Surviving as an Academy Black Magician
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Surviving as an Academy Black Magician

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Surviving as an Academy Black Magician

A slug, a monster, a stutterer, a grim warlock.

I possessed the worst character in a novel I wrote in anger.

“Oh, great apostle!”

I will do anything to survive.

Even if it means becoming a demon contractor.

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  1. Ninja says:

    Forced plot, every random thing happened and the excuse is “butterfly effect”.

  2. Bill says:

    I’ve read a few chapter to 20. I can say that it is bad and boring. Mc has no redeeming qualities. He is the author but he has no knowledge of the novel he created. For example, he is looking for a book but he as an author should know where it is. He created the novel. He is not decisive enough. When he fought against the son of a sword master who has contracted a demon, he should’ve at least pushed him further to despair forcing him to reveal that he is a demon contractor but nope. Mc is pretty much follow the flow kind despite seeing so much variable.

  3. Mick Vick Mick Vick says:

    MC apparently really ugly from the prologue, so how did he change his face?
    Is he cursed and then undo it and become normal? Or did he just use magic to change his face?

  4. Rader says:

    @milky violet Actually Academy novels are easier to flesh out. You get standard templates for the characters like Good Professors or Bad ones, bullies, bullied ones, normal ones, and so on. That’s why there are a lot of Academy based novels, they are easy for spamming the chapters and increase the word count.

  5. Yeah I don’t like it. Leave the hero party and the only logical choice is to head to the academy. Ugh I guess I’m just getting bored from academy novels.

  6. Rader says:

    I will stop at 80 for now. A short Review:

    A good novel overall. You will not feel as if you wasted your time reading this. I will not spoil anything but lay out some things.

    MC is strong in terms of students as he was a former Hero party member.

    MC is the possessed author who was told to write a novel by someone else. It’s very likely it was a ploy to get him write this novel as if it was his fate.

    Around 50% of the things MC sees is totally new. He is faced with new backstory and characters he didn’t even create so this leads to an element of surprise. A welcome addition to the story as it’s not as easy as other reincarnation or possession novel.

    There can be romance or harem. It depends to be honest.

    Overall, even if we have an Author possessing his own work we get to see a lot of mystery with even most powerful characters he seemingly create understood that he was the creator. And on a side note as a spoiler, MC has circle with both mana and magi or demonic energy, so it’s very likely that he will get Divine Energy too in the end. He may become the successor of the Creator god and the person who sent him to this new world maybe his ancestor or the creator god himself.

  7. RealEason says:

    current chapter: 98

    so far, pretty good. definitely more enjoyable than the generic ones on this website…

    the only con is that there is no obsession, so far there seems to be a harem in building but depends on the direction the novel is going in

  8. ReaderA says:

    update 0.01 sword master pls.

  9. Overseer says:

    well? tbh cuz i saw someone said it’s not good i didn’t read it with much expectations but it’s definitely worth a try. Mc and og mc are not at the same sides so it’s quite interesting. It’s not like og mc is actually a jerkass either like in other novels, they just had different goals and ways. Don’t hope too much on romance tho, cuz so far the fl only attracted/interested in him and not saw him romantically

    review at chaps 110

  10. Salty1 says:

    So how is it ?

  11. Lu Bu Lu Bu says:

    Became an idiot at chap 24 😭😭

  12. Miryuu says:

    I got poisoned in the first chapter but got the antidote in chapter 2

  13. Feng says:

    Hmm….i see booba

  14. Q D Q D says:

    The cover looks like cultivation story :/

  15. Tian says:

    I got in because of the cover, but I think I’m blind, because I don’t see the harem, yandere and regret

  16. BloodAngel says:

    Not good
    Genre wise also bad

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