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Taming The Villainesses

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Taming The Villainesses

Taming The Villainesses mtl
I got sucked into a novel full of villains and must tame them in order to survive!

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  1. TheDoor says:

    One of four Masterpiece in novelpia. The Ending Plot Stand As a God. This novel really not a joke about the ending. YOU MUST TRY IT

  2. Sephir says:

    I think slipped kitten got Isekai Ed or something bc of all his 5.7k words reviews.

  3. banhmidacruotthomngon says:

    @MrPojsomnoj Bro are you brain damaged? The entire Academy Arc is the best, it literally showed us how he handle the girls, proceeds to tame them by showering them with actual care that no one ever did to them, stayed true to the name of the title “Taming the Villainesses”. And also proved that Elgar is the best girl

  4. RealEason says:

    boi what the hell, a whole damn paragraph??

  5. MrPojsomnoj says:

    Novels that kill themself in school arc, cannot be good novel. And we hadn’t even started with the story :/

  6. Shinigami Shinigami says:

    Marmar is not in the harem, I’m crying bloody tears( 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  7. Joder. Mucho texto.

    Todo ese texto para hablar de las tendencias M y S de los personajes. A mi me molesta de el 174 hacia abajo es que desde que descubrió que es descendiente de angmar o como se escriba literalmente dejó de intentar escapar. ¡Ya no hay intentos!.

    De hecho, desde el punto de vista logico, no eres un angmar real, solo tu cuerpo. Lo más sabio que puedes hacer es… Irte a la mierda. Quiero decir, solo vete. ¿Porque coño te interesa gestionar un reino? Tu mismo lo gobiernas, apruebas leyes y etc. ¿Realmente crees que es Sabio intentar gobernarlo incluso con la buena cantidad y altos obstáculos que hay para obtenerlo?

    La poca atracción por seriedad de la situación literalmente se esfumó cuándo descubrió la herencia de su cuerpo. De hecho, con mas razón debería escapar. Además, la reina no lo matará. Lo retendrá hasta que considere bien o algo así… Depende de que tan loca esté.

  8. Aer says:

    I ain’t reading all of that. Good for you or sorry for your loss I guess.

