It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains
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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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악당에게 사랑받는 운명입니다,Fated to Be Loved by Villains
Status: Ongoing Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

Fated to Be Loved by Villains raw mtl

I was proposed to by the final boss.

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  1. Putu says:

    Translate i killed player of academy ,please

  2. Q D Q D says:

    No obsession? That’s strange

  3. BLANC says:

    Childhood friend of Zenith

  4. draks says:

    please,update became an academy spearman

  5. Angelo Elford says:

    Isn’t that Bismarck ? On the cover

  6. Gary92384ug7w03 says:

    Bismarck is blond

  7. More please. Great novel. Thanks in advance.

  8. Met says:

    Yea lmao did the author get scammed by artist just recoloring bismarcks hair into white

  9. Fool9 says:

    Is this novel dropped?

  10. milkyviolet says:

    Came here for the yandere, very disappointed. I could skip 40 chapters and not miss anything.

  11. A Tier for sure……. might be A+ later on……. gives Demon limited Hunter vibes for sure

  12. King PJ King PJ says:

    This novel is great, it has “Academy weakest became a demon limited hunter” vibe, so if you like that novel you will love this one for sure.

    The plot is interesting and the pace is good, the characters are lively, especially the two main heroines, the villain and protagonist, each one has their own traits and the interactions with MC are funny, you wont never get bored when they interact.

    As for MC, I like him, he is a bit dense and idiot sometimes, but not to the point of being frustating, is more like for comedy purposes which fits perfectly with the novel premise. Aside for that, he has many chad moments.

    I hope the admin updates this novel soon.

  13. Alejandro says:

    Update please!!!

  14. Ped4o says:

    thanks for novel, update please admi!!!

  15. Pakboss says:

    Please, can you translate i killed player of academy.

  16. Rennna † Rennna † says:

    Yattaaa…! Update! Yoshh!

  17. I retract my previous statement. There were yanderes, I shouldn’t have skipped 40 chapters.

  18. Dark lynx says:

    Worth it?

  19. Bruh is Elijah a girl or male?

  20. StopParanoia says:


  21. Backbonez says:

    So here’s the deal. Mc is a man in a novel or game he becomes a loved by Villainous individual constitution and seduces crazy yandere Villainesses. And more crazy plots.

  22. SenatorArmstrong says:

    The human body has 206 bones and 600 muscles. There are 12 girls so far in the harem, 5 devils, 5 devil vessels, 1 saintess bordering sanity and insanity. Assuming the 11 girls want a piece of the MC:
    There are 24 hours in a day. 22 hours. 1.8 hours each for 12 girls(22 hours in total). 2 hours spent asleep
    On the assumption that 5 devils time works differently, I suggest an exponential scaling for them since an hour might feel like a minute to them.

    The novel feels like an acid trip. You are gonna pity, laugh at, and cheer for the MC all at the same time. Really the definition of “Loving can kill”. The devil vessels are not insane (they are but not that much), its just that the devils inside of them make them even more insane. Devils May Make the MC Cry.


  23. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Oh yeah the OG Heroine part of the harem which makes that 12 girls. Shes also the most SANE along with the Saintess.

  24. Azeizel says:

    Well it’s a good novel after “academy weakest become the demon limited hunter”
    MC is hilarious he always tries to say think in short but it becomes misunderstood like always and FL happened to just pass by there just to misunderstood those line for her
    And I like main FL the most but game original FL is also good 👍. So for me it’s about 8/10.
    I just wish it update soon

  25. Common Bandit says:

    Very good. 8/10

    Only thing bad Is that these crazy yanderes can get pretty annoying, always causing trouble for the MC and that the MC is very dense sometimes, otherwise its good.

  26. Hu Tao Hu Tao says:

    I don’t know if I can recommend this one.

    I read this novel from start up to CH. 165 (the latest as of writing this.) and I was pretty confused about the positive reviews. I read til the latest even though I didn’t found it that good mainly because I subscribe to the idea that a person must first finish the piece before one can give a proper opinion.

    My main problem for this novel is honestly the characters.

