harem tag

  17. PAPI says:

    When’s the next update

  18. Missiperfectlive24 says:

    The negative thought be vibin at the beach under the schorching heat *,*

  19. Reina Vena Reina Vena says:

    Dropped. Forget what I said.

  20. Reina Vena Reina Vena says:

    Picked up. Hope it turns out to be better than the forbidden master in the long run. The island arc really killed my interest.

  21. LW130003 says:

    The first part is similar to “Forbidden master”. Unlike “Forbidden Master” that focuses on training, the story here focuses on MC psychology. It is very dark and negative. There is even foreshadow that MC tragic life is due to some curse.

  22. Its just a slight different version of a Japanese work ‘Forbidden Master’. Majority of the plot is the same.

  23. D27 says:

    Is it good?

    1. It’s above average. If you done mind the depression part and still go through it. It get better from around chapter 20. And even before that, it starts getting better when mc beat up the prince and his gang. I would recommend to read it at least

      1. Correction: “if you don’t mind the depression”.

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