Omniscient First-Person’s Viewpoint
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Omniscient First-Person’s Viewpoint

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전지적 1인칭 시점
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Omniscient First-Person’s Viewpoint

I, a mere con artist, was unjustly imprisoned in Tantalus, the Abyssal Prison meant for the most nefarious of criminals, where I met a regressor.
But when I used my ability to read her mind, I found out that I was fated to die in a year…
and that the world would end 10 years later.

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  1. Rader says:

    If this novel can’t get a proper official translation, offical Manhua, and official Anime then world is broken. I cringe when people claim Solo Leveling as peak fiction, they don’t know the true Behemoth of Korean novels.

    And honestly I consider Solo Leveling a solid 7/10, it got it’s recognition mainly from the Manhua which is just iconic. Sad to see Author not among us now but I am sure some other could do justice to this great work too.

    1. Shadow says:

      Idk about peak fiction, I didn’t read much of the novel itself but the manhwa itself was god tier. It can be considered the peak of its category of magical realism, but other genres have their own top dogs.

    2. Nemo says:

      “Sad to see the Author not among us now”, what? Did the author of Solo Leveling die?

      1. BrowniesInSpace says:

        Author is fine, it was the illustrator of the webnovel that passed away due to a stroke.

  2. RealEason says:

    babe wake up new chapters of peak just dropped

  3. 20 CAPÍTULOS, que felicidad

  4. Imperador imortal says:

    He won’t get strong, will he? I’m on chapter 208

    1. Nemo says:

      Well, without spoiling anything, he doesn’t change “tiers”, but he does continue to get some more useful “tools” that let him survive better, similar to the first thing he collected from the Abyss.

  5. RealEason says:

    Let’s gooo I love this novel

  6. dudo ser el único español aquí pero creo que soy de los más activos pd. cómo amo está novela, alabado sea nuestro alcaide

    1. Egg123 says:

      Apoco si tilín

    2. Luis says:

      Si, eres el único

  7. Clown 🤡🎪 says:

    Seeing the comments and revues here makes me curios as to why but there’s like 400+ chapters just asking is this good? Cause I have run out of things to read

    1. muy buena, recomendable, no perderás tu tiempo, se podría considerar que los primeros 100 capítulos son un prólogo por ser tan lentos,pero lo valdrá, 10/10

      1. Clown 🤡🎪 says:

        I don’t understand Spanish but there’s a 10/10 and that’s enough for me to read ty for reply

    2. sort of like lotm with slow beginnings, its really good

  8. asthal says:

    Ughh for now I’ll stop at 401 and come back later, I can’t handle the Shay breakup like nooooo just no

    1. Cosmos says:

      Bueno que puedo decir no esperaba que el prota se quedara con nadie pero al ver como rompe a la gente y la vampira deja ver un lado diferente

      Aunque ya sabíamos del prota que era no esperaba eso último

    2. Rader says:

      Shay breakup was required and even mandatory because both Hugh and her have different goals. She want to stop regression and he wants to avoid a future where next King of Human destroys the human. Moreover she is using power of a god and he kinda hates those things anyways because it’s out of his domain.

      Now he has even escaped from Tyr. High never begged to be with them, he has a different goal than them and it’s what makes this novel unique.

  9. CeilingFan says:

    Is this a replica of OMRV??

    1. Wiee says:

      not really

    2. SenatorArmstrong says:

      No lol. It’s like on the opposite spectrum.

    3. el único parecido que mis pocas neuronas pueden encontrar es que los regresores están igual de loquitos

  10. Rader says:

    One of the best work of fiction I have consumed in my life. And MTL here is so great that only a slight editing will lead to a proper translated work.

  11. Quang Đức says:

    Thank you for your update xD

  12. RealEason says:

    that felt so short… god damnit why does good stories take so long

  13. Heidelberg says:

    This good novel?

