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No Gossip, a Real Extra

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구라 안치고 진짜 엑스트라
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis No Gossip, a Real Extra

“Arghhhhhhh! It’s a monster!!!”

It’s me, the one screaming!

The tumultuous struggles and survival story of Kim Geun-cheol, a lower-ranking student at the academy!

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  1. Sareza says:

    I tried to search Seoul Object Story in korean and this is the result I got

  2. willianpk1 says:

    please update noble in novelpia this has 600 chapters

  3. Enter says:

    Another piece of s*t about an alcoholic.

  4. IM says:

    Tolong update noble novel ini bagus banget

  5. Read up to ch 150:

    MC enters a novel world that he barely reads. He doesn’t know much about the details and only knows like wiki information about the book.
    This novel is similar to “Is it tough being a friend”. While that novel has a self aware protagonist trying to be an extra, this one is an actual extra. The MC is genuinely scared all the time and tends to rely on stronger people to get him out of trouble.

    This idea of a pathetic MC tends to mean a novel is pretty bad but this one does it well by making everything else the straight man. Think of the novel as a comedy play where the protagonist is the comedian while everyone else is normal. Kinda like the vibes of eminence in shadow.

    The novel does this by making everyone around him a hero cadet. All of his classmates and teachers are strong people and brave enough to understand death and danger. However, this makes everyone take everything a bit too seriously sometimes. The MC becomes the clown of the class (but not in a bad way) since he screams and makes everyone laugh with his antics. This dynamic is what makes the novel work and why the MCs pathetic screaming doesn’t grow old over time. Plus there’s an additional misunderstanding that the MC is scared but is trying to be a hero to avenge his dead parents. In reality, the MC doesn’t know who his parents were and is only staying in the academy because of his system.

    Harem wise, it’s actually pretty good but the author’s fetish for cross dressers are strong. There’s 3: the cross dresser, the noble, and the tomboy. There’s the bonus shape-shifting loli monster lady but I consider her not really part of the harem. Most of these people like him not because he is reliable but because he makes them smile and care about him. This is most obvious with the noble who is jokingly called mom by the MC since she takes care of him so much. If you prefer your relationship dynamics with more control on the MC side (reliable and strong), you won’t find that here. The cross dresser is obviously the author’s favorite. There’s I believe 5 separate occasions where the author describes her removing her chest bandages (to hide her boobs) and saying they flap out. 5 times with this description. I don’t need to read about a woman changing her clothes 5 times in vivid detail but whatever.

    There is the last plot point mentioned by Rader about the original owner of the body of the MC. I’d talk about this but in the 150 chapters I’ve read it barely mattered. Most of this was just presented with the MC getting a headache like twice.

    Overall, this is an okay novel. Think of it as a comedy novel with an MC so pathetic he becomes charming to everyone around him. If you like being taken care of my hot mommies then you can also self insert yourself in the MC. However, if you like an MC that has an actual backbone and have a stronger relationship dynamic toward men, then you will not enjoy this novel. Don’t take it too seriously, sometimes being genuine is all it takes for people to like you and that is what the MC is: genuine

    1. ACY NED ACY NED says:

      Interesting thanks for the review!

    2. gege says:

      thanks i’ll try read this if this novel is good..

  6. @iv_m
    Well some korea author do that
    But this novel comedy is my favorite so i doen’t care

  7. iv_m says:

    As it is, I really like the novel. One of the best I’ve read and am reading.

  8. iv_m says:

    I’m sorry if I didn’t make myself clear. English is not my native language.
    I mean in this novel: Japan, Russia and China, as well as their ideology, are described as somehow too grotesquely terrible.
    In general, in this novel there is, as in some Chinese short stories (sometimes there is even such a tag on some websites), nationalism (in this novel, the truth is easy).

  9. @iv_m
    Hmm what cultures?

  10. iv_m says:

    It seems that the author of this novel is very offended by all cultures outside the Western world.

