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Incompatible Interspecies Wives

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섞일 수 없는 이종족 아내들
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Incompatible Interspecies Wives

Polygamy was abolished.

…It was okay if we weren’t bound by force anymore.

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  1. Ean says:

    Best novel in the site 10/10. Harem and happy ending, no beta MC.

  2. Hhhh says:

    Where is the chapter with the letter abolishing polygamy?

  3. Phantom . Phantom . says:

    Can anyone give a brief summary of how it ended. I like reading the summaries for what happened, appreciate it.

    1. Suherman Joshua says:

      Our MC succes defeat his last enemy. Fulfill his prophecy by pretending to be dead and avoiding polygamy rules. Polygamy was strictly enforced only for Nobels, because the king was afraid that the Nobels would form an alliance to overthrow his kingdom. He forgive his 2 former wife and live as commoner with all 3 wife, but he still have money. Relative and friends that know MC still live, support his economy. Yeah, MC live happily, have many sex and maybe will have many kids. The end

      1. Luis says:

        Gracias por el resumen.

  4. Nameless says:

    It seems like they intentionally didn’t update the ending of the series even though it was over

    1. Jack Lee Jack Lee says:

      They know people refreshing page. Milking maybe till 2024

  5. k says:

    Waiting for srutal bex

  6. D1Grandmaster says:

    Absolute gold novel by the goated author

  7. RINRIN says:

    The ending for this novel MUST be harem, i dont give a fck with all that theory, i dont see any ending that better than harem at this point. With all that suffering, missunderstanding, and anxiety bringer that author write for the mc and the heroines, all of em deserve happiness with the mc and the mc with the heroines.

    1. Extra Extra says:

      The author’s previous novels with similar plot structures have had happy ending harems.

      This one will likely be no different.

      1. RINRIN says:

        Thank god! Well thats a good news for sure

    2. k says:

      I read 2 of his previous work and it all end with harem, so I can safely said that this will likely be the same

      1. Zen says:

        Do you guys know the names of previous works ?

        1. J4Dastardly says:

          You can click the name of the author to see his other novels that had been uploaded here — Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? — I Became a Villain’s Hero. In the NV — Pretending To Have A Girlfriend? — is listed as his too.

        2. k says:

          Just click on the author name

  8. TheDiir says:

    Friends, let’s shed our naivety. I know that anyone reading MTL novels is definitely not foolish. We know where this is heading and we must be prepared for what is to come

  9. Extra Extra says:

    Berg, master of guilt-tripping.

    Seriously though, this author loves making their MCs guilt-trip the heroines so hard until they break from regret.

    1. Extra Extra says:

      I’m burnt out from reading this author’s novels.

      They’re all typically heavy, emotional rollercoasters and are very exhausting to read.

      As much as I’ve loved IIW and their past novels, this will likely be the last one I read from this author after it’s completed.

    2. Jahe Manis says:

      Berg be like:
      “Nerd and Arwin forget me and move on, nooo, I don’t want that. I want they always remember me and regret, 10 years at least”

      1. SenatorArmstrong says:

        Unlike CUCKren, The MC here actually got to bang all the girls that like him. No one getting sneeded by a rando farmer(Historia) and no one getting horsed(Mikasa).

        1. Ninja says:

          the bird would take his revenge soon

  10. Jaky says:

    Now I can see Sien is death with his child due pandemic, Nerd will back with Berg, help his territory from outbreak, probably they reconcile and will have kid this time. Nerd will die due age. Berg will know that bird is Arwin in control. Agree to marry her and share life span with her. I can see Arwin killed due her research about sharing life, other elf will consider her too dangerous to stay alive. Berg will stay lonely watch his kid died due age. Suit to his title as solitude hero.

    1. D1Grandmaster says:

      What the fxck were you thinking when you wrote this big ass spoiler here lmao

  11. Kont0llond0n says:

    please update the novel my alter ego is becoming a giant instead of this interspecies wife!

