Overpowered Archmage Doesn’t Hide His Talent
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Overpowered Archmage Doesn’t Hide His Talent

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먼치킨 대마법사가 재능을 전혀 안숨김
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Overpowered Archmage Doesn’t Hide His Talent

Archmage Kaplan took over the body of a young kid who had been deceived by a childhood friend.
He discovered by coincidence in the boy’s diary that he wished to become a renowned magician.
“Shall we give it another shot?”

‘All right, let’s do it.’
In the end, those who are good at magic should use it well.

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  1. Shadow says:

    Either this novel isn’t over or the ending was very loose

  2. Birch Hero Slayer says:

    Bro… i forgot whitch chapter that i read lastime

  3. milky violet says:

    Elves are literally pedos!!! You cannot be 100-200 years old and be lusting after a young 20-30 year old humans body/everything! That’s like… well y’know…

    “mhmmm consent!!” shhhhhhh no one needs to hear that right now, I want a white hair elf mommy to groom me- I’ll use some cliche lines like “b-but were 200 years apart” and the elf will be like “shhhh age is just a number” and after that you will hear police sirens.

    1. milky violet says:

      Hmm I actually feel bad for elf lovers, their human companion will die years before they do and at the end, all they will remember is close to nothing because it’s been so long.

      Oh my… I just thought of a freaky idea… half elves get the best of both parts so… you would take responsibility right miss elf? RIGHT?? Hmm you thought generic heroine #838 was going to drain you dry? NO! It’s the lonely elf mommy that will 😞

      I am a human supremacist but… I’m willing to be friends to the elves- WHAT AM I SAYING??!! Dirty scum!! Ruining my plans of world domination, vile thoughts! Just subjects!!!!

      1. milky violet says:

        Hmmm but how fun would it be to tease an elf?

        “Pfff old hag”
        “IM LITERALLT 22 in human years”
        “You’re 130 fossil!!! Did you see the dinosaurs??”
        “Wtf is a dinosaur, you got possessed/transmigrated/reincarnated dummy”
        “Hahahaha you’re such a pedo~ you like beings younger than yourself?”
        “animal noises”
        and then I will blow air at her ear and shoot her an air kiss.

        Of course some elves might not care about their age, to which I will counter with the pedo allegations conversation choice again!
        Some might even double down and umm… those ones are NOT dangerous, I feel like they wouldn’t spike your drink while you’re not looking and then take advantage of you. That’s not in their nature, they want to tease and it wouldn’t be fun if you can’t react.

        1. Some of the weirdest comments I’ve seen have come from you. Wth.

          1. simplethrone says:

            He’s just a little bit too dedicated to white haired heroines

    2. Clown 🤡🎪 says:

      Dude sometimes deep thoughts shouldn’t be said

  4. PP Qwarts PP Qwarts says:

    Please update. It is already complete with 246 chapters

  5. GameOn says:

    As long as the fight description is good+harem where mc is sensible enough. I couldn’t find anything similar to jp death march (WN). Necromancer was good but no update. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

  6. k says:

    Nah im out, OP is not my cup of tea, theres no fun in it.

    1. Origin says:

      How about leaving an actual review? Nobody cares what your cup of tea is.

  7. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    Yeah, I got the uselessness of relying on reviews on this particular novels because the opinions are so divided into half. Is it right to call this niche when the reviews either like it a lot or badmouth it a lot I wonder…

  8. IwantemBed says:

    Facts ↑

  9. Casual reader says:

    To anyone reading this, i suggest you read it for yourself and judge. The comments would only give you conflicting ideas of a novel. Trust me, if you base your expectations on the comments you won’t get anywhere. If you didn’t like what you’ve read then now you know you didnt, if you liked it, then you know you like it. If you dont read a novel because of conflicting reviews then you dont read novels, you read reviews. (Unless of course the entire comment section is united about a novel then it’s most probably true).

  10. @time traveller I suggest you read Custom
    Made Demon King. A novel where mc
    reincarnates as a demon and has no problem
    killing people. There are also many references
    to movies and games.It is a top quality novel
    among the series in which the main character
    is a demon, the only problem is that the
    author has been taking a long break. It’s been
    almost 2 years and it’s still unclear when the
    author will be back

  11. Extra Extra says:

    I haven’t read this since the first upload (up to ch 63), but I’m willing to wait to accumulate more chapters so I can binge it all later.

    This novel is very popular on Novelpia atm.
    It sits at No. 2 in the Top 100 as of this comment, just behind Incompatible Interspecies Wives.

