Inside An Ad**t Game As A Former Hero
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Inside An Ad**t Game As A Former Hero

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Inside an Adult Game As A Former Hero, 게임에 빙의한 전직 용사
Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Artist: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Inside An Ad**t Game As A Former Hero

Inside An Ad**t Game As A Former Hero novel mtl

Chapters from 1 to 80 are edited by blackrabbit

[No NTR]
I got pulled into the NTR game I was going to gift to my pure harem lover friend.
The game has already progressed to the middle, and the heroines seem to have been already stolen away from the hero, in which I was transmigrated into.
Now I just deeply crave for a cigarette, but I can’t even smoke in this world…!

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  1. Ozu says:

    Nice lessgoo.I would like to thank all of u fpr me presenting me the mtl of this great novel.Girl or boy doesnt matter to me really love u a lot admin and the staff hehe.

  2. jjba says:

    i just wanna know in advance when ưill this novel be updated, im really looking forward to it 🙂

  3. R G R G says:

    waiting for more chaptets
    also, frillite=katarina>leslie>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>neria>eri, ophelia

  4. Romcommoner says:

    Well he gotta do something to get out of this mess now, let’s see if he end up with a 10 some

  5. edra says:

    YES daddy, Moreeeeee

  6. gs888 says:

    Looking for more

  7. is there more for this? there was a cliffhanger in chap 196 with delusional childhood girl

  8. jjba says:

    it’s been a week, im still craving for new chapters :(((

  9. Gori says:

    When will next chap update? 😭😭😭😭

  10. Gori says:

    When will next chap update???? 😭😭😭😭

  11. H5e7 says:

    The most followed and commented on the website, and no update for more than a week…… I’m sad

  12. sov says:

    i need more

  13. Romcommoner says:

    please update, i sincerely beg you 🙁

  14. Milli says:

    And thus, the waiting continues…

  15. Mobex says:

    Raws at 206 as of now.

    Please upload the latest chapters when possible 🙂

  16. Romcommoner says:

    yesssssss thank you SOOOOO MOTHERF#CKING MUCH

  17. Mobex says:

    Oh hell yeah.

    Thanks for the new chapters!

  18. KrazyPatty says:

    Why is the ‘adult’ in the title being censored?

  19. huehue huehue says:

    We just copied the TLed name from novelupdates 😂

  20. Urgae24 says:

    The latest raw chapter is 206, but i thought it was already completed

  21. Extra says:

    Any chance we can get an update to the latest? (chapter 209). Or are you uploading in bigger batches of 10 or so?

  22. Extra says:

    Thanks for the update 🙂

  23. Biswas says:

    Please add villain who robbed the heroine

  24. Rohit Rai says:

    Which chapter is when mars live to travel

  25. Extra says:

    213 is the latest raw out so far!

  26. Myaha says:

    Can you please add this novel City of Witches? It’s as awesome as this novel

  27. anon says:

    can u add city of witches, need more +18 novels

  28. Raven Raven says:

    Hi…just passing by

  29. muttahir ahmad says:

    Can you please add Swordmasters’ youngest son, it has a lot of chapters, and it’s really good.

  30. muttahir ahmad says:

    Can you also maybe add stuff like, past life returner, damn reincarnation, the demon prince goes to the academy, return of the frozen player and stuff like that?

  31. This is absolutely gold full of plot, r-18 and fluffy moments that makes your heart flutter, don’t be scared by synopsis mc is not the one that is ntred instead he do netori as story progresses, plus yes he is not your beta shounen mc, thanks for admin for this site and story

  32. Agradecido con las traducciones de esta página y esperando la continuación de la traducción

  33. Fu Rue Fu Rue says:

    Please, Adnim, can you add the Ending Maker Side Story?

  34. fuha says:

    did the story end? or hiatus?

  35. Izanami says:

    Please update!! Its already completed
    On 238ch!!