  12. Kont0llond0n says:

    please update the novel my alter ego is becoming a giant instead of this unclear interspecies wife!

  13. It is quite a good read. Most people might sing praises, but the plot has its own flaws.. but nonetheless quite entertaining.

    I usually don’t like reading drama with heavy regret, and this is jam-packed with it, but the world building, the characters, their development, their emotions and flow of the story is enough for me to continue reading this.

    Now Sein is back and Bern is married to her, and she is carrying his baby… Don’t know but based on the trend of authors writing, I feel he is trying to raise some flags which I dont want to see or read. Hopefully it doesn’t follow what I am thinking…

    I would rate 7/10. There were some places the plot felt forced and author just had to forcefully add regret. But, otherwise definitely worth your time.

    1. WISE says:

      Oh come on bro. Be mindful of the spoilers.

  14. TerriblyArrogant says:

    Pretty reasonable complaint.
    This novel gets updated every 10 days and there are novels that haven’t been updated for a year.
    WTH, admin!!!

    1. D1Grandmaster says:

      The novel on the original website gets updated 1 chapter every day so obviously this website will upload 10 chapters here every 10 days.

      1. D1Grandmaster says:

        Oh wait I’m dumb, I just realized your complaint was about this novel getting more updates than others but eh, this is one of the most popular novels on this website so they’re obviously going to update this more consistently. The real problem honestly is that this website uploads too many new novels yet they won’t even end up updating it most of them

  15. Dude, it’s not fair to post a new decent read and update incompatible interspecies wives in the same day

    1. k says:

      What is the new decent one you mentioned?

      1. I meant “I have supported my favorite characters for 10 years”

        (It’s not amazing but I thought it was decent until ch35)

        1. Kingshand says:

          Same. It gets kind of generic the moment they actually meet up.

          1. Yea my problem was mostly with author being somewhat indecisive about making a fantasy with comedy elements or writing straight up gag novel

    2. SilverInk says:

      Ur right.

      What about ‘how to survive as a barbarian’ ? They neeed to update this.

  16. This is one of the dumbest novels I have ever read on this site. None of this is how actual real people operate. None of this make any sense at all. The drama is forced, the intimacy is fabricated, and the love is an illusion. A waste of time, really. The author needs to talk to real people and touch some grass. Don’t read this.

    1. WISE says:

      Why are you so frustrated man? Are you ok? Do you need some help??

  17. Jaky says:

    As I watch the last episode, the only thing that comes to mind is that this result is entirely natural. It’s not just about betrayal. Ner and Arwin lack the effort to improve their relationship with Berg. Berg is the one who consistently tries to love his wives, even when they are not reciprocated it. I understand why he loved Sien so much. Berg couldn’t help but love someone who was not only happy with what he did for them but also reciprocated with even more heart. Shien was also afraid of him when she first met him, but after he saved her from being sold as a prostitute, she started to like him and kept trying to blend in. She clung to him persistently and ultimately won his heart. Unlike Shien, Ner and Arwin did not make any effort to foster their love for Berg. Since Berg only gave them love one-sidedly, then they fell in love with him. Berg’s marriage has taught us that you don’t get reciprocated by doing nice things to just anyone.

    1. Gahar says:

      I do not entirely agree with you on this. I do agree that Shien was clingy toward Berg, but their relationship is described as toxic from the very beginning. Because the only side who was making effort to save Shien’s live, and her freedom was Berg. Shien was taking for granted that he will be there for her all the time. Long before she was taken by the church. She was treating Berg more like owners are treating their beloved dogs. There is love in such relationship, but it is not a relationship between equals.

      As for the other two. They were literally sold to Crimson Flames as glorified slaves. So, it is only natural to them to not react to Bergs’s effort in the beginning. They reactions was realistic, especially if we take in the consideration that in their culture polygamy was an abhorrent concept. Given more time and without outside interference they would be fixing all those problems.

  18. Deer Deer says:

    Based on the plot, my intuition tells me the author is going to take this novel into a deep and intense direction.