  12. Sephir says:

    Should’ve told the r19 lmao.
    I was thinking tf is pandamtl doing here

  13. suherman says:

    If you don’t mind with R+19 scene

    1. PakuNaru17 says:

      This is r19?

  14. suherman says:

    The popular one is “Became the Final Boss in a Magical Girl Game”

  15. suherman says:

    @time traveller I miss Dantalian novels. It’s rare to find characters like the MC in Dantalian. Since the author got caught up in a plagiarism scandal, the story is dead. There’s a lot of pandamtl if you want a story about MC reincarnated as a demon and fighting for his new race, but the story is average.

  16. time traveller says:

    Dear elders, I have run out of reading, please help. isn’t there a story similar to “Dantalian”. if there is please let me know. story where MC incarnated as a demon, rational where he will fight for his new race. most of the stories I read about being a demon were too idealistic, pretending that he was once a human and defending humans while ignoring his race. For example, I forgot the title of the novel, but in conclusion demons enter the academy

  17. Zen says:

    @Hehe what was your favourite novel that ended ?

  18. Hehe says:

    I don’t care about the commentary war above, but as a connoisseur of the harem, academy genre but without a system it feels bland…

    and FYI I used to be a reader of Chinese novels, and you know they usually have 2000+ chapters. and I just counted the number of all the novels I read there were 176.

    So in my opinion, just sleepy… really sleepy. maybe it’s not this novel that’s wrong, maybe it’s just that my mood is spoiled because my favorite novel is over :v .

    BTW instead of good/bad reviews maybe it’s better to explain your preferences first? …

    for example like there are lost people who label harem novels are bad because they like pure love 🙂 , or people who hate the system because they feel too constrained and become slaves to the system…

    Greetings of peace

  19. Tabibito says:

    Good novel.

  20. kon kon kon kon says:

    Quick note for people who read titel literally and doesnt understand the difference between hiding and bragging.
    In this case mc of this novel never hides his talents at all, he just dont brag about. If you read far enough you will understand his character and that bragging is a childish thing to do for him.

    1. rob z rob z says:

      Bullsh!t. See the Agora wall episode, lessons with Trixie, calling Abstain in the battle in chapter 70, etc. Those are all examples of intentionally not showing his talent / skill.

  21. Shleep_ says:

    Wow… the audacity to say that every novel story (art) is the same and should revolve around what you would consider as ‘fun’ only and if they do not fit your idea then they’re bad, to say that the one of the many story formula at which one of them is Hero’s Journey plotline formula always will always be applied to every literature work and this certain formula always get the best result out of all the others, and to say that every story is predictable and that critics or reviewers aren’t needed because their voices do not matter. Hahaha~ truly a way to flat out overgeneralize all things just because that’s the only kind of way you can see it fits your idea. I think it’s naive and narrow minded to think that all novels are all the same and that reviewers voices are all just an insignificant hisses. If we draw a conclusion to deduce what you’re trying to say here to imply what were you trying to convey, (1) By using your logic then we all should agree that we do not need to take your critic and opinion here seriously cause it’s all just an insignificant buzz; (2) and that all the other commenters here are just wasting their times; (3) if you stumble upon some novels, just read it, and then shut up because your so-called thorough and detailed view on the said novel doesn’t matter to the other even if your goal is to warn the others about the mentioned novel in advance; (4) discrediting the poison testers; (5) all stories should follow Hero’s Journey Formula Archetype in order to work and succeed; (6) flat out generalize all novels theme (encompassing purpose and atmosphere in the story) that all novels have to be fun so that they work and can be considered as good even though not all the author’s purposes are not all like same which also a way to imply that all melancholic and sad theme novels do not work because they’re not ‘fun’ to begin with because it doesnt fit with your narrow idea and worldview; and (7) all of the critics and view shared here on this website all insignificant and that we were all just wasting our time to buzzing even though some of them are a healthy perspective sharing interaction. So, is that what are you trying to imply here? If it is, then I guess it’s true that frog in a well will never know the vastness of the sea as the frog’s sight is limited by the size of the well, a little bubble that the frog live in.

  22. Mythica Djinn says:

    Lol you saying like it has actually romance development lol.
    The girls literally are copy paste of other academy novels.

  23. smh says:

    people like these are the reason why so many bad harem novel these days because readers only want 18+ scene, without any relationship romance development.

  24. Sephir says:

    wow new 5701 characters seems usual now.gl i guess.

