The 2nd Academy SSS+ Level Privilege Is Unmatched
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The 2nd Academy SSS+ Level Privilege Is Unmatched

Read full chapter The 2nd Academy SSS+ Level Privilege Is Unmatched, Light Novel The 2nd Academy SSS+ Level Privilege Is Unmatched english, LN The 2nd Academy SSS+ Level Privilege Is Unmatched, The 2nd Academy SSS+ Level Privilege Is Unmatched Online, read The 2nd Academy SSS+ Level Privilege Is Unmatched at Noble Machine translations.
아카데미 2회차 SSS+급 특전으로 무쌍 찍습니다!
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The 2nd Academy SSS+ Level Privilege Is Unmatched

I was possessed and died.

And the 2nd round came like a miracle.

◈Total score: 575,000 points
◈All functions of the Destiny system are unlocked.
◈Some of the attributes you have will carry over to the next round after level adjustment.
◈ SSS + privileges are granted.

[Grants special privileges at the start of the 2nd round.]
[Arahant’s contract, a unique ability, releases true power.]


Something is a bit more than in the previous life… ?

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  1. Rader says:

    Story finished at 199. It was rushed. And Author removed many features silently, for example the point system which made him OP was never introduced after he gets decent powers, its so bad that Author or even MC never mentioned it and treated it as if it never existed. Why? Because MC would have become too OP. And this became a problem, we can see from One Punch man and other similar OP MCs that OP MCs can also lead to long stories but they have to be carefree and totally in control over their powers but MC here is a Hero and when he got powers he just dived in to end everything.

    Main Villain is Second rank Demon No Face who killed MC as Demon God appeared only in 3-4 chapters before losing. Even No Face was rushed so forget about Demon God who just vanished as soon as she appeared. In summary another rushed novel, 7/10.

    1. Rader says:

      Also a spoiler for the settings, I do this when I feel that novel has lazy setting or just bizzare one.

      Here we had an alien world where a God existed, he fell into love with a human and married her and had a lot of children. But he got greedy and ressurected her into long living species and so. Anyways it should not matter but Author added some crazy things here, that due to repeated ressurection with memories Soul got damaged and also somehow causality impacted, why should it matter? It was not as if God was running an Empire, he was just reviving his wife who wanted to stay with him but Author added a stupid clause here as if one mortal soul reviving again and again was dangerous when she was living in peace.

      Anyways to restore the balance world gave birth to Demon Kings and Demon Gods whose goal is to kill God and restart the whole world, they are like white blood cells and it is pathetic. Just for one mortal soul they are somehow get created with power to destroy god and every living being. Where is the balance here then? So God called a hero from Korea and he solved the issue, after he lived his life as a mortal God gave up on his powers and transferred them to the hero, making him new God with Demon God still in equation. It is stupid to be honest, even Demon God being some Aliens or what not could have been better. It is such a big issue because Demon God will keep getting stronger to kill God and it is not even bad, no it is not a Demon God but Goddess of Destruction in true sense. That God should have created a Noah arc or something and save the living beings with his power so that they can live again after Goddess has reseted the world but God was naive and hero after him was too.

      Again this cycle will repeat with MC as God. Due to so called distortion added by Author Demon God will keep on appearing until it gets power to destroy God and World for the world to start fresh. Honestly it would have been better if world was destroyed and these naive Gods were removed. So in a sense MC and entire Hero party are the real villains who are stopping Destruction chan from doing the things which will eventually happen due to stupid plot Author used.

      Why I am saying all this? This is a scenario where I don’t feel anything when major villains died. No Face and Demon God are beings called strongest, MC had to sacrifice his life to kill them, but in reality God divided the Goddess of Destruction into No Face and Demon God because she became too powerful. They were just natural calamities, no more like Employees carrying out order of their senior Nature. No Face who got some intelligence didn’t even want to fight much, she wanted to understand MC and emotions of humanity. Demon God who understood all that just wanted to do her job and vanish into nothingness after it. They were not big baddies in true sense, unlike some Demon Kings they were not evil so their impact on MC journey was way too less. In a sense there is no antoganist of this novel, no rival to MC, for example Sherlock Holmes had Professor Moriarty who was created equal or more powerful than him because Rival of this kind creates tension. Not every novel need rivals, but in a Hero Story where final boss feels less impactful than others It is sad thing as there is no hero journey. MC is just powerful, he already faced his trials so he is just godly and everything is fine for him. It feels Lazy.

      So a revision, 5/10 novel. I was too lenient to give 7/10 to this story, once I felt that final bosses were not that impactful I understood that in order to create OP regressor MC with Hero Story Author just removed any source of trials, and setting was lazy too.

      1. man, strong start but the author has no idea how to continue it, hype this villain that turns out to be a good guy then introduce this bad guy so they can team up. its so stupid how the author wrote it.

        1. Rader says:

          Yeah Bishop was shown as great villain but in the end was swiped away by Friendship power. There was no clash of opinions as both MC and Bishop had same opinions but different methods, and MC even called his methods good or what not. Same happened with No Face, when journals of No Face was introduced we just saw a being finding her self for the first time. She loved MC and in order to appeal him took the body of woman from the many who loved him. All tension vanished. Same with Demon God who just came and died in 2-3 chapters.

  2. Zzz says:

    > edgy incel mc
    > talking system with collecting points via interest of other people and busted shop feature
    > random ass harem girls with 2 iq
    > generic academy plot
    > author trying to add some funny and failing miserably
    > random overpowered enemies making mc gain years worth of progress in 1 fight


    1. Zzz says:

      the stuff i listed dont fit my taste so i rated the novel as such but if you like them im sure you will like the novel.
      You can judge mc behaviour yourself. I might have judged him harder than usual cuz of my mood.
      Except that it is pretty much a power fantasy and i know many people enjoy that

      1. RizVN RizVN says:

        Can you name a good recommendation?

