Logging 10000 Years into the Future
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Logging 10000 Years into the Future

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高武:登录未来一万年,Logging 10,000 Years into the Future
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Logging 10000 Years into the Future

Year 1 of Martial Arts Cracks have opened between Heaven and Earth, and fearsome alien monsters have started to infiltrate the planet.
Year 100 of Martial Arts. Human martial artists are battling the invading alien monsters as martial arts have began to thrive.
Year 200 of Martial Arts. Humanity is dwindling, and alien monsters are encroaching on familiar territory.
Year 300 of Martial Arts. Lu Sheng crossed the bridge. Furthermore, he has memories from 10,000 years in the future.
“The Body Refining Technique from 10,000 Years Ago.” It’s a thousand times more effective than the one utilized currently after more than 10,000 iterations!”
“Martial Art Breathing Method from 10,000 Years Ago…”
“Medicinal Pill Recipes from 10,000 Years Ago…”
“From 10,000 years in the future, the Sacred Martial Scriptures…”
10,000th Martial Arts Year Humanity has vanished.
“The Path of Martial Arts had been refined to perfection, but no one was left to inherit it.”
“I, Luo Sheng, am the last ember of humanity!”

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  1. Reafet says:

    86من اين ابدء وانا في المانهو الفصل

  2. Peco says:

    Bad in a way only Chinese novels can be. Massive plot holes, unlikeable MC, unclear power system, widly OP MC. Just none of it works on a fundemental level, that said it’s entertaining enough if you really try not to think. Just read it till the second you dislike it and drop it immediately, it does not improve.

    I made it to chapter 313 but it got so bad even I couldn’t stomach it.

  3. João Vitor Santana de Morais says:

    Can somebody expla8nme the cultivation levels, I’m kinda lost in it and don’t understand, in a chapter they call a level 7 grand master, in other they call a level 8 grandmaster

  4. KHOUIDA says:

    Why did I stop at chapter 492 here and in Chinese I stopped at 642? Please continue the translation

  5. Anonymous says:

    Where to start reading after reading manhwa ch 53

    1. Dumb says:

      Chapter 55 is 127 in novel

      1. Justreadingbro says:

        Thanks man

  6. Bobo says:

    New chapters please…I came here
    After reading manga and need new chapters

  7. Qru says:

    I read till the chapter where he found he bas 2 wives in the future.. 129 I think..
    He’s selfish and stupid tbh..
    acting cool and the author keeps saying tall and handsome teenager every sentence..
    every time he sees someone randomly it’s a beaty that falls for him on first sight..
    he doesn’t even realize that making the future techniques public in the current era will give him even better techniques from the future development..
    and he’s supposed to be someone who lived twice.. with that kind of poor mentality after loving twice is just a waste of talent and time..

    1. KHOUIDA says:

      The writer interpreted the matter to mean that he was afraid of being threatened, and where did he get these techniques when he was weak? The thing that bothers me the most is every time scenes and people have to be described

  8. Charle says:

    How often does it update new chapters

  9. saadN says:

    what is chapter 23 in the webtoon is it in the novel?

  10. alejmart6 says:

    Update please

  11. Kyfe says:

    He commented in an internal monologue that it wasn’t a good idea to spread the advanced techniques until he’s strong enough to protect himself and others. He does eventually spread the basic body refining and spiritual refining methods.

  12. Aa says:

    Read till 100ch..
    Still not try to make close mc strong.. he just want to get strong alone…. So when he teach or give item(potion) to closed friend or family..

  13. It is a good read.

  14. D says:

    Labeling this as a “Harem” story is a Lie.

    So far (500 chaptere in) Not only is it a monogamous romance, it is the most rushed, poorly written, forced romance ever – with the most boring unpleasant unlovable character in the story. While much better characters get thrown to the side – character who treated the mc better, loved him first, loved him more, and even spent more time with him. The romance interest and the mc never did anything that would make them like eachother and if you put all the scenes of them interacting together it would be less than a single chapter and it would be the most unmoving meaningless chapter.
    The mc behaves like a whipped simp whos purpose is comedic relief when it comes to his “wife”
    The romance flat out ruins the story, like garbage poured on top of an otherwise excellent meal.

  15. gamersoul says:

    So this Novel is on hiatus by the author?

  16. Maybe says:

    Maby the author decided to postpone it and focus on the new mahua project

  17. Mile says:

    Porfavor mais capítulos

  18. Sidrocks says:

    Update please this is really great novel

  19. Fabiano says:

    A obra é boa porém o desenvolvimento dos personagens exceto o MC deixa muito a desejar, já passei da metade da obra e a única pessoa que o MC passou técnica foi sua irmã, e assim podemos dizer que foi um rascunho do rascunho, uma armadura de protagonista muito forte, apenas ele fica forte, rico e depois pobre, não possui uma boa base de crescimento para os demais personagens até o momento, o que acaba deixando a obra carente, não há inimigos forte para o MC no momento exceto os Santo Marcial, tudo si resumi em um soco e acaba a luta kkkkkk, os romances são aleatórios a mina viu MC uma vez si apaixona e não há nenhum desenvolvimento, até uma de suas futuras esposas e da mesma forma, um romance muito forçado e sem pé nem cabeça, ele viu que seria casado com ela no futuro, ficou estranho o clima entre eles e o autor vão levando o MC pelo nariz, chega a ser estranho até, e a questão de ser gênio o MC não possui nada kkkkkk, ele é simplesmente um monstro criando pela artistas maciais de 10 anos no futuro, pode até ver que muitas vezes o máximo que ele chegou foi no 9° nível, o que prova que não possui nada de gênio já que possui as melhores técnicas de 10 mil anos no futuro e apenas chegou no 9° nível em até o momento, claro o futuro dele sempre está mudando e ele pode gerenciar isso tranquilo, porém tem muito espaço para melhoria da obra e ser uma das melhores na categoria de Artes Marciais, só a questão de apenas o MC ter os hacker, e esses romances sem nexo algum precisa ser cuidado, a ideia é muito boa porém sair dando hacker ao MC a torto e a direito sem muito esforço basicamente, enquanto todos os outros estão si esforçando muito e não consegui sair do lugar que é tenso, em um ano o MC escalou do nível 0 até 7° nível pico, enquanto outros possui 100 anos ou mais e mal chegou ao 6°, até os Santos que são nível 9° possui apenas 3 ou é 4, esses são na verdade os gênios que conseguiu chegar aí com seus esforço, não o MC que apenas dorme, come entra no mundo dos sonhos, ganha hacker volta a realidade, enquanto os demais em volta ao MC são apenas usado por ele para seguir sua vontade como si fossem empregados e não saem do lugar.

  20. Eden says:

    More chapters please!

  21. Fede says:

    I looked at the Chinese websites and there aren’t more chapters at least that’s what I understood

  22. Ebrahim says:

    Can you update this One please? It’s been months now

  23. Icyblue says:

    Ok he gave tonic to his sis in 96

  24. Icyblue says:

    95 chap still counting. Mc yet to teach cultivation techniques to his Lil sister or give any kind of potion to boost her strength.
    Does Mc think he alone can fight against enemy and change the future of human race.

  25. Pretty pretty please update?

  26. Wuxia Reader says:

    Please update the chapters after 492.
    Thanks !

  27. Deathnet says:

    So, how often is the update cycle? Also do you edit MTL or is this really all MTL, if it is… it’s better than some professional translators o.o

  28. Khaz says:

    Is this new site

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