  25. Yeah its just one of the best only when you count it among generic fantasy harems.
    There are no significant male side characters
    Like all the 10/12 villain and allies are all women?
    And mc just enslaved the villain girl who was killing the mormal citizens and never harmed a single hair on that girl?
    Author self insertion as some gentleman ass seem quite evident.
    And girls are submissive quickly to mc and all male hate mc like he just killed their family

  26. levias says:

    decided to throw my hat in my review ring, because why not?

    and my verdict is – this is generic. sorry, guys. it begins generic like popcorn, then get gets bad generic like bad popcorn

    now, for the inevitable – ‘these novels are all the same, you need to turn your mind off to enjoy it, get off your high horse’ people, i do have a criteria for judging, okay?

    all these types of novels have arcs/developments/characters – and so when i read them, i judge how cliche/ fresh they are. freshness, or at least the willingness to give a twist, or try something new, or an extra quirk for the characters gets points in my book.

    this one doesn’t have it. it is just the tropes in the blandest ways possible. competently written, but boring

    for a great one – you should ready academy necromancer, or weakest demon hunter, or i killed the player of the academy.

  27. Tired drunken Omni reader says:

    Wow a review war is happening with this novel May come annually for the comments and some updates

    (Sometimes man just want to see the world burn)

  28. This guy @rob z aint getting any btches .
    So guys dont take anything seriously what this caveman says , and if not 10 ,this novel is surely 8.5/10 . Beware of reviews like these horndogs.
    Dudes like these have only know the world of peppa pig

    1. rob z rob z says:

      What kind of a fool are you? I’m married, a-hole.

  29. You choose to criticize the one with better writing quality and a mc who isn’t a wuss and isn’t a skirt chaser like 80% of the novels on this site ad to why?
    He isn’t what its says in title?
    All bloody academy synopsis has those writing seems like written by 6th graders and to think people cant digest something of this standard,
    Never seen taking a dig at those 3rd rate academy novels. But why do i am not surprised ,
    @rob z looks like he just got out of his mom’s basement and saw how rl works ig thats why he’s pushing his insecurities on this one.
    And dude you you want to wet your pants there are adult eroticas on the internets . This mc isn’t someone who thinks with his bottom like the 12yr horndog like you . He’s been on the grind since day 1 trampoline on those immature btches like yourself

    1. rob z rob z says:

      Wow, straight out ad hominem attacks with no basis and nothing productive added to the conversation. How did I miss this? Let’s break down the ignorance of your post (separated into multiple posts).

    2. rob z rob z says:

      (2) No, I don’t h@te on it it because “it isn’t what it says in the title” – I h@te on it because “hide my powers” because “reasons” is one of the worst tropes out there – again, I have posted numerous times on the origins of the trope and why it sucks.

      (3) Never seen me taking a dig at 3rd rate academy novels – then you are blind, or have not read my reviews. See point 1.

      (4) Just got out of my mom’s basement? Not even close – she lives in the house I bought for her (no basement, though). Maybe projecting a little there?

      (5) And then the 12 year old horndog cr@p – again, projecting a little? You obviously don’t understand my criticisms of these types of novels. It’s a generic garbage harem. If you need that to fulfill your little chuunibyou inc@l fantasies while you wrap your arm up in bandages to prevent the powers of the Onyx Demonic Dragon Lord from escaping, go ahead, whatever floats your boat.

    3. rob z rob z says:

      (1a) Yes, I choose to criticize this MC, for the reasons in my earlier post, absolutely none of which you respond to. And bruh, coming at me for allegedly tolerating beta MCs? You obviously don’t know my rep around here.

      But what I also don’t tolerate are charmless jerk-off MCs who magically have all the female characters fall for them – it just feeds inc..l self-inserti..n fantasies, of which you seem to have many. There are plenty of other solid MCs in Korean web novels – look at my past reviews and I note them.

  30. rob z rob z says:

    Sorry, Extra, the posts above that praise this crappy novel are laughably bad takes for numerous reasons.

    First, the title of the novel is the archmage “doesn’t hide his talent.” Bullsh!t. He is constantly hiding his talent, from the Agora wall, to the lessons with Trixie, etc. Indeed, the author even calls himself out on his own hypocrisy in Trixie’s monologue in one of the chapters in the late 20s. And the ending of Chapter 70 and his calling abstain – what is that. other than the horrific trope of “hiding his talent” because “reasons”?