    1. Deer Deer says:

      I hope this isn’t the same case as “The Novel Extr

  19. RealEason says:

    how tf is this getting more updates than the more popular novels on this site

    1. Deer Deer says:

      Dude…did you read this novel? Do you know how tf gooood is this?

      1. IME says:

        everytime i saw you on the comment, you always complaining, i wonder what novel that hype you up man?

        1. IME says:

          wrong reply kek

    2. k says:

      Bro, this novel always top 1 Daily/Weekly on novelpia everytime I check. This is the popular one

    3. Yuki says:

      This story is about married life between individuals from different cultures and backgrounds. I know stories are not for everyone. One thing they have in common is that they are introverted and less social, but will be very loyal to people who give them love. Where the wife made a mistake because they didn’t trust her husband. They want betray him when they first got married (now they really love him). The husband, who feels often betrayed, no longer trusts his wife.

    4. sense-san says:

      Did you just not realize that maybe the author writes alot of chapters and maybe the uploader liked it enough to update it? Just because you like the other story doesn’t make the chapters appear faster.

  20. Jahe Manis says:

    The last chapter is so fun hhhh

    1. techmanOP says:

      Can you tell me what happen till now

      1. Jahe Manis says:

        Finally, the author takes us to the beginning of the story in the prologue. After a lot of plot building, I like the author, who leads us to the conflict of the story. Berg lost his precious brother and was disappointed in his wife. Will the author really going to make Berg a hero of solitude, which means he will always end up injured and alone? 😢 Will Berg decide to divorce both of his wives rather than just one? Can Ner and Arwin return their relationship with Berg to normal? Can the saintess return to a relationship with Berg? If Berg decided to forgive them and accept the Saintess, would he make a declaration of war against the king who decided to ban polygamy? I think compared to other novels written by the author which end in around 100 chapters, this novel will probably end in chapters 200-300. This novel was ranked number one this week on Novelpia

  21. k says:

    This week chapters really hit hard

  22. SenatorArmstrong says:

    You either enjoy this for the story or you just want to get mad all the time.

  23. Zreomurderer says:

    Good novel

  24. Phantom says:

    Thanks for the updates

  25. Jahe Manis says:

    @Kaniya In the last chapter, the MC finally meets his ex-lover. His two wives did not know that Saint was Berg’s former lover. Saint finally found out about the church’s lies and tortured the bishop. Berg decided to seriously forget about the saint and focus on his wife’s relationship. Berg’s two wives eventually realized that they liked Berg. Ner is in charge but she still hasn’t thrown away her diary containing her divorce plans. Note: Berg learned to read, so there will be new plays. Arwin is still confused about the difference in lifespan. The relationship between the two wives deteriorated and they insulted each other while with Berg. He made little effort to reconcile the two wives. While saint still wants to return to Berg’s lap, by advocating divorce to Arwin. The king, who was of the dragon race, submitted a proposal to Berg to become a noble if he helped fight the demon king. On the other hand, he wanted to ban polygamy in human race to protect his power from human noble that gaining power through multiple political marriage

  26. I haven’t read the novel but come here to see new comments whenever the novel is updated

  27. Kaniya says:

    Can anyone review the recent chapters?

    I don’t like drama

  28. k says:

    I dont know if this is a spoiler or not but all of this author novels had harem ending. So dont worry too much and enjoy the drama.

  29. Memomo says:

    so much drama man 😭😭😭

  30. My weekly depression is back again lol

  31. Extra Extra says:

    I was going to hold off on reading new novels / updated chapters because I’m playing Baldur’s Gate 3 atm.

    But as soon as I refresh the main page once more before leaving, I see this novel got updated…

    Dammit, I’ll make one exception for this because it’s so good.

  32. Gahar says:

    I do understand that. But my question is how much of reality bending mental gymnastic will be needed by author to reach a satisfying ending in this situation when everything is just going to go wrong. And i hope that the solution is not the – Berg is doing everything the royals, aristocrats, church and his clumsy women are demanding from him in the end.