    1. Staz says:

      Pace is a bit slow for 100 chaps but then picks up speed

  14. Quang Đức says:

    thank u for the update

  15. Overseer says:

    LETS GOOO another updatee

  16. Quang Đức says:

    please update :)))

  17. Stepping on your toes says:

    welp what a letdown, kinda hype when dog king invest in mc kinda hoping he would br a king

  18. Spoiler says:

    Yes and no

    Yes Mc is like dog king


    Someone else become the king of people well military

  19. I’ll take the opportunity too. Will the mс be the King of People? Thank you in advance if there is an answer

  20. To noble says:

    Please note that mainly read MTl and translation from genesis translation

    Mc has
    Mine reading that let him not only know other thoughts but can feel their emotion, sight, and memory to an extent

    Lowest level of magic

    Cards that have magic, sword, shield, and etc. I think it was thank to alchemy not sure.

    he can use other people unique magic when their nearby

    Near recent chapter he gain two power from demon thought it incredibly downgraded

    Mc at the moment isn’t exactly powerful just resourceful or hard counter certain people thought still need help from others.

  21. to Staz says:

    In which chapter will he show strength?

  22. Staz says:

    So far he hasn’t gained new powers but to begin with he has always had powers aside from mind reading it’s just that the situation doesn’t call for it

  23. noble says:

    And the last question. Will he get at least some power or will he continue to rely on mind reading

  24. To noble says:

    I believe it was 139-140 when they get out

  25. noble says:

    In which chapter will they get out of prison and will they get out at all? Who is not difficult, please answer

  26. Kiss your self :) says:

    Will they ver get out of the prison? The story was really good I’ve reading about 100+ chapter pls tell me if they ever escape

  27. Quang Đức says:

    Please update

  28. Su 183 says:

    Finally updated
    God bless you

  29. To Carlos Nigelson says:

    As someone who read over 300 chapters yes there is technically a harem and in In my opinion I think the harem is good but definitely not the focus of the story. If you read don’t expect much romance just none or very little of it.

    ex-girlfriend(ok not an ex but in what if definitely)
    so far these 3 are the only ones with romantic feelings toward mc

    unless you want to count the regressor, dog, past classmate, general, and few female allies who are grateful for his help but none to few romantic feelings toward him.

  30. TO Micke says:

    Yes and no. For the most part no he doesn’t exactly get stronger. He does have more than just a mind reader tho.

    In terms of power, I give him a solid 2-3 out of 10 compared to other characters, but he does hard counter, a couple of people, and if this will change in the future who knows?

    I would say more or be more specific but it’s a major spoiler.

  31. Carlos Nigelson says:

    Is the harem good?

  32. says:

    Finally, it got updated, thanks noble because it’s one of the novel that I read that is actually good in this site in my opinion.

  33. Micke says:

    Does MC get stronger or he just stuck with mind reading ability?

  34. Kim Party says:

    Novel 10/10 It starts a little slow, but it gradually picks up pace and when you least realize it, you’ve already become addicted to the work. Mtl a bit tricky but worth it. Luckily received update ☝🏻📈🎉

  35. adrian says:

    pls add more chapters,i love this novel for uts plot and mixed genres.To sad its hard to find something similar

  36. Romance? says:

    Does this have romance?

  37. Shinigami Shinigami says:

    MC will be with these women from the synopsis?

  38. Sectne Sectne says:

    Thank you for the novel, but please update if you can. god bless

  39. Nay says:

    No, I never did. I didn’t know. I’ll give it a try thanks

  40. Yunan Yunan says:

    Have you requested an “update request” on admin discord in the section “novel-requests”?

  41. Nay says:

    Admin only love obsession novel, that’s why this novel never updatee

  42. Thank you for MTL this novel 😀

  43. Nay says:

    It’s been weeks, where is update

  44. Nay says:

    Once a week, I’ll be here to say ‘update plz’

  45. Bob says:

    I searched so hard and finally got what I was looking for here. You guys are heroes. I hope you keep it up with these great series

  46. Excelent novel pls continue to update

  47. Mohit says:

    Plz post sword pilgrim

  48. Raghav says:

    Love letter from the future ❤️

  49. mad lover says:

    hurray to noblemtl you are the new dark horse !!!

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