Regressor, Possessor, Reincarnator
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Regressor, Possessor, Reincarnator

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회귀가 빙의를 싫어함
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Serene Panda Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Regressor, Possessor, Reincarnator

By SerenePanda
Allen opened the book.
And there it was.
The fact he wanted to ignore. No, the fact he actually was aware of.
[…Reader Kim Woojin, 21.
Possessed the extra character, ‘Julius Reinhart’, of the novel “The Feast of the Returned Demon King”…]
Julius Reinhart.
My brother’s body was stolen by a possessor.
That day, my brother died.

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  1. SenatorArmstrong says:

    tingtingtingtingtingtingting titi ting

  2. [One of my favourite hidden gem on the site]

    [Last Read: Chapter 116]

    [Status: On hold]

  3. Blue Shadow says:

    Its basically find the imposter

  4. Ask_Ether says:

    It’s already given that the mc itself is a scumbag in the original novel so no shit his personality is like “guys doubt this impostor sussy guy that does good deeds!”

  5. Dream Demon says:

    So really a kind of novel, our MC has a little brother and guesss what the little brother is actually possessed by someone who read the novel and reincarnated in that world as an extra, like all other extra novel no one seems to be bother by the fact that the guy has changed all but our MC the older brother, so our MC goes back in time I.e regressed back to 17 years old few weeks after his little brother was possessed thus novel named Regressor Possessor Reincarnator I haven’t read much in to it so maybe someone else could be Reincarnated aside from MC little brother but the book sure seems a kind of it.

    I don’t like our MC that much as of now like he has not done anything else then just mocking other of how they don’t see how much his brother has changed and how he will save him all this in his thought from outside he is like dead doll to only respond when asked no emotions

    No FL or fls as of now so who knows it maybe a gay?

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