Pick Up the Rejected Pure Love
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Pick Up the Rejected Pure Love

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거절당한 순애를 줍다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Pick Up the Rejected Pure Love

The heroine I was rooting for was not chosen.
Then wouldn’t it be okay if I made her happy?

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  1. Shadow says:

    Novel complete here 😢🥳. Noble thanks and pls update its status.

  2. Can you please update this? The series has been completed and was already requested in the discord server for a long time already but still no updates :((

  3. can’t wait for the updates! i believe this series is already finished in the raws

  4. silentis says:

    update plase, just a bit more

  5. Cero says:

    Please update, this novel is already finish 🥺.

  6. kacb says:

    please update this novel, this novel has finished in Novelpia

  7. Zero says:

    @D1 Grandmaster: X2 I would love yo read an arc about them already married with children 🥺

  8. This is honestly the best novel I’ve ever read because of its wholesomeness and the interactions between the mc, the heroine and their families. I’m honestly hoping the author drags this story even way longer because I’ll be very sad if the ending is coming soon 😢

  9. Jahe Manis says:

    @Dark Zoul from you explanation, I think the author will drag this story even longer.

  10. Dark Zoul Dark Zoul says:

    Damn how sad that they have to be separated because of their enlistment in the army, the good thing is that their relationship has matured and they continue to support each other. This series gives a nice break from being pure love without having to worry about another suitor showing up during your breakup.

  11. Dark Zoul Dark Zoul says:

    Uff the story progressed much faster since they became adults, I already knew that from the moment they started living together they would do it very often because of the fmc which is a beast xD

  12. Zero says:

    @Insufferable: X2 This novel is wonderful 😀

  13. Insufferable says:

    KYAAA my favorite pure love novel on this site updated!


  14. CP says:

    Pls change cover pic… update cover novelpia is very beautiful

  15. Miryuu says:


  16. darkzoul says:

    Uff esta ultima actualizacion cerro de manera excelente con la primera vez entre el MC y FMC, fue tan excitante y dulce a la vez, sin mencionar que van a empezar a vivir juntos y la FMC quiere al menos cuatro hijos xD

  17. Insufferable says:

    The fabled virginity loss ritual has happened in the last two updated chapters…

  18. Reafan says:

    Hey admin , pls update Hero is Obsessed with villain, already have 2 new chapter in novelpia, Just near the ending

  19. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    Lmao, the relationship seriously progressed.

  20. Miryuu says:

    I stopped reading romance novels after my friend made me watch the anime Your Lie in April

  21. Miryuu says:

    this is the only pure love novel i read in last 2 years

  22. Sephir says:

    i think you guys meant mangas instead of novels cuz i’m seeing a lot of these tropes in mangas

  23. Zehr says:

    Actually just gimme moreee

  24. Zehr says:

    I love it. I want more.

    Now i’m gonna try and get money to buy Galaxy phone (jk on the phone part)

    Show me the wedding scene OwO)

  25. darkzoul says:

    the relationship between the MC and FMC after becoming a couple is too sweet!!!!! I love how they support each other.

  26. Extra Extra says:

    I don’t typically read Pure Love because I prefer Harem stories, but this is pretty damn sweet NGL.


    Be prepared for sugar overload.

  27. Phantom says:

    I hav diabete now im forever pain

  28. Insufferable says:

    KYAAAAA in recommended to read for low blood sugar patients


  29. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    I also read all the chapters, it’s very tame and mc quickly got the relationship going but is taking the process after starting to date slowly since she’s young/ innocent. He’s a pretty responsible guy.

  30. Phantom says:

    I love these losing heroine romance novels. They’re always sweet in all the good ways. But will read after I do my Genshin dailies!

  31. Wok_Fuccboy says:

    So this is sugar instead of poison?
    Count me in!!

  32. Overseer says:

    i have seen this synopsis and title before, in jp novel ofc

  33. Check your blood levels first before reading. Too much sugar

  34. Layios _ Layios _ says:

    Read all 66 chapter and all I can say is that the novel is wholesome and filled with sugar. The premise is similar to some other JP novel but here we won’t see much about FMC “ex love interest” but more on her and MC POV. I think it is one of the strong point, half time’s bout FMC POV and the other one is MC one. They also got together pretty quickly in my opinion without too much stretching or useless drama, just a real picted fall in love relationship (maybe a bit unreal). I really liked MC and FMC interaction after they started going out together, they all changed ‘cuz of each other in a positive way and they all encounter hurdle and obstacle buy they always try to help each other and confort their other self.
    Love is overflowing in this novel and FMC family interaction with MC is also very fun and sweet to read.

    Recommend it strongly

  35. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    @Feng Pretty sure, there are some novels with similar premise before. The important part is if the author can write it well.

  36. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

    I love this good stuff

  37. tian says:

    first novel of this type that I’ve read, I’m liking it… I’m on chapter 12

  38. Grimm says:

    @Feng yes the one with the one isekaid to a manga

  39. Feng says:

    Ay isn’t there a jp novel with the EXACT same premise

  40. Carlos Niggelson says:

    Bruh the novel just dropped and these top comments spawned in

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