  11. 443 chapter already been released
    please update 🙏🙏🙏

  12. SenatorArmstrong says:

    @Forgotten One
    I can read 10 lines in 2-3 seconds, no matter how terribly misplaced the translation is, and I only slow down when I read something…saucy. Thats without skimming too.

  13. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    Loli has asked Mc on a date and Mc went. Noblemtl has seen the light.

  14. @Rader I knew it… Why all good comedy novels are either tragedy or mystery…

  15. This novel really good to me, as long your auto correct skill are good you will likely to like it too

  16. Rader says:

    Spoiler Review:

    Novel is good overall. MC is good, heroines are not simple and have some deep characteristics as each of them feels different and it’s a plus for any harem novel.

    Now the story premise. There are 2 versions of MC in different dimensions. One is in our Earth and another one is in a world with gates. Both are similar but in the gate world he is an Orphan. And awoke later. It’s shown that that MC fought a lot but in the end he lost first round or something happened which led to regression.

    But the soul regressed was from Earth. It’s a situation where MC mind is from Earth but his body contains traces of regression as sometimes he has strong instinct of future events and even dreams of future. There seems to be a little bit mystery here as a higher level monster with IQ understood his situation and even helped him a lot.

    Overall there are some good mysteries here. One con here is that it’s an academy novel which are slow paced. Even in 150 chapters not a single semester got completed in the timeline. Very slow pacing.

  17. Phantom says:

    I read fast by skimming. I stopped full on reading when I realized that I was probably not gonna even remember the minor details next week anyways. So you just speed skim the main points and can figure the rest by context clues.

  18. Forgotten one says:

    I want to ask the same question…
    * How can you read so fast??!.
    * I can finish this that fast with Google assistant, with full speed….

  19. puta madre says:

    how are yall reading so fast lmfao

  20. Not gonna lie, I did not have high expectations for this novel, but 28 chapters in and this is among the better novels on this website. Obviously, as typical with this website, your gonna have to concentrate a bit more the usual in order to u understand the machine translation, but it isn’t too hard to follow. This MC is just a really funny dude and the story doesn’t take itself too seriously. I grow tired of the trope where the MC transmigrates into a character with bad stats and constantly gets disrespected, but at least in this novel, he is never outright maliciously mocked. He is treated more as a class clown in a more light-hearted manner, which is a breath of fresh air. Even though he makes a fool of himself most of the time, the most his classmates do is laugh at him, but they aren’t assholes towards him. Nobody in the main cast so far is unlikeable. You have the OG MC of the Game (who is actually a cross-dressing girl hiding among the boys), the class president, the rival character of the OG MC who is just a male tsundere, the school chairman, and some female teachers. This is looking to be a harem, so be prepared. Overall, this novel is not poison.

  21. Chapter 25 so far. It’s really funny imo

  22. W0’ken Kroaken says:

    Not my cup of tea, it’s really annoying, I have no idea what’s going on. The Mc just shouts every time, I understand weak Mc, but when will there be someone to grow up. The Mc was in the army but somehow act like a kid.

  23. Salty1 says:

    Poison testers where are you guys ?


    Romance where

  25. Common Bandit says:

    Is it Harem or not?

  26. Gargantuar says:

    I’ve read it up to chapter 70 and I think it’s not bad to pass the time

  27. Sephir says:

    did that guy really go to the army? i mean ok the spider could be scary but to scream every 2 secs i dont think so, boring in my opinion

  28. Bruh says:

    Laughing guy at picture looks like hes about to pull a Rance moment…

  29. amd refat says:

    Similar modern fantasy. Read 3 chapters and I’m done!

  30. tian says:

    hope you come back carlos, good luck

  31. Refat12 says:

    cell me if it’s harem!

  32. Byul Yi says:


  33. Carlos Niggelson says:

    Hmm interesting. How is this not harem? I will dive in and find out

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