Surviving As the 5th Prince of the Ruined Kingdom
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Surviving As the 5th Prince of the Ruined Kingdom

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Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Surviving As the 5th Prince of the Ruined Kingdom

The day my head was broken by my half-brother’s wooden sword, memories of my past life came to mind.

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  1. Kush says:

    where are more chapters i need more

  2. zero says:


  3. Rader says:

    Just read 300 chapters of Dungeon Defence Web novel. Was interested to know if he invaded Angel Realm or not. But nah Ending Spoilers butchered my spirit.

    Never start reading that story. LN was dropped because of Plagiarism and WN was stopped midway only for Author to fkk up the readers royally. Basically Main MC understood that he is in a game and if he won or lose world will be reset. He became a mass murderer and wanted to take all the blame while loving his people if he could. Now he knew that everything is fake he broke down and started killing his Harem members but when he got over his bloodlust he decided to not die or complete the game so that remaining ones he love could survive. So he killed his own ego and left a breathing corpse which would live forever so that this world he created does not vanish.

    I have never seen such a bad way for an Author to stop the novel he wanted to drop. He went from a game system novel to a freaking Cyberpunk ending. Really, don’t waste your time reading this sht, even if early chapters are great.

    And about this novel. I will post a review soon, I need something to bleach my mind and hope that this one could somewhat help.

  4. Arlos says:

    I’ve read ahead, and can unfortunately tell you that the taste changed for the worst after the regression stuff.
    It’s really sad, considering how good it was until the .

  5. Araara says:

    Brain rot

  6. Nemo says:

    Finished reading the first 50 chapters. Currently not action-packed, though with the way the MC’s ability works, it’s something that the story will eventually develop towards.

    The power system of the setting isn’t particularly enthralling to me, granted, the story hasn’t really delved into it that deeply. The current part of the story is primarily about the MC developing his own influence within the kingdom and handling his relationships with the other major political groups within it. It’s got some promise in that regard with the potential the MC’s cheat has to interact with that side of the story.

    As for the MC itself, he’s a relatively stoic sort so far by my impression. He’s introduced as a transmigrator and has got a typical underdog backstory, being described as having grown up as an orphan and living a bit of a downtrodden life. My usual nitpick with characters like this is that they’re typically rather utilitarian as a character, acting mainly as a vehicle for the “cheat” and the story, but it’s not a particularly offensive thing to be.

    To the MC’s credit, he’s got some wit and guts to him, and there’s one point in the story where his political “ruthlessness” is emphasized in the story where he shows that he’s willing to use a friendly character to him as a gambling chip with the intention of saving them from being sold off by growing fast enough in influence. That isn’t to say he’s portrayed as a cold character willing to use anyone for his own benefit, but that he’s willing to play the game of politics to try and break out of his cornered situation as a half-abandoned prince.

    Regarding the prince’s own abilities, it’s foreshadowed that his natural talents even without his cheat are rather high, with his cheat acting as an auxiliary to what is already there. So despite doing some bluffing at the start about how much of a “monster” he is, the story also wants to present him as already having been a prodigy who’ll be able to fly even further with his cheat augmenting him, which is particularly relevant given a revelation in one of the latter chapters of what I’ve read so far.

    Story’s got a promising enough start, but I still need more meat to bite into to really get pulled in.

  7. kono dioda kono dioda says:

    i choose you poison tester go!

  8. bozakir says:

    MC is an entitled roach. Dude transmigrates into a 8 years old isolated traumatized prince. Gets the usual cheats shop/appraisal then has galls to complain about why 8 year old kid wasn’t doing anything. He has a system and complains about why it’s not more user friendly.

    He is like a trust fund kid who gets a ferrari at 16 who complains about how it isnt the exact shade of blue he wanted.

    1. simplethrone says:

      Nope, you’re not only wrong, you’re SUPER wrong. Maybe it’s because of MTL destroying all nuances.

      Despite all of his (non-serious, sometimes joke) complaints, MC did the workaround and experimentation with his abilities. For example, one of default system abilities is asking information to the system’s “ChatGPT”. The more valuable the information, he got to pay with “cash” (that he got from quests rewards). He’d poke things around and build assumptions depending of the price. For example, a total secret would cost higher points, while facts everyone knows cost less. He’d then play detective and guesswork, revealing part of it to people bit by bit while seeing if the price would go down or not. Then he’d use that fact to determine the truth of that information without paying. Or sometimes, he’d get informations about the mythical stuffs by reading the response of the ChatGPT, whether it be “don’t exist” or “can’t be accessed” about the truth of said mythical stuffs. I like it. This is a total improvement than those other MC who only got spoonfed by the system, as this one needed some works to be utilized, things that currently can’t be solved by just grinding points (since it’s early and he hasn’t built his farm points yet).

      The way you’re saying it, is like that our MC here is whiny loser who did nothing and accepted everything. Which is totally not what happened.