  33. Jahe Manis says:

    @Gahar All the author’s novels have happy endings, I don’t see him making an exception for this one

  34. Gahar says:

    WARNING – Spoilers and fan made theories ahead.

    So, if I understand it right. The whole hero shenanigans which are happening in this kingdom were orchestrated by Neres grandmother who was a famous prophetess. The same women who clearly purposefully misled her granddaughter into believing that Berg is not hers destined one.

    Why did she that? Just to make him even more lonely? He is supposed to be hero of the goddess of solitude so maybe being lonely and abandoned by everyone is the price which he needs to pay for his powers.

    I am beginning to dislike this whole country and its rulers more and more after every bit of this story is revieled. A country where a bunch of old rich people are plotting to purposefully torment and manipulate a pair of young orphans into becoming martyrs for their country’s sake.

    I don’t see any good ending for this novel because all four of people who are trapped in this drama are bound to end bad in any realistic scenario so author will need a lot of creativity if he wants to end this novel with any kind of happy ending.

    Berg is most probably a hero of solitude so people in power will purposefully try to separate him from anyone who could have any feelings for him.

    Saintes is just a glorified healing power dispenser so there is no chance in the world that the church will allow her to leave and do what she wants in any circumstances.

    Elfen waifu is in similar situation. She is a living sacrifice to the world tree. The elves are clearly waiting for an opportunity to drag her back home.

    Wolfkin girl is the most tragic one. Being an unwanted child brainwashed by her own grandmother into not believing in Berg. She went this whole character development and begun to love Berg only to be sold out by her elven counterpart in the end. And the final nail to her downfall will be this f……g diary which she somehow can’t burn because of …….reasons? Seriously she is a sheltered young lady, but to this ridiculous extend?

    Sorry for posting this twice it was supposed to end here but I posted it under the 110 chapter by mistake.

  35. Carlos Niggelson says:


  36. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    Chapter 110. Regret is creeping in and yandere vibes are coming in strong kek. Ner was particularly creepy this time xD.

  37. k says:

    I have watched two of this author ‘s previous novels to pass time, and I can cleary see his improvement.

  38. Extra Extra says:

    A chapter update!

    The author is very talented at creating emotional rollercoasters and getting readers to care about their characters.

    ….They also have a penchant for making the characters in their novels, both the MC and the Heroines, suffer through a lot of emotional pain before they finally end up happy together.

    If you like this novel and are a sucker for emotional rollercoasters, I highly recommend checking out the author’s previous works.

  39. Extra Extra says:

    100 chapters read. 10/10 so far.

    I have no idea how the rest of the story will play out.
    But based on what I’ve read, this novel is easily one of the best I’ve experienced on the site.
    It’s crazy how invested I am in the story and the characters.

    I’m absolutely dreading the regret phase that’s to come for the wives.

  40. Phantom says:

    I will appreciate anyone who gives regret updates on this story if you’re reading. I don’t wanna read it myself but I wanna know how the regret plays out.

  41. vic says:

    imma be real, that yandere tag is a joke, i see nth here, heck even after 100 chaps we havent hit the prolog chapter.

  42. vic says:

    imma be real, that yandere tag is a joke

  43. k says:

    Yessirr lets go

  44. As predicted, Arwin tells Berg about the fateful couple that Ner is waiting for. Ner knew about the suspected poison bottle and suspected Arwin of wanting to kill Berg to run away. I can see that Ner will tell Berg. Poor Berg, betrayed by his woman 3 times. Berg maybe will keep the secret that he know. When polygamy was banned, I predicted Berg would want to divorce the two of them, while the two wives misunderstood and competed with each other in order to be the only ones beside Berg.

  45. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    Chapter 100.
    Damn. I must be a vengeful person that hates couples because I’m really eager for Berg to feel the pain. Fk. There’s so many little sweet moments that build up the anticipation ✨️. Haha I can’t wait for that regret to come hahaha.