  3. amogustimestwo says:

    This novel is kind of boring at least at the beginning. I’ve written a poem about it on ch 27:

    Dang I thought Song-Junho was gonna develop here. Then Mc appear. Then Ori Mc grabs his rear and makes the monster disappear.

    Now I don’t think I’ll like this story. It’s just not as deep as Omori. It’s kind of gory to the story.

    I think I’m done. It’s no fun. Because the mc is just going to run. The side characters have no gun and end up very dumb.

    The mc likes cigarettes and not gum. Probably even beer and rum. The mcs edgy and boring and has no chums.

    Average Harem. Mcs gonna tear ’em. The enemies I mean. He has no team. When you sing this song, you’ve got to screaaaam…

    This novels not trash… But I’m definitely gooooing to dassssssh.

  4. IME says:

    thanks for the update,

    but there are 16 more chapters to complete this novel, noble-sama.

  5. It maybe a spoiler

    Anyone know why the hero killed the mc parents and whether he forgive her or not ?

    1. Luckyzero says:

      The third demon king basically raided the village to kill hero, MC dad manage to defeat it but got controlled and decided to beg hero to kill him to protect the mc and hero….

      Anyway, anyone remembered what happened to MC mother, she was fighting with MC dad against third demon king, but maybe I just fast readed, cause I can’t remember how she was killed and what did she do when MC Dad got controlled.

  6. IME says:

    i hope noble will update this one

  7. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    Pretty good but chapter 51 gods decent is kind of weird.

  8. Kool says:

    I suggest adding the obsession tag

  9. Rader says:

    Not bad. Not good. Epitome of average. There are many worse than this one and many better. That’s all there is to this novel.

    You can have a little fun here with all the cliches. It’s like drinking an unknown brand Coke, it’s not bad tastewise but doesn’t feel like Coke.

  10. Reafan says:

    51 chapter and no snu snu part? Damn , even the story is not my liking

  11. rob z rob z says:

    There really isn’t much to recommend here. Generic shounen BS novel with way to much time wasted on the “system”, no real relationship development, etc.

  12. Padre damaso says:

    I’d he so sad if K Isn’t the cover girl

  13. Gawkgawkboss says:

    Read till chap 30+ story is good but I hate the direction with which the author wants to lead his yandere and obsession between the hero and the MC. The hero killed the OG mc parents- I guess it’s by accident or something- according to the hero’s POV the OG mc low key resents her for it but the author just wants to gloss and cross over it because he’s no longer the same person. The author wants to also say she felt bad about it and it mentally incapacitated her making her unable to use her powers, well so far the explanation pointed rather than feeling guilty that she killed she’s rather guilty she can’t use it properly ( my own take) it’s stupid, not really a fan of yandere but I have been trying to get into it, this novel is giving me more reason not to be

    1. D1Grandmaster says:

      Eh, if you’re not a fan of yandere at first then you shouldn’t try to be. Everyone who are a fan of yanderes are still kids because they don’t know how annoying/unappealing it is when your girlfriend in real life acts similarly to a yandere.

      1. RizVN RizVN says:

        Ah, yes. One of my close friends is a yandere and I can sympathize with you a little. You will lose a lot of privacy and freedom, and taking care of her emotional swings is also no joke. But for the poisoned people here, such a thing might be a reward by itself.

  14. Padre damaso says:

    This the exact novel I’m. Looking for to turn my brain off at specially after a harsh and complicated day

  15. Why people shredding it to bits you ask ?
    Cause uts like the 10001th generic cardboard put here in noble

  16. it’s generic, but one of the pros of this novel is that some side characters are actually male

  17. Luiz Felipe says:

    It’s a generic novel (but not in a bad way) honestly speaking it’s fun to read of course I still have issues with the protagonist gaining so many op skills

  18. tian says:

    idk, it entertains me haha, I hope it continues to be like this


    Damn why is everyone shredding this novel to bits? These tropes are still a bit entertaining right?

  20. RealEason says:

    10/10 would recommend, i finally got proper sleep in a week after just one chapter1

  21. tian says:

    is entertaining xD

  22. Best story I read for real, it cured my insomnia

  23. LuxX says:

    These boring novels keep popping up. But some of the super novels already available have not been updated yet. Please, noble-nim…

  24. Only read this as a bed time story for your toddler. Not more worth than that. Its even worse than your 3rd rate wish filling generic cardboard harem out there

  25. Mythical MF says:

    Only read this as a bed time story for your toddler.
    Not more worth than that.
    Its evem worse than your 3rd rate wish filling genric cardboard harem out there

  26. Miryuu says:

    i just read a chapter and, well mc got into the novel and he failed then he made a contract and regressed, and i think mc will grow fast because he has some kind of system

  27. Workout says:

    I read the first few chapters, yeah it’s mid, honestly below average, mc dies and gets a crap ton of abilities and extra points, I couldn’t get past the first chapters because it was just like, “I am the mc and I struggled because I’m human but then I realized” yeah that’s how it felt,

    the synopsis above is pretty much what you’d expect from this story but guy just dies and is reborn with overpowered abilities but his personality doesn’t fit it, yeah the romance I don’t think would be good, anyways


  28. fun says:

    let me guess, he is in f class or has low mana or low physical stat and being ridicule by other student or possesed a villain

  29. tian says:

    I don’t know bro, that’s all I need

  30. says:

    Also possession, regression, system, overpowered mc, girls will love at him first sight like a puppy what else?

  31. says:

    Brooooo another system trope bet it’s going to be mid as hell.

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