  9. I’ve read this story up to chapter 380-ish and then I jumped to around chapter 480-ish until chapter 510. Here’s my note and probably also my review so you can consider yourself if you’re gonna dive deeper into this novel or not. Here it is. I want to note about the character’s personality first since for me, the main character or protagonist’s —— in which the character that we’ll keep our vision and tied together until the end of the story — personality is the first factor for me to determine whether dive in deeper or dropping a literature or this kind of novel (LN). I know that some of y’all might not agree with me and perhaps might also say that plotline and the essence / moral of the overall story and/or maybe the setting (the world, the politicis, the history, magic system, etc.) or maybe the idea or maybe the genre or maybe who write the literature is more important than the character and it’s development. But for me, character, especially the main character, is the most important part that build a novel as subjectively good novel to read. So, about the main character’s personality and development. I want to note about two or 3 things about his personality. In the first / beginning, MC is a complete submissive to the heroines or so called villainesses, so yes, he’s a complete masochist character in the first part of this novel. But then he starts to get developed SLOWLY until the middle part of the story. But yet again, you’ll see that he’s still a subtle submissive character especially around Aira (the girl’s on the cover of this novel). It is actually logical considering the fact that she’s so OP and kinda a sadistic character, the type that like to dominate and doesn’t show her emotion that much like the character Makima from chainsawman, but they completely have different atmosphere and vibe, while Makima gives you more like a demon / mommy / boss / influencer-dominator / that droopy eyes girl who likes to say “oh my” and dominate you in the bed type of girl, but Aira gives you more like a psychopathic, mysterious, poisonous, tryant, and, yes, villainous atmosphere and vibe, so in Makima, the majority of men especially the M ones can really simp for her, but in Aira, she’s more like terrifies the shit out of you which is good considering the fact that she’s an actual and original villainess, but im gonna be honest, even some Masochist lover can’t really like her cause let’s be honest, if you’re really a major M, you want more like Makima type rather than this Patrick Bateman / Anton Chigurh type of character to dominate you. In Makima kind of girl, at least we know that even if she’s a sadist who really likes to dominate you in the bed, we somehow feel that we’re still safe around her even though she might choke the shit out of you, but you God dang know that she’s not gonna kill you, at least in the chainsawman’s main character — denji — Perspective. But in this novel, Aira might actually and truly rip off the shit out of you while getting laid in the bed while doing / in the middle of the Masochist—dominating things on your body, she genuinely feels terrifying to be around with + her emotionless and apathetic tendency makes her more terrifying. That’s why I said, even if you’re an M, some of you can even still might not like the sadist character here. Remember, if you’re an M, fuck with a true dominating sadistic girl, not with a crazy apathetic and psychopathic girl, but don’t worry, Aira will also receive a character development later on, but her emotionless, psychopathic, and apathetic tendency are still there, so even a masochist likes me still couldn’t like this type of sadist. But if you like getting fucked by Patrick Bateman / Anton Chigurh reversed-gender, you might actually like her more than the other, but for me, subjectively speaking, I don’t like her even until 380-ish chapter. But again, that doesn’t make her badly-written character. In fact, she’s probably top three most well-written character in this novel. But again, just like which girl in your high school that you want to date with, its all about YOUR preference and subjective perception and way of thinking. Even if I don’t quite like Aira, I can already see why some people would actually simp and like her. So objectively speaking, she’s quite well-written character, but too bad her character’s characteristic doesnt suit my taste. The other girls / heroines / villainesses are well-written. As a M myself who’s the target audience of this novel, I actually likes the relationship between Elga and MC more than the rest of relationship, they’re more like reciprocal kind of relationship, in the beginning, Elga is more like the one who dominate, in the end, MC acts more like the one who dominate, but in the middle, they sometimes changed their role while doing THAT stuff. I like this kind of M and S relationship. Where the one who’s stronger slowly getting laid down and dominated by the one who’s weaker rather than just plain being dominated by the girl. Yes I’m talking about Aira and MC relationship, even though theres one scene in which Aira acts more like a pet to MC while they’re attending the academy together, but MC still acts submissive to Aira, this still shows that even if the position changed, Aira will still scared the shit of our protagonist. I don’t know if this will be resolved later on, because I only read about 380+ ish chapter. It might changed, I don’t know. And about our main character, I have a mixed feeling about him. His submission for me have two different feelings in which I actually quite enjoy it or quite hate it. He’s not a goody-two shoes and yet most of the times act soft and submissive so that the girls who’s more like a sadist fall for him. But he sometimes act like a crazy, who said some crazy shit without even thinking or only use his dick to decide and choose how to act. Yes, he’s a dick head. He’s an asshole but at the same time he’s also kinda submissive and soft. He can give you a reckless feeling and atmosphere, a sigma male type of man at some circumstances, but at the same time he can give you the beta incel type of man. But overall, until the end of story, he mainly acts and fall more into submissive type rather than a crazy and bold personality side. Again, I have a mixed feeling about him. I don’t like his relationship with Aira at all, he’s always being shy and scared in front of her, like genuinely terrified. But at the same times I like his relationship with the other girls. I don’t quite enjoy the middle part of this novel, but I was satisfied from how the author handles the ending and the beginning. Sometimes, it’s quite boring in the middle, and you can actually feel that this arc is more like a filler and/or sub-plot chapters rather than the actual plot. This also implied to the character’s personality development and relationship. When the MC became likable, he’ll become likable, but when he became unlikable, he’ll really become super irritating and unlikable. That’s how I can describe it. And also, I didn’t really enjoy the middle part of this novel. There are some parts that I quite like in the middle, but most of the times, i was bored reading the middle part of this novel. Overall, speaking subjectively, it just doesn’t suit my taste so I’ll give it a solid 6/10. But speaking objectively, I’ll give it a 8.5/10. So in total, ill give this a 7 / 10.

    1. Error_Irrelevant says:

      Just wanted to check in on you, you still alive? How you doing?

    2. Xerx73 says:

      Damn! This review is probably enough for a short story.

  10. Nadio says:

    i second this

  11. Asheborner says:

    Hello sir, can you please add ‘Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World’, it’s from the same author infact it was released before this book. It would be a great read for your followers, do accept my request.

  12. A great and unique story with its plus points a must read for any harem reader. Won’t spoil the story as you should find what it is yourself.

  13. Fis says:

    Thank you very much. You’re a god send angel!

  14. Ozu says:

    Thanks a lottt,was going to hornymtl everyday to see whether its there 😃

  15. Boi says:

    Wrrrrryyyyyy its finally here!!!

  16. noriko says:

    can you add 러브 코미디를 망가뜨리는 법 mtl please

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