My Girlfriend Is a Yandere
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My Girlfriend Is a Yandere

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내 여자친구는 얀데레
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis My Girlfriend Is a Yandere

My childhood friend suddenly started taking great care of me.

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  1. I mean when you mean yandere it has be to like this one.
    But the thing is mc is too much of a wuss and submissive beta .
    Thats why it doesn’t work

  2. Luckyzero says:

    I haven’t read It yet but seeing the comments It probably won’t be up to my taste….

    I miss the time when my innocent childhood is being corrupted by a jp yandere novel that is probably titled something like “You can’t run away from me, oni-chan” ?

    It was the first twisted novel that got me hooked up to yandere novels making my standard high and making me seek more yandere novels

  3. rob z rob z says:

    Damn – I would love a good yandere / pure love story but this seems like poison with a beta MC that bends over and takes it from an abusive and inconsiderate childhood “friend” Will pass unless other poison testers review and come back alive.

  4. Manchester Black says:

    What will it be about? Because of the title, I don’t know anything about it…

  5. How the hell is this pure love?
    Fmc is a top(sadist)
    And mc is the bottom (masochist)
    Thats the whole story summary

  6. Feng says:

    Feels like AI written yandere start frfrr

  7. Darkzoul says:

    I like the yandere genre, but it’s the first time I’ve seen a yandere mistreat her lover so much that she doesn’t care if he hates her as long as he pretends to be nice to her.

  8. puta madre says:

    O lord why

  9. Velcon says:

    Holy crap, this story is twisted af. If you are looking for pure love I mean, it has a couple here? This story is the true sense of a toxic relationship, like my god this is messed up. I really cant see a happy ending here unless they get help some how, like I really do feel someone will die if nothing is done.

  10. What do you mean? Can I reply to comments now? Evolution…

  11. Anyways so a light synopsis of the novel: basically mc is an orphan, nice young man with a bright future but then in middle school he becomes a delinquent because he feels misunderstood but then he realizes the beauty of life and continues to push forward knowing that it will get better. Then we have his childhood friend, she was basically abused as a child and then in middle school she transforms like a transmigrated protagonist and all of a sudden she went from loser girl to beautiful talented lady all because her rich grandfather went “oh yeah I have children! And they probably have children too! Omg my granddaughter was abused!!!”

    Anyways MC pulls a godly comeback in middle school and is accepted to the highest prestige high school!! Just kidding the childhood friend bribed the school to accept the MC and then blah blah blah I’m only there.

    Anyways time for my review: Mid? 6/10? I’m kinda mixed. For one, I’m not one to turn down a decent not brain deathly written obsession novel but then again, what reason does the childhood friend have to be so obsessed with him? Like MC was a decent human being, didn’t talk crap about her and was generally nice to her when she was at her lowest. And let’s talk about the teachers and other students, like ain’t not way teachers and students are so crap. For example: childhood friend was getting bullied, her hair being cut with scissors and stuff. HOW TF DID THE TEACHERS LET THAT HAPPEN?? I KNOW YOU HATE HER BUT BRO?? ITS YOUR JOB BUDDY, as soon as one child speaks up your job is over. Like no human is this bad, even the worst teachers will still intervene in a fight between toddlers. Seriously the employers for these mfs be like “oh we have a candidate and his track record is: domestic violence, child abuse, murdered 9 children and sold their organs, ran over 5 children and bombed an orphanage. PERFECT! HIRED!!! YOURE AN ABSOLUTELY PERFECT TEACHER THAT SHOULD TEACH YOUNG CHILDREN”

    And let’s not talk about how she wasn’t there for the protagonist when he was at his lowest, yeah you could say that the protagonist pushed her away but you got to understand that the protagonist was feeling inferior. I mean people like these need patience and dedication, just a tiny bit of kindness. You can’t just run away and stalk him whenever he breaks out in a fit of anger. Protagonist reminds me of myself and a tiny bit of understanding and patience could’ve done a whole lot for me. I mean I guess that could be said for the entirety of yanderes, and I guess the human mind is unpredictable but idk man. Im just kinda mixed on this one.

  12. Caliber says:

    This is not upto my taste, because MC is too submissive and like the above comment said MC is like a dog. Alas finding a good Yandere novel is hard

  13. Raven-peko says:

    Bois I only read a bit of chapter 135 and bro is on a leash, like his girl acting like he a dog and she even strangled him a bit. Furthermore he like it too, the poison testers can correct me if I’m wrong, but just based on the latest chapter this ain’t seeming like a pure love. And the girl just seems crazy and should probably have a mega yandere tag from what I saw

  14. Dagonsuznyx says:

    People seriously should read the Jodi Arias Case. Obsessive love is not pure love. It’s not even true love. It is a mental illness and has nothing to do with feelings.

  15. Red pepper says:

    In novelpia it is showing completed with 213 ch.
    It also have some r-18 ch

  16. ChungusLover says:

    idk read till chap 6

    chaps are 1200~1800 words

    so an orphan meets an abused girl and he helps her sometimes and so on . i didnt find any obvious problems so you might like it but its nit for me

  17. Pure Love, but obsessive. Girls are different simply. The harem …

  18. Gacha demon says:

    Damn right we know

  19. ChungusLover says:

    ayo guys no poison testers? guess gonna have to do it my seld

  20. pure love but is obsessive… something tells me that’s not pure.

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