  46. Jahe manis Jahe manis says:

    The novel is good. But dammit, I can’t stand the attitude of the two MC wives in the last 20 chapters, especially Ner. When you read her monologue, you want to scream at her for use her brain about her pre-destined partner prophecy—that her grandmother didn’t say specifically that he should be a werewolf and maybe he’s human. Even though Berg is noble, (prophecy told that her pre-destined partner is noble), he will be in the future based on Adam’s plan to make him noble. Adam is the only mature, smart character and good communicator here. Berg is lucky to have a good brother like him. Meanwhile, both wives are still stubborn and in denial about their feelings. On the other hand, the husband is less aggressive. As husband and wife, they still keep too many secrets from each other and don’t dare to communicate what’s on their minds. Berg doesn’t want to talk about his past with his old lover, the saintess. Ner doesn’t want to talk about his grandmother’s prophecy. I will read it again when Berg can read letters, find Ner’s diary about his plans for divorce, and see how regretful Ner is. Same with Arwin; I’m waiting for Berg to find the poison she hid to kill him. I hope Berg divorces the two of them and sees how they react.

  47. Yuki says:

    The novel is good. But dammit, I can’t stand the attitude of the two MC wives in the last 20 chapters, especially Ner. When you read her monologue, you want to scream at her for thinking again about her pre-destined partner prophecy—that her grandmother didn’t say specifically that he should be a werewolf and maybe he’s human. Even though Berg is noble (prophecy mentioned that pre-destined partner is noble) , he will be in the future based on Adam’s plan to make him noble. Adam is the only smart character and good communicator here. Berg is lucky to have a good brother like him. Meanwhile, both wives are still stubborn and in denial about their feelings. On the other hand, the husband is less aggressive. As husband and wife, they still keep too many secrets from each other and don’t dare to communicate what’s on their minds. Berg doesn’t want to talk about his past with his old lover, the saintess. Nerg doesn’t want to talk about his grandmother’s prophecy. I will read it again when Berg can read letters, find Nerg’s diary about his plans for divorce, and see how regretful Nerg is. Same with Arwin; I’m waiting for Berg to find the poison she hid to kill him. I hope Berg divorces the two of them and sees how they react.

  48. SilverInk says:

    It will be intresting to see MC having more wives which later on became a war between races as the wives compete for who will remain.

    There can only be one~~~!

  49. k says:

    Hope this will become a regular update, this is one of the top dog of this website

  50. This is good. I mean it doesn’t mean everyone will like this but I will just say it deserves a chance to be reviewed by the reader instead of reading reviews and skipping. See it yourself

    In short. I am too lazy to write a review but i like this novel lol

  51. I am batnam says:

    It was good the comments in here was misleading thank god ive read it, almost miss a masterpiece.

  52. Poison purification says:

    Unexpectedly good

  53. Poison purification says:

    Very good

  54. Forgotten one says:

    Iin the 1st cover is MC’s werewolf wife (Ner)
    Now in the 2nd cover is MC’s elf wife (Arwin Celebrian)

  55. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    Chapters 61-70 were a little slower and boring than the past 60 chapters. I guess the high tension and dramatics are over and we get to see the relationships develop. We see some jealousy and a lot of contemplation from the girls and their feelings for Mc. Also Saintess and hero party get air time. So the past 10 chapters were kind of disappointing but I’m still looking forwards to the next batch of updates.

  56. rob z rob z says:

    @milky violet – I think you were responding to my disagreement. Fair take, and as I said, much respect for being a poison tester on this site. Common critic’s response is also a fair take, and more in line with where I fall as it pertains to this novel. More particularly, the “misunderstandings” in this novel (as opposed to “Why are you becoming a villain again”, where the misunderstandings are far more stupid / easily resolveable / frustrating) are really due to racial stereotyping and situational issues (i.e., being forced to marry against one’s will due to family pressure). And as we know from modern society, these are not easy issues to resolve.

