Saved a Heroine From the Brink of Death
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Saved a Heroine From the Brink of Death

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죽기 직전의 히로인을 구했다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Saved a Heroine From the Brink of Death

You’re possessed by a novel you’re reading.
I made a lot of money using my knowledge of the source material.

Then one day, a heroine who was about to die appeared in front of me.
I saved her and decided to raise her.

Anyone in my way?
You can beat them up with money.
Those who can’t afford it, I’ll do whatever it takes to make her grow.

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  1. Putu says:

    “rich” is new

  2. Reiai_Sēji says:

    Isn’t this just grooming with extra steps

  3. Louis . Louis . says:

    Hey isn’t this kinda weird because he raised her and over time she liked him like I just want a normal adopted father and daughter relationship on a novel like damn how many years has been since I read like that one in Jp,Kr, especially Cn💀💀💀.

  4. i can understand appreciation but love… no.

  5. Carrotking says:

    this is more like ” If its for my daughter, I’d even defeat a demon lord” where in the novel the mc and the girl he adopted Get married in the end

  6. Dude calm down if they aren’t related , they are free to love each other and get married if they dont mind the past relationship between them.
    Dudes like you who dont like these age gap relationships like the ones with 1000yr old witch raising orphan boy and after lover type mangas.
    If they’re committing to the relationship after gurl becomes adult and has awareness to choose what they want its okay.
    And there are tons of appreciation father adopted girl novel/manhwas too.
    You guys sound like this type of novel/manhwas are in minority or something.
    Sorry for tha rant

  7. Louis . Louis . says:

    I respect your opinion and yes there are tons of adopted father and son/daughter relationship novels/books, but most of I read/pirated without reading the reviews/comments are like that unfortunately so I can’t help but comment it also being in love with your adopted son/daughter is no good though even if its because the reason you are adopting is either you are too old to have children or to avoid passing down some genetic defect/disability, but want to experience of raising a child and finally you just don’t adopted someone then to love her or to love you because you just simply ask someone out instead doing the hassle of adopting unless you are into that, but then again it’s my personal one of my moral principal in life so I can’t just forcibly push my views and principal to others or just down right disrespect others opinion/views most of the time also I am drinking right now🍷🗿, so probably in the morning/evening I’ll regret writing this lol.

  8. Louis . Louis . says:

    Also I am sorry for bad English because I am still learning om how to properly grammar a paragraph and how to articulate it properly.

  9. ganashi says:

    i agree with you for some reason they never see them as pirates it’s always as lover

  10. Caliber says:

    Is it incest if they aren’t blood related🗿?

  11. mr joster mr joster says:

    lol, this make me remember those chinese novel when the girl is poor and the man is super rich or sth

  12. Nightune says:

    You guys don’t forget to mention Yu Bom and Yu Jitae from Kidnapped Dragons If your gonna talk about adopting someone and marrying…

    Well I admit that even though they have a father? (guardian) and daughter relationship on paper at first…

    They don’t appear like they will develop a father and daughter relationship at all on the their first meeting in the novel

  13. From the description I thought the MC raised the heroine from childhood but the heroine is 18 and the MC is 27. It’s still a large age gap but technically legal. MC is basically powerful figure that has insane amount of wealth and power(but physically weak) and has a tendancy to be a psychopath in order to protect the heroine. It’s not bad but it’s good enough for me to look forward for the next update.

    Kinda agree with Louis’ opinion. I hope there’ll be more normal father-daughter novel in the future. I really enjoyed reading ‘My daughters has regressed’.

  14. Dagonsuznyx says:

    There are more to relationships than blood. It is absolutely disgusting to date a girl that you raised. Are you that desperate and twisted that you are willing to brainwash an innocent and defenseless child into loving you? Is that all there is to parenthood for you? Unsightly.

  15. rob z rob z says:

    What are some of you people talking about?? The MC does not “raise” her in the sense you are pushing, and there is nothing remotely like a father – daughter relationship. He only first meets her when she’s 18 and he’s 27. They get to know each other when he saved her life at risk of his own, and he “sponsors” her by using his wealth and power to secretly provide her gifts and items so she can more rapidly improve her skills, since he knows she will be the heroine. If anything, he is the quintissential “oppa”. (And she is the one that chases him, BTW).

    I enjoyed the content posted so far – 8/10 and would recommend.

  16. It’s already starting to get annoying that they’re shoving porn into some chapter. (32)

  17. Kidnapped Dragons, I think, is a different kettle of fish altogether. The relationship between Yu Jitae and Yu Bom is more complicated than just a guardian and a teenage girl. To begin with, in their previous lives Yu Jitae killed Yu Bom over and over to halt the end of his world, which ended anyway. Not to mention, Yu Bom is a dragon. Even though she’s young by dragon standard, she’s actually a lot older than she looks.

  18. Phantom says:

    usagi drop flashbacks from this comment section discussion

  19. TIP says:

    Alguien leyo la novela o solo vinieron a criticar? Por que no parece en absoluto que tengan una relacion padre e hija

  20. Reality says:

    Résumé : He’s Vanguard or Rockfeller lol. “He control the world, i have a action on all organization.” My name suprema. XDD

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