    Second, the MC is basically a eunuch – it’s like Peter Venkman commenting on Walter Peck – “Yes it’s true, this man has no dick.” Although maybe I should scale it back a little – there is a reason he wears Hera – the black glove artifact – on his left hand like a 12 year old with chuunibyou, since that’s the only action he is going to get.

    Third, the MC is basically a dick – he has no concept of any kind of interpersonal relationships. But the author magically forces all these women to fall for this charmless a-hole – except of course the childhood friend, who is like a caricature of a bad NTR novel heroine.

    Fourth, the plot plods along with interminable set-ups for major events that could (and should) be finished in 1/4 the time.

    In short, I wouldn’t recommend this novel for anyone other than a 12 year old shounen fanboy who likes their MCs to (1) think internally they are smarter than anyone else even when hiding their power, (2) ignore women because, girls, ick, yet still (3) have all the women fall for him for no rational reason.

  31. Caliber says:

    I know what you are saying…, When I started reading more famous and generic novels, it was a fresh and exciting feeling, just like watching your first anime. Now I am tired of the normal genre and It doesn’t matter, if they are MTL or not. Academy, System, isekai are getting out of hand, We need something new and refreshing..

    Also, Solo leveling Manhwa is much verse than the WN and Solo leveling’s sequel is out now, did anybody read it?

  32. Wait what why did I even write that then if there was no main point. I’m going to make up one now, you’re correct. A novel does not have to revolutionize a genre to be good, you know how many academy novels I read just because they have obsession in it? Well probably like 13 max, but point is. Yeah cliches aren’t bad.

  33. I think what he means is that new readers like novels that are very predictable and are power fantasy’s. For example… Solo Leveling. It’s objectively bad: the MC is bland cause his personality is based on the fact that he is strong, everyone likes him for no reason and their entire personalities evolve and depend on the MC, everyone also gets slapped by him easily despite being stronger than him (at the moment) or as strong as him, and the romance is dry because there is nothing to base it on. It sucks there’s nothing that stands out, it’s the most generic cookie cutter novel you could ever read.. aww crap I forgot about those Chinese cultivation novels, let’s ignore that. But I loved it, despite these criticisms I still enjoyed it.

    But me personally, I wouldn’t take that- I mean if you set the tone right and stick with it then more than likely I’ll enjoy it. Anyways I guess my main point is, I don’t know. Enjoy whatever novels and feel free to hate them, it’s online novels lmao.

  34. Rader says:

    Update: Now I have read 60 chapters. Yes plot is predictable but it has been executed properly and I like the MC here. He is not a sage but a true Magician who learn new things and apply them in the real life.

  35. Rader says:

    This is a fun novel. I have read 6 chapters for now but it has been really fun. I usually try to read as much as I can before saying anything here but some pro reviewers here said that my review with around 20 chapters worth reading is nothing.

    There is no need to read a story you can’t make yourself read. Reading must be fun and not a tiresome process. If a so called B Grade novel is giving more fun than a so called S Grade novel then what’s the reading of S Grade? People say that S Grade one will become “better” with 100+ chapters but if reading even 6 chapters of the B grade one is giving me more fun than 20 chapters of the S Grade one then I will prefer B Grade over the S Grade. Sometimes people forget that Novels and other medias are entertainment, they must have enough fun, it you get to enjoy them after 100 or thousands of chapters in contrast to others where you get to enjoy even in the beginning then don’t expect everyone to have same taste.

    And also, after reading 100s of such novels I can say that in terms of @Feng I am a veteran. Yes, I can predict most of the story of this one, even the possible end with these 6 chapters only. But does it take away the fun elements? Not a chance. Every story works on one single structure called as Hero Journey, all of our Epics are based on that or some variation of it. It appeared first time in recorded texts via the Epic of King Gilgamesh. And every Epic or Hero story is based on that one structure, which is actually very simple: We have a hero, something disturb the Hero’s life, Hero works hard to overcome the issue in his life, Resolves it, and get to a new Normal life. So every story is predictable, but it does not mean that we can not enjoy them.

    Everything revolves fun. If you are having fun consuming a 1/5 star novel or manga or game or even a movie then it’s fine. Try it yourself and enjoy it. Don’t listen to so called Veterans, Pro Reviewers, Critics or even people like me. Just enjoy.

    1. Origin says:

      You’re literally the only person on this website that I trust to objectively give a review, thank you. Will definitely give this a read.

