Retired Hero Wants To Sleep
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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

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은퇴용사는 잠들고 싶다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.

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  1. Komaru s Komaru s says:

    MC is a hero named Ewald a magic swordsman who defeated the Demon King Belzedeus while trapping the Demon King inside himself. Most of his companions were killed and the continent was nearly destroyed. What Ewald got in return was to be locked away in the deepest and darkest Dungeon. If Ewald dies then the Demon King Belzadeus would be resurrected. The Empire itself is already scared of Ewald because of his powers. 27 years have passed and the Empire woke up and set Ewald free.

    The Empire has found out someone has leaked his location and Demon Lords as well as new Demon Kings want him dead. New Demon Kings have been born since but they aren’t as powerful as the Demon King Belzedeus. This time there are just too many enemies and the continent isn’t as scared as it used to be about Demons.

    Ewald decides to hit back and go on an Adventure to destroy the people who want him dead instead. His first party member is the young Demon King Usbel (An oppai loli character) who was captured by the Empire. Although Ewald is 55 years old he still looks like he’s 28 years old albeit with grey hair now. He’s a rough type of character, doesn’t care about manners or politics, super strong and hates arrogant/evil people. So he goes on adventures to attack the demons and destroy the corrupt people.

    Does feel very similar to “The Regressed Demon Lord is kind.”

  2. Enoh says:

    If this novel is anything like regressed Demon Lord it should be good.

  3. says:

    @Tammy Temple Huh, holy crap I am surprised that it got pedophile too damn, but anyway going to read this because of ‘party being forced to follow’ should be probably interesting I guess.

  4. Fernando says:

    Admi update
    Elf Who Wants To Be Humiliated
    매도 당하고 싶은 엘프님

  5. Regressor Needs Him got deleted for being “Gender reverse novel with rape and pedophile”.

    BTW this novel is inspired a little from Regressed Demon Lord, prologue has vibes of MC spreading his ‘kindness’ and his party being forced to follow.

  6. Yeah, what happened to “The Regressor Needs Him”?

  7. IwantemBed says:

    Don’t we all just want some sleep

    Btw some tags are fake tags, there’s some with “sword and magic” but the real tags were “sword and tragic”

    Don’t mind me in just sleep deprived

  8. Dfick says:

    Yes this novel is gone in the last night

  9. Yes the novel is gone and i don’t know why the novel is gone

  10. nox says:

    You ain’t dreaming it’s gone

  11. Rod says:

    @Louis Nope, that novel is gone

  12. says:

    Yo off-topic but is it just me that “The regressor needs him” is gone, or I was very tired last night that I was hallucinating reading some novel on this website, but anyway @wkwkwk nahhh I think not, probably I guess.

  13. wkwkwk says:

    I think this novel weird?

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