Possessed As the Butler of a Defeated Heroine
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Possessed As the Butler of a Defeated Heroine

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패배 히로인의 집사로 빙의했다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Possessed As the Butler of a Defeated Heroine

I was possessed by my favorite love comedy manga, “To Love X Lady ~ Your Love, Lady!”… and I was possessed as the defeated heroine’s butler.

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  1. Renpengshu says:

    Its annoying mc keeps trying to fix things

  2. Salty1 says:

    Yeah there is a webnovel named i killed the player of the academy

  3. The story used to go well, but as the number of girls in the story increased, the quality of the novel decreased.

  4. Luiz Felipe says:

    this novel is the best Ohana best girl🗣️🗣️‼️🔥🔥🔥

  5. Extra Extra says:

    This is good, but not for me.

    It just got wackier and wackier until I couldn’t stomach it anymore.

  6. Lku says:

    This reminds me of a jp novel with same concept let’s see

  7. C50. Well twas interesting. Pretty much harem. MC is sometimes smart and not JP MC kind of dense, plus the romcom world has the feature of MC not being able to hear the whispering heroines when they say something important which even the MC is aware of. His main goal is to keep his favourite “losing heroine” happy but as you know things never work out the way he wants and pretty much follows what we expect. Refreshing.

  8. KaltWieEis says:

    Noble, can you please upload chapters of Gyeongseong’s Hunter Academy? Thanks

  9. Gjk says:

    It feel stange a korean person in japanese romcom and make a harem. I dont know what to say.

  10. Insufferable says:

    I’m not reviewing it but I am favorable of the MC as of a few chapters. He acts his age despite being 18 again and it makes him incredibly charming to his classmates. I like how he acts his age and doesn’t simp for anyone, he sincerely wishes happiness to the main heroine that he is a butler for and doesn’t get creepy about it. To some, his unconditional loyalty and consideration for her may seem like simping but remember he is a butler so he takes that job pretty seriously

  11. Shivam says:

    i hate the fact that how accurate that title would be and can already picture it

  12. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    No, for this novel to be japan-like it’s title has to be something like “My Favourite Heroine of a Harem Manga Got Rejected by the Protagonist So I Screamed at the Company to My Death and Ended Up Possessing Her Butler?!”

    That aside, I like the cover picture.

  13. Verylongdragon says:

    They remove it i think since i saw it here first before the official translation dunno

  14. Caliber says:

    Somebody know if there any mtl of I killed the player in the Academy?

  15. SenatorArmstrong says:

    So we went back to the basics.
    I read the first 20 chapters. Its…decentish? Give it a try yourself, but I have mixed reception towards this so maybe I’ll continue this later.

    Anyway, the start summarized would be MC’s waifu (kind and caring ojou-sama) who was voted the best girl, lost in his fave romcom story. Instead, the worst girl (violent girl who wa probably a tsundere) won. And MC lost his mind and proceeded to go to the location of the manuscript prints, scream like a complete and utter lunatic, had a stroke and died while being dragged away. A death that makes Kazuma Satou’s passing away seem more dignified.

    MC reincarnated as the butler of the heroine who lost and said heroine starts to fall for him. And another girl also falls for him after he went and did some heroic shit.
    Honestly speaking I would like it if the story would just go the way of MC just focusing on her waifu and the other girls not falling for him and liking him. Kinda defeats the point of the first chapter (which was a very obvious mockery of a RomCom Harem story) if the author will have every single heroine from the OG story fall for him. But obviously looking at the tags that will probably not be the case.

  16. Ryuu says:

    Finally japan love comedy has appear again. The first one should be a man with jojo body appear in love comedy if i remember correctly. Is there other love comedy novels is this site?

  17. OnlyTruth says:

    I hope this romcom mc know little shame or have a little pride or basic self respect

  18. Putu says:

    smells like a nihongo novel

  19. Padre damaso says:

    Hmmm sounds like my type, here’s to hoping!

  20. White-Cheeked Bushit says:

    I’ve tasted and survived so many poisons to the point my tongue’s sense of taste became numb.
    I’m drinking this but I’m not a poison taster anymore.

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