    I found the MC’s plans and goals extremely confusing. As an example without much spoilers: at the start he wished to remain in the background while for some reason doing everything that can grabs attention. This makes him either an idiot or honestly dense. Both things I don’t find endearing. Well eventually this aspect gets thrown in the water, but I feel like it was not by choice, but rather by circumstances which is not at all engaging.

    This is besides the fact that the MC’s personality feels too childish. Almost like a teenager pretending to be an adult vibe.

    My opinion on the female lead varies, for one I think the two main ones Elnor and Elijah are the more interesting ones but sometimes they do somethings that are definite Ls which I cannot overlook.

    I also think that the interactions with the female leads can get too silly if not very ridiculous.

    The setting of the story as well as the world building is honestly interesting. In fact one of the reasons I continued til the end is that I was rather intrigue on how some of the conflict will end, but even then I was forcing myself to read it because I cannot fully empathize with the MC.

    I really tried to like this novel, since I saw all the positive reviews of the previous readers and as well as seeing this novel in the Top popular novels not only in this site, but also in Novelpia. I really thought that this will get better as time goes-on. I think I gaslighted myself into thinking like that due to the positive reviews, but perhaps this novel is simply not just not for me.

    6/10 for me. While I don’t like the characters much the world and conflict is still interesting. I will try and read this again once it is finished to see if it does get better.

  27. Louis . Louis . says:

    Yo noble update the cover art since I checked this novel on novelpia, and the cover art was updated 3–4 hours prior to this comment, and the cover art is quite interesting cover since it’s a group illustration, and you can see the devil’s bowls and behind them is the devils plus importantly daowd plushie.

  28. ahhh no new obsession novels 😭😭

    time to reread this

  29. Noble-san, update this novel please <3

  30. Manchester Black says:

    Currently my favorite novel

  31. TIP says:

    Siento que lei esto pero no me acuerdo, alguien que haga un breve resumen de los primeros 50 cap?

  32. Salty1 says:

    The new cover art immediatly catched my attention

  33. Reader says:

    Are all korean author have no power level sense. They can not easily described levels in the novel. Here one by one strong people are added with no common sense. Caliban was shocked to see the power of devil and mc power but here upto this far it is described as mc is still below empire’s guardians like caliban!!!. At first it was said that archduke tristan is strongest in empire then it was said that emperor peesonal guard.and now it is said that lion war hero is strongest. And if there are so strong people then what the heck are those in tribal Union. They have no such powerful figure they have only casa gadra who can not easily win against ancient God lol. Then how tribal Union is a super power. It was said that holy empire assasin seras is one of the 2 most powerful grand assasin but she is hella weak lol. But there are many humans far superior to her. Every time mc fights with devils there is no sense that everytime devils power is getting stronger and again new strong humans are kept adding up.
    I can understand some powerful people like 6 vessel of devils, emperor, holy emperor, tribal chief and their respective generals are strong but here there is no no stop amount of strong people heck then why they need mc they can just kill devil vessels themselves. Just as story progressing the content becoming crap like. Every time villain boss come it makes previous boss like heaven and earth difference.
    Here now there are many future teller now but even they can not guess what happening after that. It was said that sullivan was a regressor but even she doesn’t know brown devil is emperor and lion hero is dangerous. There are many people who know about mc but not know what will happen.
    Another crap thing is now mc mother. Lol if she is such extra ordinary then how does she love his father a fat man. Only good personality can not be responsible for it. And mc father have such a powerful friend who is stongest in empire but his father always frightend by big shots like Duke tristan and marquis like chicken.
    I guess author is keep forgetting his plot.

    Do any one else feels same or not please tell me. Even I was going to add up extra comments about this novel but not doing it. Can any one guess why??? It is simple. Because I don’t want to reincarnate or transmigrate to this crap novel.

    My stress level is keep going up. At fist I was enjoying it but now it is becoming more garbage. So it is recomended for people who forget plots so that their brain don’t overload from the details. And those who don’t care about above details like me.
    Overall rating 4/10
    Please comment me and leave some details like me about this novel.

  34. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    This is Date A Live, lmao. What a stupid story xD. It was interesting until harem Mc became the plot point. The world will be saved if Mc marries a bunch of women and makes a harem. Ffs.

  35. Manchester Black says:

    It sucks to write a very long text and not upload it. I will say that I like it a lot.

    Grade: 8/10

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