  57. rob z rob z says:

    @Mythical Djinn – not sure where the beef came from – I literally gave a high level of approval to your prior post from May 31 (used the term “preach it brother”). So where did the “calling out on [you]” and “dissing on your taste” come from? I thought your comment was solid.

    Trying to infer from the rest of your post, are you referring to my criticism of milky violet’s post about how a broadly defined category of “misunderstanding novels” is brain dead, to which I replied they as not as brain dead as a bunch of the common harem wish fulfillment drek out there happens to be? This seems inconsistent with your prior post where you said “reject harem” and “embrace regret / revenge.” Please explain and I would be happy to respond, but I really cannot follow what appear to be fundamental differences between your two posts.

    Turning to your claim the MC is a hogu (which I understand more to be a pushover or a doormat), I don’t agree at all. He is put into this situation of marrying these two women because Adam essentially forces him into it for the long term preservation of the mercenary group. But he is
    never optimistic bout it – he is pragmatic. It is what it is and while he didn’t ask for it, he accepts it and will try to make it work in the least negative way. If in the end the women fall in love with him, fine. If they don’t, fine. But he is not all happy / lovey dovey about the situation – he just acts maturely about it in view of the situation he finds himself. And I am not sure how to take your “aggressive .. don’t force to sleep with them” comment. Are you saying he should be aggressive and force them to have sex? I hope it just got lost in translation, because that seems pretty r@p#y.

    As to your criticisms of the females being the “lowest of the low”, I think that’s a bit extreme as to Ner (although Arwin was in the ballpark when she was literally thinking about poisoning him), but where is that inconsistent with what I said? I stated the author excels at making these FMCs you dislike and you can’t wait for the MC to diss them – which we know he eventually does because he drops divorce papers on them.

    Again, I don’t get the point of all the beef and the sarcasm – I agreed with your prior comment, and several things you say in your more recent post – I only disagree with the hogu part, which is a new point not in your May 31 post.

  58. Microwave says:

    Yeah, its Berg’s 2nd wife, Arwin.

  59. Workout says:

    Yo, they changed the picture for this novel, didn’t it use to be a white haired werewolf girl?

  60. Extra Extra says:

    You stop reading for over a month, only to watch as the novel releases/updates just keep on piling up like a mountain.

    This one looks interesting and is commenter approved. Bookmarked and added to the backlog.

  61. Microwave says:

    Do we actually know if the ex-childhood friend/Saintess was responsible for abolishing polygamy? So far Shien’s name was mention in a couple of chapters, but only as a passing. I know she is a Saintess and all, but would she be a leader of a religion? I’m sure there is probably a Pope somewhere in this Novel’s setting.

  62. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    I read to chapter 60, from chapter 50 to 60 was action packed and dramatic. I like that the author knows he can’t write fight scenes so he does it in a way that avoids the specific moves lol.

  63. common critic says:

    @milky violet While it’s true that simple misunderstandings can be solved through basic communication, that’s the idealistic scenario and it’s usually much harder in real life. The difficulty comes from getting someone to admit they are wrong. To give an example, suppose we have a girlfriend and boyfriend.

    Girlfriend: “you’re cheating on me!”

    Boyfriend: “what?”

    Girlfriend: “I saw you with another girl last night!”

    Boyfriend: “I was helping her get home after our friend meet up ended. We’re just friends.”

    Similar to your example, if both sides have full faith in each other and think rationally, the misunderstanding would be resolved here. Unfortunately, in the case of both examples, the misunderstanding has eroded the trust between the two parties. The girlfriend likely trusts herself more than the boyfriend as the misunderstanding has impacted his credibility. For proper resolution of the misunderstanding, the girlfriend will have to admit she was wrong and the boyfriend is right. And if you know anything about real life, getting adults to admit their mistakes is never simple.