  36. Lord of posion testing says:

    it’s ok boys
    poison tested

  37. Extra Extra says:

    Veterans? Get off your high horse. A novel doesn’t have to be fresh and unpredictable to be good and enjoyable.

  38. Feng says:

    People who rate it good are probably new readers who have hardly completed 50 novels. Veterans with hundreds of books of experience can already predict the plot word for word. That’s why we are disappointed.

  39. Teezy says:

    a top novel of pia well=written !

  40. Extra Extra says:

    The negative comments about this novel are laughably bad takes.

    It’s good. Read it.

  41. Extra Extra says:

    This novel is pretty damn good.

    Hoping for more updates.

  42. Carlos Niggelson says:

    First of all nah this novel is good. Let it cook.

    Second of all the to the comment above mine: of course he isn’t an archmage, he’s in a new body

  43. Tired drunken Omni reader says:

    After reading this novel till the cliffhanger of chapter 50 I was enraptured by its intriguing theme, the mc is not a Mr know it all, he takes time to readjust into the new environment he is currently living in, he rationalize his views and makes comparisons with his era like his disdain towards the self pity that is prevalent with the current wizard in the present era, and best of all is the scientific approach he incorporate in his magic and way of battling after all a wizards goal is for the truth and not just to be some classic shounen based wizard who only use magic to attack in a direct manner, I like how the Author provided an early and clear goal for the mc which is to make the wizard community dominant once more. If you find this helpful give this novel a chance.

  44. I’m not someone who usually writes something to criticize novels but this…
    I expected a lot from this, things like the academy and the harem I don’t care but for me it was a disappointment and I gave it several reads to understand and still nothing.
    For me, the mc is not an archmage, he is more of a scholar or a researcher because to be an archmage he has not shown anything at all, I think the author made a mistake in the title of this novel because he has nothing dominant, not an archmage.
    If someone liked this novel, perfect, there shouldn’t be any problem but for me, this was a disappointment and I didn’t expect much

  45. shadow of power says:

    Most of the reviews here are wrong, looks like they didn’t even give it a try, but actually, this novel is pretty good, and not an ordinary one. The main character Kaplan was an archmage in his previous life and now he possessed the body of a boy named Flan who wanted to become a great magician. at first, he was not interested in this new life too. but he like the changes and started proving himself again. the other character is also very nice and feels unique in their own way.

    The best thing I like about it is that the explanation of magic is really nice and it’s not a very heavy read. It is a fun read overall. 8.9 for me. I like this kind of story.

    I was reading on the TL site and I really liked it. If you want to read the translation you can check it on nu, or maybe the TL site readingpia. About the translation, they are good.

  46. Fami says:

    Don’t take the reviews seriously! Read patiently 25 chapters.You will know.
    The novel pretty Decent

  47. puta madre says:

    pretty decent compared to most novel here

  48. Feng says:

    Generic and boring. I was expecting more since it appears on front page of novelpia

  49. Hash2O says:

    From the synopsis :
    ”Wow i am an overpowered archmage and i possessed a young boy! what a new life!!! sadly the body was abandonned by his childhood friend..”

  50. Q D Q D says:

    Nooo another childhood friend problem again, why these authors don’t know how to make some ideas? Too lazy or too dump?

  51. Guys recommend me some weak to strong academy novels

  52. Read 23 chaps….. basically mc who became strongest gets bored and somehow posseses Flan’s body ( don’t know if it’s another world or in the future) who is from a knight family but want to become strongest wizard and then he tries to become strongest. Also there is Harem

    As for characters they are okayish, story is generic (sometimes boring)

    MTL is somewhat readable

    Rating – 5.5/10 ( Read if u bored)

  53. Hmm, it released finally…. Was interested in it for some time….

  54. Backbonez says:

    Harem, archmage isekai to a similar world but one where instead of wizards beyond knights knights are above wizards. Kaplan now Flan/Plan decides to slowly destroy the hierarchy and attain new heights.
    Yes it’s harem. Boring? You decide.
    He doesn’t show interest beyond apprenticeship.
    Also mc original body a knight family so he is at odds and whatever.

  55. Noobsama says:

    I didn’t read it yet but i like the cover😏😏😏😏😏

  56. says:

    Honestly if this is a another same old academy novel then I’ll just reread fated to loved by villains again🗿🗿🗿.

  57. Wok_Fuccboy says:

    Quic review plz

  58. Kukkapilla says:

    Alright, will leave a review if its not trash

  59. My Mynnn My Mynnn says:

    Am I too fast again?

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