Reincarnation of the Warrior Party Archmage
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Reincarnation of the Warrior Party Archmage

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용사파티 대마법사의 환생
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Reincarnation of the Warrior Party Archmage

Three hundred years after the hero’s tale ends,

a lonely archmage wakes up.

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  1. misib says:

    Tiny add on:

    8.The world doesnt feel alive, mc is forced to follow the script, he never outsmart anything, he just follow what the plot tells him to do, like he knows something is sus or something IS GOIN TO HAPPEN he just let it happen, he dont tell anyone,ask for help or anything he just keep watching it happen, no matter what, he is only alive cause of plot armor, u just cant enjoy like this.

  2. Misib says:

    Up to 104.

    1.The underdog is very forced, very.

    2.protagonist take very bad decisions, only explanation is author lacked skills to deal with it.

    3.Mc biggest objrctive is mrtting his own old body, so he follow th school rules like a duck and bid his time.

    4.Best characters in thid work are villains, and side characters, cause sometimes they have more than 1 layer.

    5.i Heard it gets better after academy, academy itself is very poor done, grades involve subjetive scores, so mc is often more overhelming than others, bur can still lose….
    Why….(so his “rival” who never wins, by far almost always wins)

    6.Protagonist in this one IS a kid, so he know very poorly how to deal with people.

    7.Academy itself add a bunch of named characters that are so 1 dimensional, u just skip dozens of chapters often and u still lose nothing.

  3. How hateful, everyone thinks that the MC has no talent, since he already showed his genius since he was a child, is it just because he studied at home instead of going to school? I can’t read this anymore

  4. like seriously dawg how tf did miss that, I literally analyzed the first chapter to make a timeline 😭

  5. perhaps I should stop making comments while sleep deprived.

  6. Einar says:

    Based on the reviews, I can only say one thing.
    I ain’t readin allat

  7. It’s better than most, but my god the author employs at least half a dozen stupid cliches.

    MC is super powerful, but everyone thinks hes super weak because when he was 7 he had no talent and theres no record of his works from before. The thing about him having no talent at 7 was mentioned very last second, clearly added in to make MC have to be weak.

    MC misses a magic test and has to take a makeup test to enter an Academy, meaning now everyone thinks hes weak.

    MC takes a test in-class, and that test, for no reason, is a partner test, where MC gets partnered with the Rank 1 genius. Rank 1 genius messes up, MC saves her, they get an S Rank grade. Everyone thinks the Rank 1 genius girl is responsible for the grade, not MC.

    MC goes to join a club. Decides to not join a sport club that ALL people of his noble lineage are expected to join. People think its because he doesnt have talent.

    The club he does join, is failing and about to be destroyed, but he saves it last second.

    Stupid, stupid cliches over and over and over.

    Other then that, it’s an interesting story.

  8. Ch. 1 has this sentence:

    Since the lifespan of Paquorea, whose power was augmented by human body modification, was originally short, Lista’s death was expected.

    So Hero lady’s natural lifespan was just shorter.

  9. Hmm, the hero is making me skeptical. Her life span is very short compared to the other heroes (besides MC cause, well, y’know he died earlier lol)

    You would think she would keep believing and have a long long life to keep the MCs promise, but she only stayed alive for 9 more years after the MCs death, and considering how the MC got everything he wanted, that leads me to consider that the hero orchestrated this entire thing so that she can either: A. Wait for him to grow up so MC and her can marry each other and live long lives together or B. Make him happy after she’s gone.

    Alternatively this could just be a stroke of fate and none of this was remotely controlled by the hero and the hero was just being a dumbass who ate raw oiled peanuts and died from choking causing her to die young.

  10. Extra Extra says:

    Is this not a harem? Romance? Because the cover gives me that implication

  11. RealEason says:

    i think its alright and actually a bit meaningful, we all don’t live in the moment especially playing Minecraft with friends back then

  12. and bro Sousou no Frieren isn’t even that sad, it just leaves me with a bitter feeling because I’m too stupid to live in the moment.

  13. Noooo nvm I don’t want that, Sousou is too sad at the beginning

  14. Hope it’s gonna be like Sousou no Frieren

  15. leroy says:

    that aint reincarnation it´s possession

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