Restart in the World of Gender Reversal
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Restart in the World of Gender Reversal

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남녀역전 세계에서 재시작
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Restart in the World of Gender Reversal

I thought my life was over by crashing into crypto and diving into the subway…..
I was reincarnated in another world?!!!
Even as the eldest son of the Grand Duke?!
Plus, it’s a world where men and women are reversed.
Yes, the previous life was ruined, but
let’s live properly in this life!

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  1. Enter says:

    poizon level 99% stupidity

  2. Gawkgawk says:

    It’s not the MCs mental age that worries me, there’s serious grooming and pedo vibes thrown around in this novel… but still the image of a 30 blushing and being pouty is the stuff of nightmares

  3. Reader says:

    Guys, you have ignored most important problems in the novel. Generally almost in every reincarnation, regression and long livings character troupes have one similar problem which is author himself is confused in age related things. Like here it is said that elf are rare races. Male are also limited but here u can easily seen 2 male which are similar in age which is yuk and his fiance’s deceased brother. Almost same year lol. And here there is said that elf are rare but mc has 4 sister at least and they are at best 20 years apart. If this population continue then elfs should be overflow. Does mc father has much potent and many seeds lol. And here a noble male elf which is more than million years old is alive then how should not there be many male elfs lol.
    Here they say that in this world boys are treated as girls then what about mc ancestor who give a smack to head if mc. Imagine a grandfather hitting a granddaughter lol.

  4. matachi says:

    the author reading too many elfxshota hentai

  5. Luis says:

    No la recomiendo, a menos que te gusta lo shota, lo deje al capitulo 7

  6. Blaze says:

    You can cheat a lot with an MC being given their memory and personality if you excuse it with the god blessing them or creating their body as well

  7. You can ignore that logic with system novels. Well it’s because system does all and is powerful, if it can make you ugh I don’t feel like writing then it can make you have your usual mental capacity as a toddler.

  8. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Havent read it yet, but the thing is, the mental thing of him acting as a 5 yr old is such a small, small nitpick since you can logically understand it that his brain is underdeveloped. Which should be the case in every single reincarnation novel.

    How every adult that reincarnates into a baby and still have their full mental capacity and maturity despite having a brain that is less developed than a Silverback Gorilla due to age is beyond me.

  9. Extra Extra says:

    Where are the non-r18 Netori (NTL) novels at?

    The ones which are already on this site are really good, and I hope to see more of them of that quality if they do exist, as rare as they probably are.

  10. Well probably… If the thing about his mental age was not disclosed and the his character setting would be fine, but since it was told that he is an mature man mentally, I could not remove this thing from my mind… 😅

  11. Yeetus Deletus says:

    Just so you know, even if mentally he is 30 or whatever, his minds age is 5, meaning it is not even close to being fully developed. Meaning he is going to act way more immature than he normally would.

  12. The most unsettling thing for me is, an adult man with age around 30 yrs or so is acting all cute and pouty… I was barely able to get past 20 chapters, I don’t know about other parts in the plot, it has serious ‘shouta’ setting… If you like such genre then this is for you…

    Though MC is weak, I expected him to atleast show a little bit of maturity, but he is totally immersed in the role of a 5yr old kid.

    I would rate it around 5/10… Though it is not a mind-blowing work, it just an average slice-of life with lots of shoutacon women.

    1. Man i havent read the novel but mc is in 5 year old body his brain has not developed so he will act immature just cause your soul is of 30 year old doesn’t mean that your undeveloped brain will mature to age 30 its matures gradually

  13. Insufferable says:

    Story starts at him being 5. He finds out he has a fiance that’s 22. That’s the first thing you need to know if you want to proceed reading. If you think this is fine then you can proceed.

  14. Q D Q D says:

    So the new trend is Otome world? No longer regrets, divorce, golden sun, villain, betrayal or something about the Academy?….

  15. DONKEY says:

    So I’ve read around 20 chaps. And the novel feels a bit like Pokémon with already 3 or 4 love interest introduced. The protagonist is your typical super kind orphan, which has misfortunate events happening to him, dies and gets isekai’ed.

    He becomes an elf from a duke lineage with weak body but high magic power. Becomes sheltered due to overprotective family and gets in to trouble. All while trying to act like an adult. Random troublemaker A gets sent to the mines, and he gets their family’s shit. His maid does some sketchy stuff and because “love interest” gets forgiven (not entirely sure why because mtl).

    All in all, it feels like a Japanese wish fulfillment novel, with extra tags added to reel in a bunch of people.

  16. Enoh says:

    Is this trying to copy the world of otome games is tough for mobs?

  17. Insufferable says:

    I find it weird that reverse gender roles will include harem in it’s tags. If you think about it objectively, it’s a reverse harem which is uncomfortable to read compared to regular harem.

    But then again those are just my thoughts and it’s not exactly a deal breaker either, reverse gender world or female protagonist.

    I’m just waiting for the poison testers to finish their holy mission and decide whether I march in this crusade or not.

  18. Weirdo says:

    And a gender reversal novel with no obsession, yandere or Netori…? I know such novel exists.. but in this site….

  19. Weirdo says:

    Hmm… Out of topic but I wonder if there are novels where:- story starts with 2 ml fighting for fml, fml getting overconfidence/arrogant(or something similar), after many fights between ml, they eventually falls in love with each other, get married…🤔🤔 I don’t like bl but… It would be interesting if such stories exist

  20. says:

    Hmmmm I hope this is not another generic gender novel, then again I rarely trust the rating except if it’s 9.2 or 9.3 and above which this novel is not, but it could be another good novel which is probably not, but I hope that this is not a very bad novel that I regret wasting time reading this hahahaha (I am not gonna review just going to read it out of fun).

  21. Lku says:

    Seems familiar 🧐?

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