  36. Solon says:

    Hey Admin, can you please add “I Became the Villain of a Romance Fantasy” Thank you

  37. Where is Chapter 230??(⁠╥⁠﹏⁠╥⁠)

    Still no update!😭😭

  38. Gustavo says:

    parece interesante…

  39. Pablo says:

    Does anyone know of another similar novel?

  40. Shinigami Shinigami says:

    Are MC girls virgins?

  41. Dragon says:

    ???? Ch 230

  42. Phantom says:

    Is this completed now?

  43. willianpk1 says:

    por favor traduz essas novels
    i became a tyrant in defense game seducing studant council president e re:life player o primeiro e o último tem manhwa são muito bons vale pena traduzir mtl

  44. LuxX says:

    This novel was wonderful. Mc is one of my favorite main characters. He’s funny, cold, ruthless, but certainly an excellent laugher. Worth reading and following.

  45. The middle until ending part of this novel is kinda bad. It made me dropped this novel. I like MC at first who goes around with his quirky and chad-like personality; meeting with cool goblin, orcs, fool vampire, Not giving a damn fck to whiny btch problem, etc. But the more you read and dwell into this novel, the more MC will become irritating and kinda a jackass and asshole. I don’t like how they give a treatment to MC’s original previous childhood girlfriend. It’s just really sad how MC treats her. I want to give a long-ss block of writing, but I’mma sum it up because I’m kinda lazy, the biggest problem with this novel is the protagonist personality (in the middle – ending) yet what makes me love and attracted to this novel is the protagonist personality too (in the beginning before he gettin involved with pregnancy, cheating, and btches). Ugh, I just don’t really like how they treat their character here. I like harem, I really like it, and this novel is also a harem, but somehow the harem part is the one who frustrated me 2nd to the MC’s character development

  46. Un weon fan del anime says:

    A really bad novel, not because of the story or its content, but because of its stupid ending that left more questions than answers, many things remained in doubt, such as, what happened to the other saint?

  47. 9/10 would recommend.
    This is my introduction to the NTR novel genre; and I’m amused, entertained and impressed.
    This is certainly in the upper ranks of isekai stories.

  48. SenatorArmstrong says:

    This novel went from fun to annoyingly uncomfortable to read. Honestly I’d prefer if the MC just went with travelling the continent, meeting pals, and having fun with his attitude. I don’t mind these types of “I get ntred so I get revenge/become op” stories, but theres just something wrong with the logic of this novel that I can’t put my finger into. Perhaps the premise of the novel is quite hypocritic? Or that the MC went from chad to asshat around the middle part of the story?

  49. shelwyn says:

    Why isn’t this novel marked complete? @admin

  50. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Finished. 8/10
    I wont retract my previous statements.

    The novel is good though (for a revenge powertrip r18 story). Not gonna write a long ass review since what should be said had been said by others

  51. Manchester Black says:

    I only write to find out if it is complete.

  52. Noobsama says:

    Man the title 😂😂😂😂😂 now if it real i want reincarnate into Koikatsu lol

  53. Manchester Black says:

    It’s not a bad novel but there is a point where things start happening about the MC’s previous life (or lives) that aren’t explained. And somehow the reader must assume that the author will not explain it.


    It’s not really a revenge story. He feels that technically they didn’t NTR him and that’s why he’s not upset with stolen heroines. He accepts them back out of compromise and treats them as mere acquaintances. And of course the three girls never understand anything about what happens with his attitude. He wasn’t really betrayed, so he doesn’t reproach them at all, the three of them then can’t really apologize and then they get stuck. They are not forgiven, They cannot turn the page and they cannot redeem themselves. And so it happens, that they end up being forgotten by the author in the final stretch because at that point in the story they no longer matter.

    But even if it’s not a story of revenge, he doesn’t let himself be stepped on by NTR guys.


    Sorry for the bad writing, English is not my first language.

  54. Enter says:

    They cann’t apologize to him, since the one whom they betrayed are already dead.
    In addition, one of these three whores has the arrogance of accusing the main character of his death, which was generally called by the one she betrayed.

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