      1. bozakir says:

        Yeah I am aware that he is a miser that exploits the system instead of paying for it. Thats not him being clever thats system being dumb. Because author makes things up as he goes along. He finds a somehow powerful mana method because it’s “hidden piece”. Because thats a thing shops do. But only on that chapter. Because he doesn’t check for sword arts or magic hidden pieces. Because what if system fixes the exploit. But only on that chapter. Because he exploits it again for other information. But thats beside the point.

        He is a prince that can check people’s loyalty to him realtime. And has a shop he can buy skills from. Appraisal + shop + royal blood. He starts at the third base and keeps complaining about it.

        At age 13 you get shop and appraisal and your currency is getting people to like/trust/fear you while being a prince? The world is your oyster. You’d need to actively sabotage yourself to fail with those cheats.

        So yeah MC is a whiny loser. World is handed to him on a silver platter he gunks it up and complains about it.

    2. Nemo says:

      Your reaction here is rather absurdly overblown. It was one paragraph of the MC bemoaning why he hadn’t prepared more, but he quickly accepted right after that he only had the mentality of an 8 year-old child then. And here you are acting like that’s his entire characterization instead of a small segment where he was assessing his situation.

      And I see you complaining about the system “gaming” too. He’s guessing the meaning of a piece of information from its price rather than getting the specific info. The importance here is that it emphasizes his own ability to evaluate what that information is worth within his surrounding context and to make gambles based on it, showing off his judgement capabilities. It’s completely different in utility from actually buying information, as there are simply things that he can’t guess about or make use of from the asking price value alone.

      I find your caustic attitude here rather unwarranted, honestly. It gives a rather lopsided and, honestly, unfitting view of the MC’s character and the writing.

    3. simplethrone says:

      Author making up things? How? Do you even read? He translated the words from Murim to western and using the system to verify that. He did check for others but that’s the only thing he can afford. It’s even the same technique he got before his regression, and the price is the same when he bought it using real money before his regression. It’s not making up things outta nowhere, it’s setting up things. There’s a connection there. The other thing he got he received it in a normal way, and make sense, one being the normal swordsmanship of his kingdom and the other came from his destroyed family that he got by staying in contact with their remnants.

      The system being stupid? No, because what he did is only inferring and there’s a chance he got the information wrong. Which he did by the way, when he draws the sword in the mine. It’s only because he got saved by other convenience that you didn’t notice.

      Also you’re saying as if he always complained? Where? At first it’s just small remarks because he thought after imprinting the skill he could use it immidiately instead of training. Then he complained about the price, then the change in someone’s trust as he don’t know what made them suddenly change their minds. You’re saying as if he took all these inconvenience to heart instead of just passing remarks and him handwaving it away.

      I really don’t get you. MTL do destroy nuances after all.



  10. simplethrone says:

    Fusion? As in, eastern western fantasy fusion? Or genre fusion like fantasy scifi? Well I’ll dip in.

    1. simplethrone says:

      Oh, it’s eastern fantasy fusion. Things work like cultivation, but westernized names. Funny thing, MC wanted to get cultivation techiques from those of Murims like Tang’s poison, Plum Blossom’s Swordsmanship, etc. But since those names didn’t exist, he had to search thme with westernized/his current isekai world naming sense.

      Plot twist, MC is a regressor too. When he got the special family sword, he got to experience his life if he never awakened his memories of being Koreans and the system ability, 30 years into the future. He got all of his skills, although they’re all lv1 and he still had to train them. It got introduced in 30+ chapters, so the only reason I could think of is that this kind of pacing isn’t popular with the Korean readers of power fantasy munchkin novels (despite me thinking it’s perfect) so author introduced new power boost so that he can cut some chapters and fasten the story pace. On one hand, we skipped the grinding, on another we all knew how atrocious this kind of novels pacing could be when they’re really bad (especially those that finished in 100-ish chapters) so it remains to be seen.

      No harem signs yet. Heck, not even heroine signs. His relationship with his elf teacher was rather platonic and he declared in front of her he’s not interested with her in that way although he shared most of his secrets about transmigration and regression so it remains to be seen. The noble daughter he saved had already said “goodbye to her first love” in ch.50. Maybe it could be the talented female knight with extreme interest and dog-like loyalty that would win the MC bowl. Or it could be this novel is the eunuch kind, the one where MC never had any. Again, this remains to be seen.

      No wonder it got “popular work” tags, I got hooked pretty fast, didn’t even skip chapters.

      1. Arlos says:

        Author dropped the ball later on unfortunately, quality drastically dropped after the regression stuff, this is clearly a story that should last a few hundred chapters but ended at 200 chapters, later review amongst Koreans are mitigated too.
        It’s a terrible, terrible waste.

  11. pure candy says:


  12. Clutchassassin says:


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