    But I guess that’s exactly the charm of regret novels. We enjoy simple things like being told we were/are right. It’s even more enjoyable if someone else is admitting they were wrong in the process. So the accumulation of misunderstandings and miscommunication by the characters builds anticipation for the eventual payoff when they admit their mistakes. The misunderstandings by themselves may seem frustrating, but are entertaining when considering the context and genre of the story.

  64. Myaha says:

    If the saint have so much power to change the law to prohibited polygamy (this will pissed off lots of nobles), she should use it to get herself marry MC instead.

  65. First of rob z dude –
    You forgot to add something to your “VALUABLE ”
    review .
    Rather than calling out on us you should have written YOUR tatse that suits it rather than fantasy harems
    We dont like like it its our choice but dissing on us dont make the fact vanish that this mc certainly is a hogu(overly positive idiot) who just see past
    “Making a happy marriage successful”

    Once or twice good but his overly positive attitude towards the wives ARE irritating
    And the females certainly are the lowest of low not because they are scums or anything else but purely from the fact they simply cant make up their damn choices whether to leave/kill him or not and swings each time . Its justs so damn irritating when the mc himself while being decieved keeps treating them too agressive approch .
    And dont get me start on the fact that how is he aggresive when he dont force them to “sleep” with him.
    Even other than that the whole positive approach towards the two worthless wives already makes it 4.5/10 for me .
    If you guys dont mind the above said plot points about the characters .
    And be my guest and go ahead cause everyone has different tatse

  66. It was good to pass the time. I hope it gets updates

  67. I disagree with one of your disagreements, there comes a point when too much misunderstanding and miscommunication is not fun. it’s annoying watching the cast be caught up in the most simple tamest misunderstanding that could be resolved IF THEY JUST SPOKE.

    Now I understand if that misunderstanding involved the situation of a persons family, life span, or intelligence since all of those are naturally heavy topics that should be tread lightly. But the ones that piss me off the most are simple and tame ones like, for example this:

    Character A: “man I really hate carrots and apples”

    Character B: “haha me too man, they’re so rough I’d rather see a doctor!”

    Character C, hiding behind a tree 9 meters away: “Omg did he say he hates Carry?! AKA my name??! How is that possible ;((((“ *proceeds to be pissed at Character A and B for 92 years*

    Anyways I’m not sure how I’m gonna tie in that segment into this paragraph so I should probably just delete the entire thing and restart but I’m not cause I don’t wanna. But yeah, those ones are so easily solved if they just spoke. You should never make a misunderstanding like that last for more than an arc at best SINCE ITS SO EASY TO SOLVE AND NO REAL WORLD PERSON WOULD NOT ASK FOR AN ANSWER FOR IT.

    But alas it’s a novel and perhaps I shouldn’t spend my 5 brain cells on getting pissed on that, so i guess I will try this novel out.

  68. I like the three novels previously written by Mandu Lee: “Become a villain’s hero”, “Pretending To Have A Girlfriend,” and “Why are you becoming a villain again?”. Writers can write harem stories with interesting story structures. Although some readers often criticize the MC in the novel for being too kind and forgiving of the heroines, it should be noted that all the heroines in her stories have a bad environment that makes them have an unstable mental state.

    Until the recent chapter, there are four main characters in this novel: the MC and three heroines, two of whom are the MC’s wife and one of whom is the MC’s ex-girlfriend.
    1. Berg is the main male protagonist and mercenary. He’s an orphan who lives in a slum and survives by pickpocketing. Due to her bad past, she is a caring person and has sympathy for people who have a poor life like herself. He had to marry noble woman to save mercenary corp if the war was over.
    2. Ner is a noble werewolf, and first wife. She grew up being bullied by his brother and sister. Living lonely without having any friends. Her only hope is her grandmother’s prophecy about a destiny lover, but she is forced into an MC marriage due to the region’s plight. She plans to divorce MC once her father has the money to make up for the divorce.
    3. Arwin is an elf noble, and second wife. She is grew up in isolation and had to share her life energy with the world tree because she has the most life energy. As a result, she developed into a twisted individual. She marries MC to escape from the elf village and her family, plans to kill MC after marriage, and escapes.
    4. Shien is the ex-girlfriend of MC and Saintess. She is MC’s childhood friend, and after her parents passed away, She has MC-related dependent personality disorder. She is a lonely child who is not good at communicating. After promising to marry MC, she was instead chosen to become a saintess and could not get married because the power of a saintess depended on chastity. She was eventually forced to cut ties with the MCs.

  69. Rascal says:

    It’s good

  70. Forgotten one says:

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  71. GonManLp says:

    More!!! More please!!! This novel is really good!

  72. Hhh says:

    Wow the second wife is cool and all but I hate her first appearance

  73. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    Wow this one was really good, I read to chapter 50 and I’m a bit disappointed this one is short.


    Got to chapter 22, so far this novel is actually frustrating to read. In typical regret novel fashion none of the characters understand what the other characters are thinking.


    Time to eat up a new obsession novel. (Imma ignore the comments so I don’t get spoiled)

  76. rob z rob z says:

    First – Mythical Djinn – preach it brother.

    Second – Athanatos – agreed 100%.

    Third – Milky Violet – you have an established record as a brave poison tester for which I salute you, but I disagree with your take. Yes, the author’s prior novel was replete with miscommunication, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. However, it is far less “brain dead” than the majority of the ridiculous harem pablum / loser introvert otaku gets all the girls / OP shounen MC gets all the SKILLZ crap that is so prevalent.

    In short, the novel is generally well paced, has clear character development, and a not entirely derivative plot (a rarity these days). MC is a chad in the classic sense – tough, a fighter, but still respectful of women, and sensitive when he needs to be. The FMCs – well, let’s just say the author is well-versed at setting up non cookie cutter FMCs that you just really dislike, and as noted in a comment or two above, you want the MC to walk off dissing them all. The elf chick is an especially ugly, spoiled character so far. At the same time, the author spends a lot of time trying to create a legitimate basis for a harem ending.

    In short, this type of novel is right up my alley though – 9/10 for me. Hopefully gets prompt updates.

  77. Athanatos says:

    This one’s pretty good surprisingly, I don’t really know how to do a review so I’ll say it in my own words, It’s good.

  78. This is written by the same author of “why are you becoming villains again” so expect the most brain dead communication possible

  79. Crayon says:

    It’s good. There isn’t any “regret” happening yet, and certainly I hope the author won’t pull a messed up plot like they did in “Why are you becoming a Villain again”

  80. Velcon says:

    I am gonna call it now on how the regret happens

    Wolf girl: She ends up telling MC about what her grandma told her, about how she was meant to end up with a kind noble man that saved many people that will only love her. With this going she is about to tell him that she thinks its MC that she thinks its him/ does not care about such a thing, something happens and MC thinks he ruined her life maybe even thinking its the hero or something.

    Elf girl: Like she said to the wolf girl, she told the MC she has no plans to get in-between him and wolf girl but as time goes on she starts to get feelings and all that. Not much info for now that I can add more

    Saint/Childhood friend: You know how it is, she is lonely, so lonely in fact that she hears that MC got married with two wives. Hearing this she is pretty much pissed cause she was still thinking he is thinking of her and this meaning he forgot her. So you get it, she wants him to be as lonely as her, so she talks to the king to end having many wives in hopes that it ends poorly for him.

  81. Reafan says:

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  82. Keep it up noble , reject harem, soL and embrace regret/revenge . Honestly after those 3rd rate harem novels coming out wee seriously need more regret types where mc isn’t just a edgy Pokemon catcher but has development and decide to move on with his bad past

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  84. Misib says:

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    But is a good read beware od cliffs.

  85. ali dd ali dd says:

    A novel about a man talking about himself and how he collects wives from his point of view and from the wives’ point of view

  86. says:

    Anyway, I’m going to head in to read this. I hope it is not some mid or trash novel.

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